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Microwave Wattage Converter by moshimoreMicrowave Wattage Converter

Rated 4.61(33) — moshimore

Wattage listed in the product of the convenience store, do the same as the wattage of the microwave oven you are using?The correct, Do you know the time setting?You can use this app, you can calculate the correct setting time.

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Second Clock Widget by moshimoreSecond Clock Widget

Rated 3.80(5) — moshimore

Since the background part of the widget is transparent, it does not interfere with the wallpaper of the home screen.You can change the size and color.

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フリック練習 by moshimoreフリック練習

Rated 1.00(1) — moshimore


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懐中電灯 by moshimore懐中電灯

Rated 0.00(0) — moshimore

ディスプレイの背景色を発色させて、舞台照明のようにすることもできます。 The background color of the display is allowed to develop, it can also be as stage lighting.

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道路標識図鑑 by moshimore道路標識図鑑

Rated 4.44(9) — moshimore

道路標識の図鑑です。忘れがちな道路標識の意味を再確認してみてはどうですか?ランダムで簡単に道路標識問題を解くこともできます。 It is a picture book of road signs.How do you try to re-check the meaning of tend to forget road signs?You can also solve the random easy road sign problem.

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ROKUYOU Japanese Calendar by moshimoreROKUYOU Japanese Calendar

Rated 3.85(364) — moshimore

The ROKUYOU are a series of six days that supposedly predict whether there will be good or bad fortune during that day.The ROKUYOU are still commonly found on Japanese calendars and are often used to plan weddings and funerals, though most people ignore..

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StopWatch by moshimoreStopWatch

Rated 4.08(233) — moshimore

In addition to the lap time, it is a stopwatch that split time can also be measured.The minimum value, has become a 1/1000 seconds.Color scheme can be selected from seven colors, it is easy-to-read and simple design.Also corresponds to the large size...

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モニタリングカメラ by moshimoreモニタリングカメラ

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日本食品標準成分表 by moshimore日本食品標準成分表

Rated 4.00(1) — moshimore

栄養成分を簡単に検索できるようにしました。 Was so nutrients can be easy to find.

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