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Alice Makeup Salon - Wonderland Fashion War by Kiwi GoAlice Makeup Salon - Wonderland Fashion War

Rated 4.68(136) — Kiwi Go

Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. She meet a weird woman in the wonderland, the Queen of Hearts. The queen wants to cut Alice’s head off because Alice accidentally stamps on her red rose. The only way to save Alice is to beat...

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Anime Girl Fashion Makeup by Kiwi GoAnime Girl Fashion Makeup

Rated 4.49(353) — Kiwi Go

Are you a cartoon fan? Do you want to be a cute anime girl? If you do, you can’s miss this popular makeup game! Choose your favorite anime girl, do a facial spa for her. Then apply her fashionable makeup and dress her in beautiful outfits. Make your...

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Ballerina Makeup - Princess Salon by Kiwi GoBallerina Makeup - Princess Salon

Rated 4.50(381) — Kiwi Go

Do you want to visit ballet dancer’s dressing room? Do you want to wear ballet skirt and dance with music? Now you have chance to experience the ballet girls’ salon. Go for a comfortable spa, do a cleaning mask, put on ballet skirt and shoes and...

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Birthday Cake Mania - Kids Cooking by Kiwi GoBirthday Cake Mania - Kids Cooking

Rated 4.52(249) — Kiwi Go

Your best friend’s birthday is coming. How about give her a surprise and bake a sweet birthday cake for her? According to mama’s recipe, let’s start from preparing different types of ingredients. Mix them carefully together and bake the cake. Then...

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Candy Making Fever - Best Cooking Game by Kiwi GoCandy Making Fever - Best Cooking Game

Rated 4.50(84) — Kiwi Go

It’s a magic place where you can run your own candy shop, create fancy candy houses and choose flavors freely. Under your leadership, your shop will be better and better. So are you ready now? Let’s find new ingredients, explore new tastes and decorate...

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Cinderella Makeup Salon by Kiwi GoCinderella Makeup Salon

Rated 4.49(272) — Kiwi Go

The poor girl Cinderella is bullied by her step mother and sisters. She doesn’t have beautiful clothes and makeup for the royal ball. Can you help her dress amazing to meet her Prince Charming? Do a magic to turn the pumpkin to a carriage and turn...

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Cotton Candy Shop - kids cooking game by Kiwi GoCotton Candy Shop - kids cooking game

Rated 4.30(1,479) — Kiwi Go

Every kid loves sweet cotton candy. A big candy shop is newly open in the city. Do you want to be the manager of the shop and learn to make cotton candy? Follow the instructions and turn colorful sugar into cotton candies. Serve your customers different f

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Date Makeup - Love Story by Kiwi GoDate Makeup - Love Story

Rated 4.45(676) — Kiwi Go

Exciting news!!! Your prince charming finally asks you out for a date! I know you want to be pretty and give him the best impression. No worries! We will help you to be perfect! Do a facial spa to make your skin look bright. Choose from tons of fashionabl

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Dessert Cooking Fever - Ice cream &Popsicle &Juice by Kiwi GoDessert Cooking Fever - Ice cream &Popsicle &Juice

Rated 4.67(72) — Kiwi Go

Do you want to open a summer dessert shop? Do you want to make endless ice cream, popsicles and fruit juice? Now you have a great change to open a dessert shop. Choose your favorite flavored dessert, make them step by step. Use your imagination to create.

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Dream Fashion Shop 2 by Kiwi GoDream Fashion Shop 2

Rated 3.91(1,739) — Kiwi Go

New version of Dream Fashion Shop is coming! We present you a upgraded fashion shop with new scenes and fashionable clothes in all kinds of styles. More clients come to visit and share their interesting stories!Dream Fashion Shop is designed for people...

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Anime Girl Dress Up by Kiwi GoAnime Girl Dress Up

Rated 4.43(1,788) — Kiwi Go

Welcome to makeover salon for anime girls! Girls are going to hold a fashion show in anime theme. They prepared hundreds of fashion styles. If you want to dress as pretty as girls in cartoon, come to join this makeup salon. It will surprise you with...

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Baby Care by Kiwi GoBaby Care

Rated 4.51(97) — Kiwi Go

Do you like babies? Do you want to take care of them? You will really realize that taking care of babies is such a happy and hard thing. Come and experience the fun of it.Features:* Select babies with different complexions* Select cute and beautiful...

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Beauty Makeup - Save Prince by Kiwi GoBeauty Makeup - Save Prince

Rated 4.34(1,481) — Kiwi Go

The kind and beautiful girl is trapped by a beast in a castle in exchange for saving her father. As time goes by, she finds that beneath the ugly exterior conceals a kind and brave heart. The beast saved her when she was in danger, and took care of her...

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Candy Girl Makeup - Dress up Game by Kiwi GoCandy Girl Makeup - Dress up Game

Rated 4.70(86) — Kiwi Go

The Candy town dancing party is coming! This time we have to wear our candy clothes to take part in it. Can you meet your sweet lover in colorful candy clothes? The beautiful candy clothes are ready. Come to open your closet and have a look.Features:...

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Cheerleader Makeover - Girl Dress Up by Kiwi GoCheerleader Makeover - Girl Dress Up

Rated 4.52(168) — Kiwi Go

The big basketball match is coming. As a cheerleader, I and my cheer squad girls carefully prepared an amazing performance. But first of all, we need to put on some makeup and dress in our gorgeous uniforms. The boy who I have a crush on is one of the...

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Cookies Shop - Kids Cooking Game by Kiwi GoCookies Shop - Kids Cooking Game

Rated 4.24(110) — Kiwi Go

Have you ever thought to open a super cookies shop in the city? Now your dream comes true. Manage the biggest cookie shop in the city. Serve your customers the perfect homemade cookies. Follow the special recipe and make different kinds of delectable...

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Cute Kitty - My 3D Virtual Cat by Kiwi GoCute Kitty - My 3D Virtual Cat

Rated 4.60(68) — Kiwi Go

Do you want to adopt a little cat but can’t do it? In here, you can raise your own cat. It’s just like a real cat. Its cute voice will melt your heart at once! Take care of your kittens and feed them to grow up. Let this cute fluffy cat accompany...

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Deli Sandwich Shop - Kids Cooking Game by Kiwi GoDeli Sandwich Shop - Kids Cooking Game

Rated 4.14(412) — Kiwi Go

You’re running the hottest sandwich shop in town with huge numbers of people coming every day. What are you waiting for? Choose ingredients and make yummy sandwiches for them. And now it’s time to show your remarkable cooking skills, as some picky...

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Donut Shop - Kids Cooking by Kiwi GoDonut Shop - Kids Cooking

Rated 4.27(884) — Kiwi Go

Have you ever stood for a long time in front of delicious donuts? Have your ever envied the chef who can bake perfect donuts? Today, all your bakery dream can come true. The best donuts shop arrives in the city. You can learn to make tasty donuts and...

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Dream Fashion Shop 3 by Kiwi GoDream Fashion Shop 3

Rated 4.52(230) — Kiwi Go

The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching any more...

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