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Anime College Girl Spa Salon by Salon Makeover GamesAnime College Girl Spa Salon

Rated 4.06(49) — Salon Makeover Games

The China’s next model has been chosen to compete in a fun-filled fashion show! Get a makeover and choose the most stylish star outfits to make yourself STAND OUT to win the show and get your chance at celebrity Chinese show!Help and become her ultimate..

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Beauty Hair Salon & Spa by Salon Makeover GamesBeauty Hair Salon & Spa

Rated 3.63(180) — Salon Makeover Games

Its time you should run your own Beauty Hair Salon! Drive your customers to the salon with a cool dying scene. Customers are looking for a new hair style and awesome fashion trends. You are the one to give them the haircut of their dreams! With a crazy...

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Cheerleader Fat to Slim Challenge & Makeover by Salon Makeover GamesCheerleader Fat to Slim Challenge & Makeover

Rated 4.32(44) — Salon Makeover Games

It's your chance to be the STAR cheerleader! Cheer your way to the high school team by building amazing routines to loose weight transformation and then performing the moves in style! Give me a G! Give me an O! Ready? GO!!!Sophia loves dancing, and the...

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Crazy Kitchen Cooking Scramble by Salon Makeover GamesCrazy Kitchen Cooking Scramble

Rated 3.44(383) — Salon Makeover Games

Feeling Hungry? Head over to our crazy kitchen and test your cooking skills at our beautiful kitchen. You are the new cook in town and its your job to start cooking and bake food to feed all the hungry customers. Start cooking your favorite dishes with...

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Episode Story Makeover by Salon Makeover GamesEpisode Story Makeover

Rated 3.15(41) — Salon Makeover Games

Episode Story Makeover is a makeup game for girls & friends. This girl friend makeup game will always keep you hooked to your device providing full excitement and fun. There is so much you can do in this girl makeup game like tattoos designs, face cleansi

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Fairy land Adventure Rescue by Salon Makeover GamesFairy land Adventure Rescue

Rated 3.91(138) — Salon Makeover Games

Oh my God!! The forest has a very Evil Witch that has cast a spell on the magical Fairy Land! Everything is so sad and gloomy, the land animals don’t want to do anything all day. It’s up to the fairies to save the day and fight against the evil witch...

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Fairytale - Sleeping Beauty by Salon Makeover GamesFairytale - Sleeping Beauty

Rated 3.65(37) — Salon Makeover Games

Do you love fairytale games? Presenting the best fairytale game on android - Fairytale Sleeping Beauty, where you help your favorite princess, sleeping beauty, wake up her entire royal kingdom from a sleep spell! In this fairytale fiasco, you can dress...

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Fashion Design Tailor Boutique by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Design Tailor Boutique

Rated 3.28(3,191) — Salon Makeover Games

The grandest ball has been announced by the King, where there will be dancing and singing and all the festivities. All the princesses are tensed as they have to choose prince charming. Prince coming from all over the world are making the princesses more..

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Fashion Diva Salon by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Diva Salon

Rated 3.49(218) — Salon Makeover Games

These Fashion Diva’s have to get ready so that they can walk on the red carpet. So, it’s your job to make these Diva’s look even more prettier so that they can carry their personality with full confidence. With this fun exciting game, you can give...

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Fashion Star Spa & Make Up by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Star Spa & Make Up

Rated 3.65(248) — Salon Makeover Games

Another amazing Barbie Fashion Game has arrived! The Hottest game on playstore! Fashion Star Doll Makeover!!Let little girls have an amazing time! And let them design and decorate this all new Fashion princess and her designer clothes as the way they...

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Ballet Dancer Makeover Spa by Salon Makeover GamesBallet Dancer Makeover Spa

Rated 3.13(24) — Salon Makeover Games

You can be the Ballet dancer you have always dreamed of becoming. Dance your way to the top and be the best ballerina in the world. Show your ballet dance moves and be an awesome ballet dancer. You can perform in theaters for ballet, but before going...

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Celebrity Emergency Pregnancy by Salon Makeover GamesCelebrity Emergency Pregnancy

Rated 3.49(283) — Salon Makeover Games

Just when you thought celebrity crosswords were the in-thing, in comes the latest celebrity game! Introducing Celebrity emergency pregnancy, a game where you help celebrity mommies give birth to cute babies! Use all the doctor tools including blood pressu

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City Girl Makeover - Girl Game by Salon Makeover GamesCity Girl Makeover - Girl Game

Rated 3.91(233) — Salon Makeover Games

Welcome to the world of Fashion. This game is super fun in which you can prepare models so that they can look better. With fashion stars, top models and fabulous celebrities like makeovers, you have a special make-up and makeover game. You have so many...

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Egypt Fashion Stylist by Salon Makeover GamesEgypt Fashion Stylist

Rated 3.81(215) — Salon Makeover Games

The Pyramids are something everyone wants to visit. Here u can make so many trendy looking fashion styles in this awesome new game Egyptian Fashion Stylist Makeup.From the makers of super hit games like Pink Princess Makeover and Indian Fashion Boutique..

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Face Paint Selfie! Party Girl by Salon Makeover GamesFace Paint Selfie! Party Girl

Rated 3.90(231) — Salon Makeover Games

The costume party is here and you are invited tonight!! This party has an awesome face paint theme! Stun the crowd with your creativity by creating the perfect face paint costume!!The face paint party is going to be awesome fun, start from home and start.

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Fairy Sisters Forest Fantasy by Salon Makeover GamesFairy Sisters Forest Fantasy

Rated 4.64(11) — Salon Makeover Games

In a land far away were beautiful fairies in the forest, fairies named Ariel, Rosy and Butterfield lived with their unicorn and were very happy. Suddenly a big wave of terror came ripping the fairies of their memory. They had forgotten how to live in...

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Fashion Design Makeover by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Design Makeover

Rated 3.90(289) — Salon Makeover Games

These pretty dolls have to be at a royal party and time is running short. They are asking for your help to give them a trendy hair style followed by a makeover. So it’s your job to give them the best makeover and a hair style that they would never...

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Fashion Designer World Spa by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Designer World Spa

Rated 3.59(242) — Salon Makeover Games

An amazing adventure is about to start in this World Fashion Trip! The Hottest game on playstore with princesses all over the world.Let little girls have an amazing time! And let them design and decorate this all new Barbie princess and her designer...

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Fashion Glamour Makeover by Salon Makeover GamesFashion Glamour Makeover

Rated 3.60(187) — Salon Makeover Games

These Fashion Diva’s have to get ready so that they can walk on the red carpet. So, it’s your job to make these Diva’s look even more prettier so that they can carry their personality with full confidence. With this fun exciting game, you can give...

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Grandmommy Makeover Spa Salon by Salon Makeover GamesGrandmommy Makeover Spa Salon

Rated 5.00(6) — Salon Makeover Games

These beautiful Grand mommies must be at a celebration ceremony at their cozy home and they are in need of a trendy makeover. So it’s your job to give them an awesome makeover so that they can truly look like grand mommy princess.You can select your...

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