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Arrow Head by Oblate Media - PVR GamesArrow Head

Rated 4.39(23) — Oblate Media - PVR Games

Arrow head is improvisation on old school snake game that we played on our symbian operated mobile phones. In this endless game you have to control the arrow head and make it move between the zig-zag block, avoiding collision with them blocks. You have...

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Stick AA Game by Oblate Media - PVR GamesStick AA Game

Rated 4.14(7) — Oblate Media - PVR Games

It's simple game developed for everyone with the stick and bow theme, tap to shoot the arrow to the center of rotating wheel without colliding with the other arrows or spokes rotating. Each level played and completed will add score in the leader board...

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Follow the Pattern (Unreleased) by Oblate Media - PVR GamesFollow the Pattern (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — Oblate Media - PVR Games

Connect the yellow dots either tapping the screen or swiping from one dot to other. Enjoy playing 15 different patterns and 2 bonus levels that will keep you hooked up with the game. It is amazing game, easy to play but hard to master. After every 30...

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Truck Wash & Cleaning Garage by Oblate Media - PVR GamesTruck Wash & Cleaning Garage

Rated 3.54(575) — Oblate Media - PVR Games

Truck Wash & Cleaning Garage has opened now and allowing kids to clean big trucks. We have Fire Engine, Concrete Truck/Mixer, Tractor, and Dumping Truck. Name your garage and get ready with the cleaning tools don't worry we will provide you all that...

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