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Baby breakfast games for girls by RoyalGamesBaby breakfast games for girls

Rated 3.64(344) — RoyalGames

Hello, babies are very cute, we all like to play with them, we love to watch them when they are smiling and we love to see them how they are playing. We all were babies and we know that this time goes quickly and we know that in this time of our life...

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Baby Family Picnic by RoyalGamesBaby Family Picnic

Rated 3.84(1,179) — RoyalGames

Hi, we're happy! Starting today you will be our best friend. We know you have many friends and therefore we trust that you are a very good child. If you make friends easily mean that you will like to play with us every day through this camping day game...

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Bathing Spa Pregnant Queen by RoyalGamesBathing Spa Pregnant Queen

Rated 3.96(4,156) — RoyalGames

Hi, all girls love to be pampered, they want to relax after a day very tiring and always seek services of a spa salon. Today you will meet a queen who is pregnant, she needs to relax and you are the only person who can help our friend with everything...

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Bridesmaid Wedding Love Story by RoyalGamesBridesmaid Wedding Love Story

Rated 3.95(712) — RoyalGames

Hello, starting from today you are our friend and we want to invite you to a very nice event, namely a wedding. Today will marry a young teacher and her friend is bridesmaid. For a wedding is a lot of work, many details must be established for everything.

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Cute baby girls games by RoyalGamesCute baby girls games

Rated 3.78(2,055) — RoyalGames

Hi, good of you to come, we were waited for you for a long time because we now have a big problem, we need to get out of town for a day and our child has not somebody to stay with her home. Our daughter's grandparents are very busy so we decided to put...

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Detective Girls Agency by RoyalGamesDetective Girls Agency

Rated 3.75(153) — RoyalGames

Hi, welcome! From today you will be our best friend and you can have fun with us every day just through this game for kids. Surely you already know want do you want to become when you will be an adult and we have prepared a surprise for you, today you...

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Donut butter cooking games by RoyalGamesDonut butter cooking games

Rated 3.82(98) — RoyalGames

Hi, it's a beautiful day, it is very warm. This day is perfect to cook a meal even more to prepare a wonderful dessert. The desert that we want to prepare is the muffins with peanut butter and a lot jelly. Sounds good, right? I assure you that is a very..

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Face Beauty Treatment by RoyalGamesFace Beauty Treatment

Rated 3.58(102) — RoyalGames

Hello. My mother is the cook and do a lot of food. Today, while doing food, and burned girl using steam, and now suffers severely. We need to help my mother to get rid of the pain because food will not be able to continue and the situation may worsen...

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Fancy makeover girls games by RoyalGamesFancy makeover girls games

Rated 3.69(721) — RoyalGames

Hello, what could be more beautiful during adolescence than to go to prom? Of course this ball is very beautiful but also very important because it requires a lot of preparation. The boys quickly choose their outfit, instead girls have big problems when..

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Feet Care Spa Salon by RoyalGamesFeet Care Spa Salon

Rated 3.97(70) — RoyalGames

Hey how are you? Do you want to spend a few minutes with us? If you decide to stay here with us you will be glad to know that today you go to a spa. When we are tired we go to the spa to relax, have fun and even to embellish us. Today you can work at...

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Baby Emergency First Aid by RoyalGamesBaby Emergency First Aid

Rated 3.46(1,138) — RoyalGames

Hello. John is my son and today he went to play in the park near our house. He went with his friends because we were out of town and could not take care of it. Someone called us and told us that John hit his hand and the need to go to hospital but we...

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Baby Twins Celebration by RoyalGamesBaby Twins Celebration

Rated 3.76(204) — RoyalGames

Hey, do you like parties? We are sure that you like parties because they are what make us forget the problems. Every year we get at least one party, namely the anniversary party. Today you can have fun with our twins, they soon will celebrate their day...

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Birth twins girls games by RoyalGamesBirth twins girls games

Rated 3.53(1,433) — RoyalGames

Hello. Easter is coming and my girlfriend is pregnant, so you have to finish the task to be ready for this event. Emily went to the hospital but when he got there he noticed that no one can help, and got out of the hospital asking for help. In this game..

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Cat Gives Birth Games by RoyalGamesCat Gives Birth Games

Rated 3.94(7,934) — RoyalGames

Hi, if you like animals then you are exactly where you need to be, here in this game you will meet a cat who is going to give birth to a kitten. For this birth to be easy we need the help of a veterinarian. Do you want to be for a few minutes the best...

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Deer Baby Birth by RoyalGamesDeer Baby Birth

Rated 3.67(444) — RoyalGames

My parents have a national park but they grow wild and domestic animals. This park is very large, spread over a large area with many animal species. My father noticed a deer who is about to give birth to a kid. We need to help because it can not do this..

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Diaper change baby games by RoyalGamesDiaper change baby games

Rated 3.45(701) — RoyalGames

Hello, today you have to accept help us take care of the baby of a good friend. She is young and just gave birth, she is very nervous and she wants to make all things right. There are many rules to be respected and she still does not know what to do...

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Egypt Princess Make up by RoyalGamesEgypt Princess Make up

Rated 3.88(5,958) — RoyalGames

Hey how are you? Do you have plans for the day? If you decided to relax through this game should know that you made a good decision, you will have the best day. Today you will know a young princess, she is very beautiful and lives in Egypt. Surely you...

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Family Relaxing Spa by RoyalGamesFamily Relaxing Spa

Rated 3.86(1,369) — RoyalGames

Hi, welcome! You made the right choice when you decided to visit us. If you want to relax right where you are you can do this. Here you can go to a spa where all family members can relax, more than relax you'll be able to work with us to help a family...

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Father Farm Helper by RoyalGamesFather Farm Helper

Rated 3.86(1,563) — RoyalGames

Hi, what could be nicer than to go to a farm where you can watch many animals. If you like animals and country life right where you are today you will be able to go to a very large and beautiful farm. This farm game is very beautiful, you can have fun...

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Flu doctor girls games by RoyalGamesFlu doctor girls games

Rated 3.68(1,363) — RoyalGames

Hello, when we are sick we can not go to work or school, we all know that when parents see that you are not feeling well they take you to the doctor to see what the problem is. Often the problems are minor, but it is best to treat any disease from the...

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