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15 in 1 Funny Games for Kids by KeenApp15 in 1 Funny Games for Kids

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Have fun with your kids by downloading 15 in 1 funny games for kids.This app includes 15 easy playing games for your children Brain games1. Tronix graph game2. Coloring book3. Crazy Math 4. Worg guessing5. Brain Fitness ThreeX6. Physics puzzleShooting1...

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Best 100 Buddha Quotes by KeenAppBest 100 Buddha Quotes

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100 Buddha Quotes On Life, Meditation and Peace are already in this app.This app collect the 100 genuine quotes from Guatama Buddha that enhance your spiritual power, relief stress and make your mind peachful.App Features;- 100 Buddha Pictures Quote...

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Best Funny Animal Ringtones by KeenAppBest Funny Animal Ringtones

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Love your pet, download this best 100 funny animal ringtones.Have fun with this ringtone app. All are selected with several animal sounds such as frog, dog, cat, chicken, bird, etc.App Features;- 100 Animal ringtones - you can set each sound as an alarm..

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Funny Video Clips Collection by KeenAppFunny Video Clips Collection

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This "Funny Video Collection" app features the most popular funny video clips from YouTube. The Categories you can choose and view from this app are; • Funny Animal Video • Funny Cat Video • Funny Dog Video • Funny Baby Video • Funny Football...

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Guided Meditation Free App by KeenAppGuided Meditation Free App

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Update 08/08/30216Add 3 categories for self hypnosis and 1 more for guided meditation part 8 - Guided Meditation part 8- Practical guided for self hypnosis- Self Hypnosis- Self Hypnosis InstrumentalUpdate 06/07/2016- Add new category with 11 tracksThis...

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JacksGap Fan by KeenAppJacksGap Fan

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According to Wikipedia, JacksGap is a Youtube channel launched on June, 12 in 2011 by Jack Harries during his gap year. The views nearly doubled after his twin, Fin Harries joined channel. until now there are more than 3 million youtube users subscribe...

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Relaxing Piano Songs by KeenAppRelaxing Piano Songs

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Piano is usually a good selection to use as relaxing music because of no piercing high notes that can be found in flute or violin music. Listening to these 30 piano music, they are relaxing enough if you're using as background while doing any routine...

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The Art of Public Speaking by KeenAppThe Art of Public Speaking

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The Art of Public Speaking is one of the Masterpiece work of Dale Carnegie. If you want to learn and practice to improve your public speaking skill, this app will help you easily.This public speaking app includes;- Audio Book of The Art of Public Speaking

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Alice Adventure in Wonderland by KeenAppAlice Adventure in Wonderland

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*This app requires internet connection. Read and listen all Alice Books in one app.This app contains all Alice's Adventures in both ebook and audio book;1. Alice's Adventure in Wonderland2. Through the Looking Glass3. Alice's Adventures Underground

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Best 50 Nursery Rhymes by KeenAppBest 50 Nursery Rhymes

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NURSERY RHYMES is a perfect app for your kids. It has various English Nursery Rhymes along with images and audio. Currently it has 50 rhymes.The interface is very simple keeping in mind that the app would be used by Kids. Updated completely as per user...

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Best Relaxing Music For Sleep by KeenAppBest Relaxing Music For Sleep

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Can’t sleep? In 20 minutes you will, or less.Introducing the most popular sleep aid app! Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven’t in a long time! Here’s how it works:Select sounds and melodies that you like and combine...

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Guided Meditation for Sleep by KeenAppGuided Meditation for Sleep

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Is it difficult for you to go asleep? Do you find a remedy for insomnia? This guided meditation for sleep app will help you.With 13 tracks, you will be relaxed, calmed and going to sleep as easy as you never feel like this. You will play only one track...

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Healthy Kids Recipes for Bone by KeenAppHealthy Kids Recipes for Bone

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Getting the right nutrition for children is very important to parents. Using this app, you can find fun recipes for cooking including kids healthy breakfast recipes, lunch or dinner recipes, dessert recipes and easy recipes for cooking.Preparing healthy..

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Ocean Sounds - Relaxing Sounds by KeenAppOcean Sounds - Relaxing Sounds

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Ocean Sounds - one of the most popular sounds for aiding sleep, relaxation and meditation; with 30 ocean sounds, you will get calm and relax and fall asleep easily. This app features;- 30 Ocean sounds ; you can set as ringtone, share to your friends-...

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Salmon Recipes by KeenAppSalmon Recipes

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Quick and Easy Salmon Recipes mobile app includes 30 best and tastiest salmon recipes you can imagine. All recipes are easy to prepare and healthy. You’ll find tasty recipes for salmon salads, grilled salmon, pancake, and many more. These recipes are...

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The Science of Getting Rich by KeenAppThe Science of Getting Rich

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Written by the great new thought writer (Wallace D. Wattles), The Science of Getting Rich is one of the best self help book that inspires millions of people to overcome their mental obstacles to become rich by your own creativity.This "The Science of...

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