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Air Hockey Cross by mobirixsubAir Hockey Cross

Rated 3.60(2,830) — mobirixsub

[ Air Hockey Manual ]This is a game for smartphone, where you can simply enjoy “Smart Air Hockey” game.Using hockey stick, strike puck into opponent goal to make a score.You will achieve victory by scoring higher score than opponent.[ Special Detail:...

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Bubble Shooter King by mobirixsubBubble Shooter King

Rated 3.81(9,963) — mobirixsub

This game is a classic bubble shooter.It means you have to form groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color and they dissapear. How to play:1.Tap where you want the ball.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Features:- Puzzle mode, use the...

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One Line King by mobirixsubOne Line King

Rated 4.19(2,026) — mobirixsub

What's YOUR brain age?Here we are Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game.One Line king is casual puzzle game that is made for everyone and also help your brain training!The rule is very simple.The logic of the game is to connect all of the lines...

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Run Run Run by mobirixsubRun Run Run

Rated 3.88(5,281) — mobirixsub

Run Run Run is a game of action genre which going through obstacle using cats jump skill and using birds action.▶Special Detail- Stage base on famous places- Compete with people from all around the world▶How to play- JumpClick on left bottom button...

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Smart Sichuan by mobirixsubSmart Sichuan

Rated 3.94(733) — mobirixsub

Hear it in your hand that 'smart phones' that are optimized That can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere 'Stab', simply press the 'pakpak' mystical feel of Sichuan ProvinceCome on into the look of oriental fragrance. =====================================☆...

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The King of Sudoku by mobirixsubThe King of Sudoku

Rated 3.73(430) — mobirixsub

[Features]• One! Care for novice adventurers• two! Special features for experienced adventurers• three! Hidden special features to note

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World Baccarat King by mobirixsubWorld Baccarat King

Rated 4.04(51) — mobirixsub

[Game Features]- All systems can easily enjoy- Free to Play baccarat- Maintaining traditional baccarat rules- Provide daily money chips- Provides detailed statistics table- Level rising over the chip holding support system- Ranking leaderboard and achieve

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World of Chess by mobirixsubWorld of Chess

Rated 3.89(2,772) — mobirixsub

[ New updated details ]- Google Play Games- Google Play Leaderboards- Achievements from Google Play Games- Leaderboards powered by Google Play- Quick match with Google Play (Multi player)- Polished UI changeChess is one of the famous board games that...

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World Roulette King by mobirixsubWorld Roulette King

Rated 4.13(285) — mobirixsub

You can enjoy a casino game of roulette.[Game Features]- Easy game control system for everybody- Support Auto-play- Everyday rewards big bonus from playing "Wheel Game"- Support rising level over the chip holding system- You can play with people around...

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World Video Poker King by mobirixsubWorld Video Poker King

Rated 4.19(16) — mobirixsub

You can enjoy realistic video poker in the casino.[Game Features]- Easy one-touch operation- Level rising over the chip holding support system- Attendance chip or compensate for every item in the bonus game- Supports leaderboards to record the achievement

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Bubble Shooter Friends by mobirixsubBubble Shooter Friends

Rated 3.80(12,551) — mobirixsub

Puzzle mode have more 800 Levels and Arcade mode have more 200 levels.Shoot bubbles and blast your way through all the levels!This game is a classic bubble shooter and this means that you have to form groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color and...

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jigsaw puzzle gallery by mobirixsubjigsaw puzzle gallery

Rated 3.86(7,698) — mobirixsub

- Various shapes of jigsaw puzzle can be enjoyed.- The photo was taken can enjoy the jigsaw puzzle.- Photos can be loaded and enjoy the jigsaw puzzle.Homepage:

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Rated 4.28(6,293) — mobirixsub

Along with a cute girl ""AYA"", move the animals to put the same ones together.Forest friends and various enjoyable stagesare waiting for you.[CONTENT FEATURES]- LOVELY, FAIRY-TALE ILLUSTRATION- VARIOUS MISSIONS- ANYONE CAN EASILY CHALLENGE WITH FUN.-...

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Shisen Sho king by mobirixsubShisen Sho king

Rated 4.07(4,066) — mobirixsub

[Features]- The easiest game rule to play in the world!- you can enjoy easy and short time, anywhere!- 1500 various stages! - you can enjoy with your kid!- Support leaderboard and achievement- fun game with the emergence of various types of blocks!-...

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Space Dance by mobirixsubSpace Dance

Rated 4.40(211) — mobirixsub

[Features]- Finally came the game in the Devil!- Fun and exciting sound!- When the game that you can enjoy easy and short time, anywhere!- Games that you can enjoy with your children!- Improve agility! Neat design!- Anyone looking for once to understand..

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Weak Warrior by mobirixsubWeak Warrior

Rated 3.91(35,965) — mobirixsub

Features:- Various Monsters, Collectable- Giant Boss Monster- Unique to Paul only, Charging Skill- Compete globally with other users- Simple Interface, yet Addictive PlayHomepage:

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World Blackjack King by mobirixsubWorld Blackjack King

Rated 4.55(31) — mobirixsub

[Game Features]- All systems can easily enjoy- Free to Play Blackjack- Maintaining traditional blackjack rules- Provide daily money chips- Level rising over the chip holding support system- Ranking leaderboard and achievement support system- Supports...

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World of pool billiards by mobirixsubWorld of pool billiards

Rated 3.89(22,520) — mobirixsub

Online multiplayer game is serviced anywhere in the world!Smoother ball movements, applied physical engine, Immediacy, Ultimate control with all theseGame Features:- Multiplayer: Go head-to-head against real players live in online.- VS Play: Play with...

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World Slot Machine King by mobirixsubWorld Slot Machine King

Rated 4.41(22) — mobirixsub

[Game Features]- All systems can easily enjoy- Free to Play Slot Machine- Support Auto Play- User can setting the bet amount- Provide daily money chips- Level rising over the chip holding support system- You can play with people around the world- Ranking.

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バトル艦隊(Battle Group) by mobirixsubバトル艦隊(Battle Group)

Rated 3.58(12) — mobirixsub

[特徴]1. 現代的な海戦戦闘2. 先端武器の戦い3. 艦隊を自分でやりたい形に変えることができる。4. 警備艇、ミサイル搭載護衛艦、航空母艦などを含めた様々な形の船舶を選ぶことができる。...

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