osagg published 25 applications on Google Play, 24,374 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.46!

Basketball Shot Pixel by osaggBasketball Shot Pixel

Rated 3.15(13) — osagg

Make the pixel basket! Or, if you are not the best basketballer yet, you can hit a pixel bird. Anyway, it's funny! (No animal harmed. This is just a game - addictive sport game).Take part in a basket ball tournament! You and your friend can play in the...

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Climb Craft 2: Maze Escape by osaggClimb Craft 2: Maze Escape

Rated 3.46(24) — osagg

You were invited here to be a part of a really dangerous challenge –enter, explore and find an exit out of some strange deserted labyrinth. You'll find here a lot of trials and traps. Overcome all the difficulties and find your reward - find the exit...

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Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D by osaggClimb Craft – Maze Run 3D

Rated 3.19(2,568) — osagg

You are invited to take a part in a really dangerous challenge – explore some strange deserted labyrinth. You'll find here a lot of trials and traps. Overcome all the severities find your reward, find the exit! Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D – check...

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Craft Maze: Mine Runner 3D by osaggCraft Maze: Mine Runner 3D

Rated 3.15(312) — osagg

For unknown reason you happen to be locked into some strange and scary labyrinth. Everything is made from bricks and cubes, you don't have a map or weapon – who knows, what you can find in the hear of this maze? Who can you meet? Are you here alone...

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Dino Hunting: Cube World 3D by osaggDino Hunting: Cube World 3D

Rated 3.17(66) — osagg

Your magic time machine has broken, and now you are stranded in prehistory world swarm with huge frenzied dinosaurs. More than that, everything is made from cubes and pixels like in video game. Seeing that it's a game, let's play! Luckily, you have a...

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Gun Battle Pixel Field 3D by osaggGun Battle Pixel Field 3D

Rated 3.41(670) — osagg

Ahoy, captain! Your team and enemy team have to fight for occupy some territories. You are a commander, so you have to choose right strategy and help your soldiers to win this war. Meet Gun Battle: Pixel Field 3D – nostalgic cube design and addictive...

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Parking Simulator Cube World by osaggParking Simulator Cube World

Rated 2.71(7) — osagg

Are you dreaming of getting you driver license and driving your own car? May be you even want to be extreme sport car racer or long distance car driver? Surely, these dreams will come true soon! Until then you can play Parking Simulator: Cube World 3D...

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Pixel Zombie Apocalypse Day 3D by osaggPixel Zombie Apocalypse Day 3D

Rated 3.79(569) — osagg

As the result of secret radiation experiment, the world happened to be infected with pixel zombie virus. You have a really strong immunity, because you are the only who didn’t become a zombie. All the others became stupid hungry zombies having the...

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Princess Runner: My Castle 3D by osaggPrincess Runner: My Castle 3D

Rated 3.29(41) — osagg

Teenager princess girl in amazing dress is running home from the ball. She was preparing for this tea party for a few days – beauty salon, hair stylist, shopping etc., and as a result, the party was really great! There was a lot of music, food, drinks...

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Space Cat: Laser Pointer Sim by osaggSpace Cat: Laser Pointer Sim

Rated 4.13(8) — osagg

White fluffy kittens are lost in space and they are really sad because of that! They are cold and scary, they just want to sleep, play and eat, not to explore deadly space. Charge your space laser gun aka portal teleporter, designed specifically for...

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Blocky Cars Road Racing 3D by osaggBlocky Cars Road Racing 3D

Rated 3.01(120) — osagg

We glad to invite you to amazing racing championship in a magic pixel world, where everything is made from pixels! Take part in a racing fever and defeat your opponents in Blocky Cars: Road Racing 3D – extreme car driving simulator!Remember all these...

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Climb Craft Run - Trap Maze 3D by osaggClimb Craft Run - Trap Maze 3D

Rated 3.54(79) — osagg

Today we’re going to check your courage, dexterity and quickness – prove you are the best in Climb Craft Run - Trap Maze 3D challenge! Run through the scary labyrinth – no one knows what or whom you can meet here, which kind of challenge is waiting...

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Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 by osaggClimb Craft: Maze Run 2

Rated 3.46(208) — osagg

Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 - enter the dangerous labyrinth and explore it! A maze full of dangerous traps, terrifying monsters and exciting challenges is waiting for you! You are a maze runner, the last one who was sent to this mysterious and full of secrets

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Cube Tanks - Blitz War 3D by osaggCube Tanks - Blitz War 3D

Rated 3.90(2,484) — osagg

Do you remember old-school tanks shooters in incredible 8 bit graphics? May be you have seen this world only in 2D on your old monitor, but now it's time for a great adventure. You are locked in the pixel world of this shooting game, and you have no...

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Dino Survival by osaggDino Survival

Rated 4.01(2,248) — osagg

Welcome to an island that is populated with the most dangerous and deadliest creatures that history has ever knew - dinosaurs! You are all alone on the island, there are no humans at all. Just you and wild nature. Guess what you have to do? That's right..

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Maze Climb Craft: Build Block by osaggMaze Climb Craft: Build Block

Rated 3.45(304) — osagg

Welcome to the extremely interesting and challenging logic quest - Maze Climb Craft: Build Block! You have to find the exit from some strange labyrinth. There are a lot of dangerous abysses and challenges, and nobody can help you. Maze escape is one...

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Pixel Tanks - Battle City Maze by osaggPixel Tanks - Battle City Maze

Rated 3.82(38) — osagg

Enemy tanks occupied our territory! It looks like beginning of a new world war - you have to assume command and push out invaders from our castle and from our territory. Their army is really powerful, they have a lot of tanks and soldiers. Show your...

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Police Escape Prison Chase 3D by osaggPolice Escape Prison Chase 3D

Rated 3.08(162) — osagg

You are the chief guardian of some big prison, and today you got to know that all the prisoners are going to escape the prison. That would be a terrible disaster both for prison and citizens, so prison director gave you a command – you have to prevent...

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Scary Maze - Horror Escape 3D by osaggScary Maze - Horror Escape 3D

Rated 3.59(329) — osagg

This challenge is only for men of spirit, for brave warriors and clever strategist. Are you strong enough to step into dark horror maze? There is no light, there is no hope for help. Atmosphere is gloomy and frightening, you can hear only your own breath.

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StickWar: Cube Man Craft World by osaggStickWar: Cube Man Craft World

Rated 3.13(80) — osagg

Welcome to an incredible boxing championship! You are the head trainer, and your goal is to help your boxer win and become a champion. StickWar: Cube Man Craft World – your action is smooth, your punches are strong, you are the greatest warrior! Show...

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