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Action Movie Effects by LaFleur DesignsAction Movie Effects

Rated 3.76(51) — LaFleur Designs

✰ Add excitement to your photos with one of the best apps on the market for AndroidTM. Enjoy in editing pictures with ✰Action Movie Effects✰! Feel free to check out our great collection of special effects from popular ‘‘action movies’’...

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Analog Clock Live Wallpaper by LaFleur DesignsAnalog Clock Live Wallpaper

Rated 5.00(3) — LaFleur Designs

⏱ Tic tac, tic tac, the time has arrived to get rid of the default backgrounds for your mobile or tablet screen, and to choose some new ones! Embellish your display with the most stunning “live clock wallpapers” and watch your device turn into...

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Animal Photo Filter Effects by LaFleur DesignsAnimal Photo Filter Effects

Rated 3.00(7) — LaFleur Designs

♥ Welcome to a great world of apps which will transform both your face and mood! Create a wonderful and funny photo creation using ☀ Animal Photo Filter Effects ☀. Lots of photo stickers, effects, swapping, masking for your photo creations. Also...

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Anonymous Mask Photo Editor by LaFleur DesignsAnonymous Mask Photo Editor

Rated 3.79(131) — LaFleur Designs

✌ Hello all!!! Are you looking for a perfect masquerade photo designer with great masks included? Get ready for the best app which has numerous mysterious styles you can imagine! ✮ Anonymous Mask Photo Editor ✮ is a great chance to check what kind...

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Black Keyboard Themes by LaFleur DesignsBlack Keyboard Themes

Rated 4.20(150) — LaFleur Designs

⚫️▪️ Now it's the right time to heighten your fashion sense! If you are obsessed with black color and black clothes, you should definitely download our latest keyboard app for AndroidTM! There's something about black color that makes you feel...

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Change Color Photo Editor by LaFleur DesignsChange Color Photo Editor

Rated 0.00(0) — LaFleur Designs

★ Create your own photo album consisting of your great images with various color effects! Share your fantastic images across all social networks and make everyone admire your blended photos with glamorous effects. You’ll find our ✽ Change Color...

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Color Splash Effects Editor by LaFleur DesignsColor Splash Effects Editor

Rated 3.67(6) — LaFleur Designs

Would you like to color your own pictures so that only the most important parts of them are accentuated? Browsing through the top photo editing apps you came across this crazy color editor? The decision to install it was one of the best in your life...

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Color Splash Picture Editing by LaFleur DesignsColor Splash Picture Editing

Rated 2.37(78) — LaFleur Designs

✰ Discover best way to edit pictures! Check out this amazing ‘‘photo editor’’ for AndroidTM and burst some vivid colors over your images to create authentic photo art. Paint your black and white photos with cheerful rainbow colors to emphasize...

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Face Changer Photo Editor by LaFleur DesignsFace Changer Photo Editor

Rated 3.68(225) — LaFleur Designs

✰ Ready for some major fun? Discover the best ‘‘face swap’’ app for AndroidTM and have a whale of a time! ✸Face Changer Photo Editor✸ is a great chance to share a good laugh with your friends and family! Explore this brand new app and discover...

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Face Swap Photo Studio by LaFleur DesignsFace Swap Photo Studio

Rated 3.75(4) — LaFleur Designs

☆ Welcome to our world of picture editing which you can swap two faces with. Our “photo studio” is a great app used for hilarious changing of your look! Our latest app ★ Face Swap Photo Studio ★ for AndroidTM is a great chance to check your...

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Action Movie FX Maker by LaFleur DesignsAction Movie FX Maker

Rated 3.73(226) — LaFleur Designs

✥ Become a movie director or a movie star! Be the part of the amazing movie world! You can choose whether you are going to be a war hero, in a company with zombies or to cause a car explosion. ✈ Action Movie FX Maker ✈ is here to fulfill your wishes...

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Animal Photo Editor Effects by LaFleur DesignsAnimal Photo Editor Effects

Rated 3.00(8) — LaFleur Designs

✪ Hello, photo editing addicts! If you are searching for lots of photo stickers, effects, swapping, masking collection for your photo creations, you are at the right place! These are only a few reasons why our new app users adore our latest app. Stickers.

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Animal Photo Filters Editor by LaFleur DesignsAnimal Photo Filters Editor

Rated 2.00(2) — LaFleur Designs

✰ Hey guys, do you want to enhance your pics with super cute filters and photo stickers? If so, check out our latest photo editing software that will make your images stand out. Become an expert in the field of photo manipulation thanks to ❤SAnimal...

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Army Emoji Keyboard Themes by LaFleur DesignsArmy Emoji Keyboard Themes

Rated 4.25(44) — LaFleur Designs

♜ Add color to your life with our “army keyboard themes”. With our ♞ Army Emoji Keyboard Themes ♞, you will be able to change the color of your keyboard to be in an army style. Your phone and gadget will be dressed up with the latest outfit...

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Celebrity Hairdos Pic Editor by LaFleur DesignsCelebrity Hairdos Pic Editor

Rated 2.33(18) — LaFleur Designs

✱Willing to try fresh and new hairdo, but afraid of not knowing how is going to look on you? Stop worrying, because our latest photo editing software is finally here! Keep up with the newest hair trends thanks to this amazing app for AndroidTM. Discover..

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Color Rain Emoji Keyboards by LaFleur DesignsColor Rain Emoji Keyboards

Rated 4.03(2,875) — LaFleur Designs

✲ Summer is here! Hurry up and download our great app! ♣ Color Rain Emoji Keyboards ♣ will make your keyboard beautiful and make your life more colorful. Maybe the keyboard skin you daily use is the usual monotony of black or whiteness. This means...

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Color Splash Pic Editor Pro by LaFleur DesignsColor Splash Pic Editor Pro

Rated 3.27(333) — LaFleur Designs

❃ Become a great photo artist and invent miraculous personal photos! Use our latest app ★ Color Splash Pic Editor Pro ★ which gives you the opportunity to turn yourself into the best photo magician using this amazing “pic app” free of charge...

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Cute Photo Blender Pic Editor by LaFleur DesignsCute Photo Blender Pic Editor

Rated 3.55(1,815) — LaFleur Designs

➤ Looking for a brand new photo editing software to combine photos? Join two pictures together and make an amazing photo montage thanks to this ‘‘photo merge app’’ for AndroidTM. Pick your favorite pics or snap a new ones to create awesome...

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Face Changer Photo Studio by LaFleur DesignsFace Changer Photo Studio

Rated 3.90(40) — LaFleur Designs

✿ Are you looking for a great face editor application? Our "face changer” photo editor is free. The only thing you should do is to click and download ❃ Face Changer Photo Studio ❃. With this editing application you can change your friends' photos...

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Fingerprint App Locker Simulator by LaFleur DesignsFingerprint App Locker Simulator

Rated 4.75(8) — LaFleur Designs

➼ Dream of unlocking your phone screen by scanning your thumbprint? Now you can fool your friends that you have a real “fingerprint app locker” to protect your device from unwanted visits! The ◎Fingerprint App Locker Simulator◎ is an incredible...

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