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Ashta Chamma - Ludo by SairamAshta Chamma - Ludo

Rated 4.00(4) — Sairam

Ashta Chamma is something like a number game, in this game, each pawn has its own target.Dice 8 to start the Game.Based on your dice value, you need to select your pawn to move and try to capture the opponent pawn.Your pawns movement in the outer grid...

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Dictionary Eng Hindi Telugu by SairamDictionary Eng Hindi Telugu

Rated 3.70(43) — Sairam

A basic free multi language dictionary.You can find a meaning of a word in English, Hindi or Telugu directly by typing in any of these three languages.Meaning with Pronunciation.English Hindi Telugu.English Telugu Hindi.Hindi English Telugu.Hindi Telugu..

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Basic Maths Challenge by SairamBasic Maths Challenge

Rated 4.33(3) — Sairam

Basic Maths Challenge is a free simple app to identify whether you can calculate values using simple operators like +, -, ÷ and x within the timeline. All you need to do is, just tap on the correct answer button, which will be displayed below the question

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Snakes and Ladders India by SairamSnakes and Ladders India

Rated 4.22(502) — Sairam

Vaikuntapali ! (Snakes & Ladders) One of the popular board games in India, We 2 to 3 people used to play on board during the Summer vacations.In those days while playing this game, after crossing box number 106, I used to feel like, I almost won the...

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