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3D GRASS Live Wallpaper by maxelus.net3D GRASS Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.54(61) —

Very calming 3D GRASS Live Wallpaper. You can set this live wallpaper on phone or tablet and relax. Wallpaper GRASS very nicely complements its mobile, do not bother, it is a universal wallpaper. The animations are very quiet.You can set many options...

Alien 3D Watch Face by maxelus.netAlien 3D Watch Face

Rated 4.00(207) —

Alien 3D Watch Face is a animated 3D watch face for Android Wear devices.Works great on both rounded and squared watches. Customizable themes, colors, date format and more.Features : + analog / digital mode for square and round watches + 6 themes backgro

Alien Shapes FULL by maxelus.netAlien Shapes FULL

Rated 4.75(2,566) —

Find Your skin! More than 50 3-D Wallpapers in ONE. OVER 1900 combinations. MEGA PACK: 50 Skins and 38 Color Themes. Cool animated 3-D abstract effect for Your phone.+ More than 50 3-D Wallpapers in ONE+ Easy and fast configuration on screen. + Random...

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Armageddon by maxelus.netArmageddon

Rated 4.72(840) —

One day, civilization has to leave its home, their planet. It's happening now, while you drink your coffee and eat cake... Once in a million years an Armagedon happen. Total destruction sterilizes the planet. But life can survive. The Wallpaper allows...

Christmas Free Live Wallpaper by maxelus.netChristmas Free Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.35(79) —

Merry Christmas! Is the perfect way to bring some Christmas spirit to your device!Shiny sparkle will draw Christmas tree. If you move the phone, gyroscope move the camera. In ::FULL VERSION:: sparks will draw different kinds of 3D Christmas trees, snowmen

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Christmas Tree 3D by maxelus.netChristmas Tree 3D

Rated 4.72(353) —

Celebrate Christmas Time! It's a happy time and this Christmas Tree also enjoys it!The Tree is hopping from happiness, of course like a tree can.Its twigs sway gently.It’s interactive Live Wallpaper, and you can change many options. It’s full 3D...

Flatland by maxelus.netFlatland

Rated 4.38(214) —

Flatland is a 2D animated nature scenes live wallpaper. You may see 4 Flatland scenes : Africa with animated animals. Flamingos with animated birds. Forest with animated animals. Ocean with animated fish.If You move finger on screen you will shift scene.P

Galaxy Pack by maxelus.netGalaxy Pack

Rated 4.79(17,635) —

After the discovery of a series of four galaxies: Inferno Galaxy, Ice Galaxy, Shadow Galaxy and Galaxy Vortex...... waiting to be explored further nooks of the Universe! On the horizon appeared a new Galaxies:1. Red Dragon Galaxy ( HD! UPDATED )2. Hydra..

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Heavenly Skies by maxelus.netHeavenly Skies

Rated 4.78(575) —

On another planet, someone just now looking at the sky, just like you. How looks the sky on other planets? Maybe the man who stand on another planet, see the sky similar to that of the wallpaper. Run imagination, close your eyes and smile. See the beauty.

Inferno Galaxy by maxelus.netInferno Galaxy

Rated 4.49(32,809) —

Burning corner of the Universe. Inferno Galaxy is born...Please see: + MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers, 115+ 3D LiveWallpapers Library and growing!+ GALAXY PACK , 3D Galaxies and Nebulas Library.Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (1/4) ;)Please comment ! Thanks !

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3D Pumpkins Grass FREE by maxelus.net3D Pumpkins Grass FREE

Rated 4.53(60) —

3D Halloween Pumkins ! Pumpkins Grass FREE is a 3D Live Wallpaper. Celebrate the season with this 3D Live Wallpaper especially designed for Halloween. This live wallpaper is completely FREE. Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. Wallpaper...

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Alien Shapes Free by maxelus.netAlien Shapes Free

Rated 4.34(2,487) —

Find Your skin! Cool animated 3-D abstract effect for Your phone. In free version available is now 3 Skins and 10 Color Themes. In FULL version additionally:+ More than 50 3-D Wallpapers in ONE+ 50 Skins and 38 Color Themes+ Random options for: colors...

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AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE by maxelus.netAMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE

Rated 4.80(126) —

AMOLED Live Wallpaper is best for save battery and phone display!See MOSAIC 3D 125+ Live wallpapers library!Please rate it! Thanks!

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Asteroids Pack by maxelus.netAsteroids Pack

Rated 4.74(2,359) —

The space is dangerous ... and beautiful.In space there is no empty areas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling through space, they will encounter many types of Asteroids.Part of them will serve as a source of rare minerals not available on...

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Christmas Live Wallpaper by maxelus.netChristmas Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.46(24) —

Merry Christmas! Is the perfect way to bring some Christmas spirit to your device!Shiny sparks will draw different kinds of 3D Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa's sleigh, stars, a total of 15 different Christmas elements. Wallpaper has a lot of options...

Crazy Colors Live Wallpaper by maxelus.netCrazy Colors Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.28(5,161) —

CrAzy CoLors! Live Wallpaper.Touch and move your finger on the screen.Full colour customization. Go to wallpaper settings, and select predefined color theme or set all your custom colors.Select background type, scale, alpha, move animation.Please comment.

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Fresh Leaves by maxelus.netFresh Leaves

Rated 4.77(7,046) —

The FRESH GREEN! Everything growing! Everything comes to life. The FRESH green in your phones and tablets also will visit......or you may set or compose NEW SEASON THEMES, NOW AVAILABLE leaves for: Spring, Summer, Autumn, WinterFresh Leaves is live wallpa

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Hearts Live Wallpaper FREE by maxelus.netHearts Live Wallpaper FREE

Rated 4.29(4,778) —

Animated Hearts Live Wallpaper. Beautiful smooth animation.Please comment ! Thanks !♥ Usage :Move Screens and Hearts smooth move.Thanks for help!

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Ice Galaxy by maxelus.netIce Galaxy

Rated 4.51(32,277) —

Cold part of the Universe. Ice Galaxy is born...This is the second of the four Galaxies. Please see: + MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers, 115+ 3D LiveWallpapers Library and growing!+ GALAXY PACK , 3D Galaxies and Nebulas Library.Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (2/4) ;)Please

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MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers by maxelus.netMOSAIC 3D Wallpapers

Rated 4.74(385) —

FREE TEST : 3D Wallpapers is a library of 160+ Live Wallpapers and GROWING! All wallpapers FREE. All 3D with new updated ENGINE. All wallparers redesigned for...