NANOO COMPANY Inc. published 7 applications on Google Play, 211,287 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.31!

Cosmo Race by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Cosmo Race

Rated 4.66(1,212) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Run in any direction you like! It’s a race between 6 cosmonauts!Run towards the ultimate victory every week.Features- Race among 6 cosmonauts- Play against online players worldwide- Take any route towards the checkpoints- Use special items for upset...

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Exit Hero by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Exit Hero

Rated 3.77(1,587) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Emergency!Zombies have appeared in the building out of nowhere!Rescue all the people in terror!Play escaping puzzle action, Exit Hero!FeaturesNew style of escape puzzle action game.Rescue all the people within the ktime limit and escape through the exit.-

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Headshot ZD : Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Headshot ZD : Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday

Rated 4.18(4,165) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Blitz through the oncoming zombies with headshots and rescue the survivors. Gather valuable resources and survive through the post-apocalyptic zombie world of this 2D survival action game. The Great Smog ApocalypseProduced by chemical reaction of nuclear.

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Tap Money! Silicon Valley by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Tap Money! Silicon Valley

Rated 4.27(3,345) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Dreams do come true! Become the hottest CEO in Silicon Valley.Grow your company to become a billionaire!Features 1. Grow your company!Expand your business. Stack office spaces. Upgrade interiors.2. Hire employees!Hire, fire, educate, promote, vacation...

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Dark Sword : Season 2 by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Dark Sword : Season 2

Rated 4.43(178,093) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

All I remember is that night... The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures became dark... Only carrying what's left behind... the eternal pain.In the darkness that has lost light… True dark action begins.▪...


Rated 4.57(22,241) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Another day, another "save the princess" mission.Please let this be the last time!Go forth again warriors, in the adventure of FINAL TAPTASY!Believe in the power of the masses!No matter how powerful the boss may be, none can withstand the attacks of...

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Puzzle Royale by NANOO COMPANY Inc.Puzzle Royale

Rated 4.29(644) — NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Match 3 monsters of the same color! It's a simple game for everyone.Play for the long term with the battle and level system.Welcome to the puzzle monster battle!You are a monster summoner in the Puzzle Kingdom. A battle tournament has opened on behalf...

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