osagg published 25 applications on Google Play, 24,374 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.46!

Survival Island - Craft 3D by osaggSurvival Island - Craft 3D

Rated 3.55(4,342) — osagg

Something strange happened, and you were trapped in the world of pixels and cubes. You are alone on the island swarm with wild hungry animals and no one can help you.There is no guarantee you can survive even one night, but you can try. Meet Survival...

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Survival ONLINE: War at Island by osaggSurvival ONLINE: War at Island

Rated 3.58(8,775) — osagg

Welcome to online battlefield! Grab your guns and dive into the battle, soldier! You are on an island where you’ve got only one target - you have to survive! Survival ONLINE: War at Island is a pixel fps action game where you fight for you life with...

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Zombie Dungeon: Pixel Age by osaggZombie Dungeon: Pixel Age

Rated 3.58(12) — osagg

You are left alone in a dark and scary dungeon. There are a lot of different monsters, who want to eat you, but you are very brave girl, and also you have weapon! Zombie Dungeon: Pixel Age – overcome your fears, become a zombie fighter and start your...

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Survival Island - Craft 2 by osaggSurvival Island - Craft 2

Rated 3.67(877) — osagg

Hey there, good traveler! Look around you, you are on a beautiful island with amazing nature and astonishing landscapes. The only problem with this paradise is that you are trapped there, all alone, all by yourself. You don't remember what or who brought.

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Tank Battle – Death Maze 3D by osaggTank Battle – Death Maze 3D

Rated 3.71(38) — osagg

You were sent to sound out the situation into the strange dangerous maze and find out that enemy tanks occupied this territory. There is no time for waiting for help, so your only chance to survive is to fight alone against enemy army. Tank Battle –...

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