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Add Audio to Video by KidsFunGamesAdd Audio to Video

Rated 3.12(25) — KidsFunGames

Add Audio to Video is wonderful app to change the background music of a video. Using this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger than it will be automatically trim the audio to video's duration. - Add songs..

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Airplane Driving Simulator by KidsFunGamesAirplane Driving Simulator

Rated 2.82(4,479) — KidsFunGames

This Airplane Driving Simulator is an excellent simulator game for kids! Airplane Driving Simulator is 100% free app for kids; enjoy the Airplane Driving Simulator and drive airplane as a driver without any hassle, download today and show this airplane...

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Animal Simulator Kids Fun by KidsFunGamesAnimal Simulator Kids Fun

Rated 3.45(29) — KidsFunGames

Animal Simulator Kids FunThis animal simulator kid’s fun is designed for kids & toddlers who like the cat, horse, leopard & monkey and like the sounds of these animals & also wants to see the beautiful animals in real world. Then this Animal simulator...

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Ant Video Projector Prank by KidsFunGamesAnt Video Projector Prank

Rated 3.05(21) — KidsFunGames

Ant Video Projector is a prank and fun app to watch HD ant videos on the wall and Projector produce high quality projected videos on the phone but there is no any real video or image projector in android device and no such way to project photos from...

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Bacteria Scanner Sim Prank by KidsFunGamesBacteria Scanner Sim Prank

Rated 2.66(957) — KidsFunGames

Bacteria Scanner Simulator is a scanner and virus detector app; you can scan anybody part and detect the bacteria quantity. Turn on the camera and the scanner will scan all parasites: germs, viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogenic grime. If...

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Broken Screen Projector Joke by KidsFunGamesBroken Screen Projector Joke

Rated 3.10(21) — KidsFunGames

Broken Screen Projector Joke is fun & entertainment app for everyone which will projects a 3d broken screen image & open camera when anyone touch on the screen. This Free Broken Screen Projector app is great fun , download and enjoys with your friends...

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Christmas Tree Hologram Prank by KidsFunGamesChristmas Tree Hologram Prank

Rated 2.44(55) — KidsFunGames

Christmas is coming soon and everyone is celebrating the Christmas , many peoples are decorate the tree for Christmas, We have something different for Christmas tree that is Christmas tree hologram, watch on mobile. This Christmas Tree Hologram is a...

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Christmas Wallpaper Countdown by KidsFunGamesChristmas Wallpaper Countdown

Rated 4.43(7) — KidsFunGames

Merry Christmas; Christmas is coming soon and our new Christmas wallpaper countdown is counting how many days left in the Christmas on beautiful wallpapers, You can set these awesome & beautiful Christmas Countdown Wallpapers as background in your phone..

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Clap or Speak to Find Phone by KidsFunGamesClap or Speak to Find Phone

Rated 3.26(399) — KidsFunGames

Find phone where you kept, Just Clap or Speak to find phone. This Clap or Speak to find phone app is awesome & amazing app that are using phone sensors, When you speak or clap to find phone it will detect voice and phone start ringing so you can easily...

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Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor by KidsFunGamesCut Paste Photo Quick Editor

Rated 3.30(43) — KidsFunGames

Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor is nice and awesome tool to cut photo and paste on another photo. In this Quick Cut Past Photo Editor tool you can make some custom photos, cut any part of the photo and paste on any other photo, Change background of any...

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Advance Laser Simulator Joke by KidsFunGamesAdvance Laser Simulator Joke

Rated 3.15(46) — KidsFunGames

Advance Laser Simulator JokeThis advance laser pointer simulator app is designed for entertainment purpose; you can play or pull a prank with your friends & kids. This wonderful game is designed to enjoy the musical laser sound effects and make jokes...

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Airplane Driving Simulator 3D by KidsFunGamesAirplane Driving Simulator 3D

Rated 4.05(37) — KidsFunGames

This Airplane Driving Simulator 3D is an excellent three d driving simulator game for everyone, airplane new game 2016! Airplane Driving Simulator 3D is 100% free game for all; enjoy the Airplane Driving Simulator and drive airplane as a driver without...

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Animal Sounds Birds Sound by KidsFunGamesAnimal Sounds Birds Sound

Rated 5.00(2) — KidsFunGames

Animal Sounds Birds Sound

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ATM Learning Cash and Money Simulator by KidsFunGamesATM Learning Cash and Money Simulator

Rated 0.00(0) — KidsFunGames

Using this ATM Learning Cash and Money Simulator app you can easily learn about the ATM Machine, Cash and Money Withdraw procedure. How to Withdraw Cash using Credit Card or Debit Card that you’re Bank provided using this ATM learning app. This is...

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Broken Screen My Phone prank by KidsFunGamesBroken Screen My Phone prank

Rated 5.00(2) — KidsFunGames

Broken Screen My Phone PrankDownload this wonderful joke app Broken Screen My Phone and play fun with your friends and family. This is simulation app of the screen broken effect, let them think the screen is really broken, he may buy new one but actually.

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Christmas Tree Edit & Decorate by KidsFunGamesChristmas Tree Edit & Decorate

Rated 4.33(6) — KidsFunGames

Merry Christmas; To Decorate a Christmas tree on Christmas is tradition & art. Everyone wants to decorate Christmas Tree, we have a wonderful app to edit and decorate Christmas tree, You can make your custom Christmas tree, Download and install our new...

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Christmas Tree Projector Prank by KidsFunGamesChristmas Tree Projector Prank

Rated 3.48(21) — KidsFunGames

Happy Merry Christmas. To make a Christmas tree in homes is a very old tradition & we have a solution for you download and install our free Christmas Tree Projector app. In this Merry Christmas Tree app, trees are dicorated , you can choose different...

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Cigarette Battery Widget by KidsFunGamesCigarette Battery Widget

Rated 3.81(115) — KidsFunGames

Cigarette Battery Widget showing the battery level as live wallpaper for cigarette battery. If you like smoking then this cigarette battery widget is for you. Cigarette is burning as the battery level increase or decrease and cigarette smoked as the...

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Claw Machine Prize Gift by KidsFunGamesClaw Machine Prize Gift

Rated 5.00(1) — KidsFunGames

Claw Machine Prize Gift, claw machine games for free to win real prize Claw machine amazing game, Open the Jeck and pick the toys with Claw Jeck throws inside the box and get amazing gift prize.Have a nice fun to get free toys and gift prizes with claw..

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Door Puzzle Kids Math by KidsFunGamesDoor Puzzle Kids Math

Rated 5.00(1) — KidsFunGames

Door Puzzle Kids MathKids are you ready to play with the door puzzle toy with math learning? This door puzzle kid’s math is a math puzzle app for kids & toddlers with simple math questions. When kids and toddlers use mobile device and you have installed..

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