Mottosoft published 44 applications on Google Play, 2,540 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.31!

100 Jumps Challenge by Mottosoft100 Jumps Challenge

Rated 3.96(26) — Mottosoft

100 Jumps Challenge is an interesting bouncing game, just need to jump accurately and holding down to keep it moving until it reaches the desired position. The main objective of this game is to cover more distance of successfully jumping over several...

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Archery Expert by MottosoftArchery Expert

Rated 4.03(74) — Mottosoft

Archery expert is a bow and arrow game where your goal is to shoot a target board and make a great score.This simple and addictive game improve your shooting skills and increase concentration.Pull the string of your bow, aim towards the target and release

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Ball Shifting by MottosoftBall Shifting

Rated 4.83(23) — Mottosoft

Ball Shifting is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to move all the red ball to metal designed circle by sliding the other in minimum move and play more challenging levels. There are two mode “Normal” and “Advance”. There is no any...

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Balloon smash by MottosoftBalloon smash

Rated 3.00(6) — Mottosoft

Smash as many beautiful coloured balloons as you can, going upward on your screen with the finger touch and achieve maximum score. Don’t touch red heart to continue game.Keywords: Balloon, Balloon Smasher, Pop BalloonBalloon Smash Features:Small install..

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Birds Hunting by MottosoftBirds Hunting

Rated 4.07(204) — Mottosoft

Birds Hunting is a really one of the amazing and interesting archery Game. Your goal is to shoot birds, flying on mobile screen and achieve target score for next exciting levels. Just aim your arrow at the target bird and release finger to fire the arrow.

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Break The Lock by MottosoftBreak The Lock

Rated 4.33(9) — Mottosoft

Break The Lock is one of the very interesting and challenging game. The main purpose of this game is to unlock all the lock by successfully tapping over green ball. Just tap to start and tap again accurately when moving red line reach to green ball,Keep..

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Bricks Breaker by MottosoftBricks Breaker

Rated 3.82(79) — Mottosoft

Bricks Breaker is an addictive and interesting bouncing game. To start game just touches the screen to release the ball and move the paddle. There are many coloured bricks on the screen like Red, Green, Yellow and Blue and your goal is to break all colour

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Bubble Crush by MottosoftBubble Crush

Rated 3.97(393) — Mottosoft

Bubble Crush is a free and interesting crushing game. Your goal is to match the balls in groups of 2 or more in order to clear them. The rules of game are very simple. You have to predict the best play to gather the larger groups of the same colour bubble

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Circle Tap by MottosoftCircle Tap

Rated 4.20(5) — Mottosoft

Circle Tap is one of the wonderful game of circle and ball. The main objective of this game is to play more levels of successfully taping over yellow spikes that come on your way at high speed. You need to tap accurately when ball and arc meet each other.

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Crazy AA Line by MottosoftCrazy AA Line

Rated 4.11(9) — Mottosoft

It is strategic, exciting and funny casual game.The game rule is very simple, just you need to launch the entire numbered pins between the gap of pins that is moving at top of the screen, but must not touch each other. You have to tap anywhere on the...

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Air Speed Racing-3D by MottosoftAir Speed Racing-3D

Rated 5.00(2) — Mottosoft

Do you like dodging? Then I challenge you, Get ready to fly in air.Air Speed Racing-3D is a very exciting and fun race game that improves your moving, swiping, and dodging skills and increase concentration. The main objective of this game is to stay...

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Baby Panda Run by MottosoftBaby Panda Run

Rated 4.12(26) — Mottosoft

Baby Panda Run is an ultimate running and jumping adventure game. Game rule is very simple, make panda run and jump over the obstacles and collect maximum gold coins as you can. Remember; make the panda jump in order to collect all the coins but do not...

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Ball Travel by MottosoftBall Travel

Rated 4.20(5) — Mottosoft

Do you like challenges? Then we challenge you to create a path for moving the ball to the red GOAL block. Ball Travel is a addictive & fun puzzle game that will baffle your mind. Objective of this game is simple, Just slide the line to create a path...

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Balloon Smasher by MottosoftBalloon Smasher

Rated 3.61(31) — Mottosoft

Smash as many beautiful colored balloons as you can, going upward on your screen with the finger touch and achieve maximum score. Don’t touch red heart to continue game.Keywords: Balloon, Balloon Smasher, Pop BalloonFeaturesSmall install size, and...

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Block Me by MottosoftBlock Me

Rated 4.71(14) — Mottosoft

Block Me is one of the very exciting and challenging puzzle game on play store that exercise your mind and increase concentration. Your goal is to drag the different shaped blocks, and fill up all frame. Try to fit all blocks in the frame and get the...

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Breakfast Restaurant Game by MottosoftBreakfast Restaurant Game

Rated 4.16(1,092) — Mottosoft

Do you love breakfast? It is time to keep breakfast restaurant in pocket!!It is one of the awesome fun breakfast restaurant games where you can get your favourite healthy and nutritious breakfast like Chinese food, pizza, burger, coffee, ice cream shop...

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Bricks Breaker Deluxe by MottosoftBricks Breaker Deluxe

Rated 3.58(12) — Mottosoft

Bricks Breaker Deluxe is a super fun and interesting bouncing game. Your objective is to break all the coloured bricks, clear the screen and Prevent the ball to touch the bottom of the screen and become a champion. The level difficulty of the game will...

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Catch Ganesh Laddu by MottosoftCatch Ganesh Laddu

Rated 4.24(21) — Mottosoft

Catch Ganesh Laddu is a devotional and fun game where different types of Laddus are falling from Lord Ganesh's palm and you have to catch yellow and orange laddu and avoid catching white laddu in basket by moving basket left right and centre on screen...

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Colour Puzzle by MottosoftColour Puzzle

Rated 4.75(12) — Mottosoft

Colour puzzle is a simple and interesting puzzle game.Your goal is to shift all coloured ball onto the same coloured squares in minimum move and play more challenging levels. All Coloured ball move together with every shift.Keywords-Puzzle,Colour PuzzleGa

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Crazy Fingers by MottosoftCrazy Fingers

Rated 4.50(12) — Mottosoft

Crazy Fingers is one of the very exciting and challenging game on play store that exercise your mind and increase concentration.The game rule is very simple, You have to Prevent different types of shapes from collision with ball. just you need to touch...

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