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Krosswall by KrosswallKrosswall

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Agile Team Collaboration Platform.Bridging the GAP between THEORY and IMPLEMENTATION.Most user-friendly, intuitive and creative way to work with Agile.Do you have any of following thoughts in your mind?1. I am trying to follow agile, but my company cultur

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Planning Poker by KrosswallPlanning Poker

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In scrum methodology, the team needs to estimates story using a different mechanism.One of the most useful technics is Pocker.Krosswall has developed and released this tool as freeware to all. This tool will help a team to estimates each story one by...

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LigiBill by KrosswallLigiBill

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A web-based legal billing systemEasy to use tool for attorneys, accountants, consultants and other professionals. Apart from its main feature time tracking and billing, LBS also provides an ability to manage the task, calendar, trust accounting, batch...

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