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Age Scanner Prank by Masti Video App ZoneAge Scanner Prank

Rated 3.59(46) — Masti Video App Zone

Age Scanner Prank is a free high tech futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how old you are based on your thumb print scan. Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete, and see what the...

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Color Flash Alert by Masti Video App ZoneColor Flash Alert

Rated 4.80(5) — Masti Video App Zone

Color Flash Alert is a simple, free, flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device.Time to get colors in your...

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Delete Photo Recovery by Masti Video App ZoneDelete Photo Recovery

Rated 3.82(49) — Masti Video App Zone

This application will help to restore all deleted photos, Recover your deleted photos now with this simple android app for free!if you delete a photo in your phone by mistake ? deleted photo recovery pro app born to helps you, it will the best and the...

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Doorbell Ringtone Prank by Masti Video App ZoneDoorbell Ringtone Prank

Rated 3.33(43) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Door Bell Ring…Door Bell Sound application is for having fun. Interrupt boring people or situations with using Door bell Sound and be the focus of attention. The Door Bell app simulates the real sounds of a boor bell. It is also a great...

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Face Projector Video Simulator by Masti Video App ZoneFace Projector Video Simulator

Rated 3.12(345) — Masti Video App Zone

Face Projector video Simulator is future technology projection where you will have projector video / files / faces / hologram / photos from your mobiles. You can show other what you are seeing in your mobile.You can project video from your mobile on...

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Fake Money Detector Prank by Masti Video App ZoneFake Money Detector Prank

Rated 3.65(135) — Masti Video App Zone

Fake Money Detector PrankFake Money Detector Prank is information cum prank application. This application contains information of how to detect the fake currency. Application contain manual to know important points on finding out the fake note.This app...

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Flash Light on Clap by Masti Video App ZoneFlash Light on Clap

Rated 3.62(13) — Masti Video App Zone

Flash Light on Clap Flash Light will be ON/OFF when you clap using this awesome application.When there is a dark in your home or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch or Flashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’s flashlight.

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Hair Clipper Prank - (Trimmer) by Masti Video App ZoneHair Clipper Prank - (Trimmer)

Rated 3.40(35) — Masti Video App Zone

The simplest clipper to use, offering a realistic hair clipper and real shaving sound.Use this app like a soundboard. Press on it and the sound effects will start playing.This is the ultimate prank.Turn your smartphone into a real hair trimmer / clipper..

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Know Your Future Simulator by Masti Video App ZoneKnow Your Future Simulator

Rated 3.63(27) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Know Your Future Simulator …Know your future by Date of Birth is a great application by which you can know about your lucky things by just giving your Date of Birth. If you're a serious or professional Astrologer and need the best then this...

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Mind Scanner Prank by Masti Video App ZoneMind Scanner Prank

Rated 3.88(24) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Mind Scanner Prank…Do you want to know about what type of mood someone is in? Or maybe you can't really pin-point what kind of mood you’re in? Then go with Mind Scanner app.This funny application lets you know in which mood you are, if...

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Bacteria Scanner Simulator by Masti Video App ZoneBacteria Scanner Simulator

Rated 2.82(6,704) — Masti Video App Zone

This simulator scans your hands against different germs i.e Bacteria. It can be used to improve shows you the Germs that can cause severe Diseases.So use it to detect the germs on your body.Are you afraid of germs and infections? Infected..

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Crack Your Screen by Masti Video App ZoneCrack Your Screen

Rated 3.67(6) — Masti Video App Zone

A better crack screen effect for breaking your mobile phone screen and shock friends. Display glass or LCD with a transparent broken crack on top of a game, a wallpaper or your lock screen with this broken screen prank app.Crack Screen Prank is An screen.

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Donald Trump Fake Call Prank by Masti Video App ZoneDonald Trump Fake Call Prank

Rated 2.88(52) — Masti Video App Zone

Donald Trump Fake Call Prank help you to select a caller from your contact list or enter a new contact. Want your friends think you're obtaining an important call and you continue to like them over celebrities Like president or the other celebrities?Dona

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Earn Pocket Money by Masti Video App ZoneEarn Pocket Money

Rated 3.57(77) — Masti Video App Zone

Earn Pocket Money is a Free Mobile Recharge app, this is the Best Free Mobile Recharge/ Talktime App.Earn Unlimited Free Talk-time by Completing the offers listed in the App.Each Offers will give assured credits. So users can reach their goal easily.Earn.

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Fake ID Card Maker by Masti Video App ZoneFake ID Card Maker

Rated 4.80(10) — Masti Video App Zone

It's An awesome prank! id card creator will provide you the most easiest way of generating your license fake. fake id generator will make free driver license of your country.. IDs, Badges, and more. Make an ID card for yourself. Make a student ID for...

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Finger Battery Charger Prank by Masti Video App ZoneFinger Battery Charger Prank

Rated 3.01(67) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Finger Battery Charger Prank…This finger battery charging application is an amazing app that can be used to charge your android devices using just your finger, just for fooling around with your friends and family.This is essentially the...

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Girlfriend Fake Call Prank HD by Masti Video App ZoneGirlfriend Fake Call Prank HD

Rated 4.00(35) — Masti Video App Zone

Best feature of the Girlfriend Fake Call Prank is you can setup a fake call from known people or celebrities or VIPs. Our application enables you to make fake calls, fake chat and fake SMS.HD Fake Call Prank can get you out of any sticky situation...

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HD Video Projector Simulator by Masti Video App ZoneHD Video Projector Simulator

Rated 3.34(453) — Masti Video App Zone

Video Projector Simulator is a fun prank app.Choose different type of video to put projection simulation on it. Video Projector Simulator will help you to project and watch HD and high quality projected videos on the phone.HD Video Projector Simulator...

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Know Your Lucky Number by Masti Video App ZoneKnow Your Lucky Number

Rated 0.00(0) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Know Your Lucky Number…What's your lucky number today? This app will help build a positive attitude towards life’s challenges. Every day you will be awarded new lucky number where you can explore detailed meaning of that particular number...

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Mosquito Repellent Sound Prank by Masti Video App ZoneMosquito Repellent Sound Prank

Rated 3.93(194) — Masti Video App Zone

Welcome to Mosquito Repellent Sound Prank…The mosquito, they're everywhere , form your bedroom, your bath room , even in the wardrobe.They work day and night, but at the midnight , they gather becoming big groups and hovering around us (they create...

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