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Baby Spa - Caring Kids Games by SameConnectionBaby Spa - Caring Kids Games

Rated 3.15(307) — SameConnection

Baby Spa is an application where you have to take care of several babies that have many things in common, have become very dirty and have to clean, remove dirt that is in the hair, the fat in the body because it has been played much . These are the tools.

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Basketball Shot by SameConnectionBasketball Shot

Rated 3.68(14,884) — SameConnection

You can start to enjoy the best basketball game in the world for mobile phone. You will have to score as much as possible baskets. You can become a basketball star honing your aim. You have 50 seconds to score 5 baskets, there are two colors where you...

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Beauty Girl - Day Ice SPA by SameConnectionBeauty Girl - Day Ice SPA

Rated 3.25(8) — SameConnection

It has come to your salon spa girl with great beauty but really has very unkept his face. What you should do is leave as cute as you can using the instructions I will detail below. Follow the steps:Spend the sponge face of the girl so you can clean your..

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Burger Cooking Game 16 by SameConnectionBurger Cooking Game 16

Rated 3.21(104) — SameConnection

Burgers cooking is fun and assist customers so is, so you can have your restaurant as you like. Restaurant patrons begin arriving and you have to prepare the order they ask you, place the bread, then the meat and then deliver different ingredients and...

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Caring Horses Games by SameConnectionCaring Horses Games

Rated 3.31(107) — SameConnection

Caring horses games is an app where you have to clean up and clean up this cute equine that after a long career has fouled a lot and have mud all over the body. Use your tools to make that perfectly clear, take the sponge and touch all that he would...

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Cooking Games: Make Yogurt by SameConnectionCooking Games: Make Yogurt

Rated 3.52(173) — SameConnection

Cooking Games Make Yogurt can make delicious ice cream taste free! This application is designed so that your children can easily learn cooking following the step by step instructions. Simply follow the instructions to make frozen yogurt make a rich and...

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Dishes Washing Games by SameConnectionDishes Washing Games

Rated 2.93(71) — SameConnection

Dish washing games are great for those who want to experiment or love clean kitchen stuff, the steps are as follows, they will appear in a slightly different elements you find in the kitchen to wash dishes, knives, cups and pans that are so complicated...

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Dog Wash Caring Game by SameConnectionDog Wash Caring Game

Rated 2.04(46) — SameConnection

Enter on this great adventure where you have the opportunity to wash dogs and leave very clean and have always wanted to be. As they do not know how, with this game take care of what you should do will be to use the different elements that you have so...

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Fire Truck Parking 3D by SameConnectionFire Truck Parking 3D

Rated 3.54(12,410) — SameConnection

One of the best games we've done, this time try to park 3D trucks, play fire truck this great 3D so you can parking and the best you can park in the right place.We have over 20 levels to keep you entertained, this fire truck is really good and you can...

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Fruits Slice by SameConnectionFruits Slice

Rated 2.54(13) — SameConnection

Fruits slice is a game where you have to eliminate each of the fruits that go leaping through the air at the grocery store, what you should do is move your finger over the fruit and automatically cuts so you can generate points and further progress levels

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Balloon Punch! Games by SameConnectionBalloon Punch! Games

Rated 3.64(59) — SameConnection

Can you blow up all the balloons in the circus?Now you can try to get the best score, have great agility in your fingers to blow up as many balloons as possible.Many levels, extra balloons with lives, three types of speed and a raking so you can dial...

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Beard Salon Shave Game by SameConnectionBeard Salon Shave Game

Rated 3.45(199) — SameConnection

When men reachs a certain age he have no choice to go to the beauty salon and make a pass with the electric shaver to take off the beard of the face. The first thing you should do in this game is to place the foam in the face and then to go removing...

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Bowling Games by SameConnectionBowling Games

Rated 3.68(19,521) — SameConnection

Do you like to go bowling? It enters our bowling and enjoy a good game of bowling in 3D.Aim well, used the strength to knock down all the pins with the ball.How you play:- Drag the ball to the side that most interests you to throw the ball against Bowling

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Car Wash - Kids Game by SameConnectionCar Wash - Kids Game

Rated 3.61(368) — SameConnection

Car Wash games is great for those we love not only wash but also clean away dirt everywhere having our car. Follow the instructions are very simple so you can begin to remove the dirt that is on the outside, then use the brush to be able to lather and...

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Cleanup baby bedroom games by SameConnectionCleanup baby bedroom games

Rated 2.21(14) — SameConnection

Here in this great cleanup game you have to follow all the steps that we show below.1) You must arrange and gather all the dirty clothes and toys you find lying on the floor of the bedroom, clean and place them in separate baskets where they have to...

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Cooking Pizza HD - Kids Games by SameConnectionCooking Pizza HD - Kids Games

Rated 3.10(111) — SameConnection

Cooking Pizzas - Girls Games Have fun making delicious pizzas with all popular ingredients! Here we let a game where you can make pizzas and putting on all the flavors that you like, you can place all you want and the amount you like. Please drag the...

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Dog Caring Game by SameConnectionDog Caring Game

Rated 2.93(44) — SameConnection

Step into one great adventure where you should do is take care of dogs, not to any of them, but this great pet that has come after having gone for a walk with his owner and not dirty lot in the park. Bathe achieved this puppy so that it is perfectly...

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Eyes Makeup 2017 HD by SameConnectionEyes Makeup 2017 HD

Rated 0.00(0) — SameConnection

Eyes Makeup 2017 HD is an application where you can learn how to make up your eyes step by step. We have many tutorials where you will learn very fast.Select any of the sections where you will find for each image a simple tutorial where you learn to...

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Fishing - Kids Game by SameConnectionFishing - Kids Game

Rated 3.72(68) — SameConnection

Here you can find all the children a fun way of fishing, so you have to do will be cast your line to the sea from your ship and engage in any of the fish that you see there on the screen, be careful because some of they will not give you any points and...

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Hairdresser clean up game by SameConnectionHairdresser clean up game

Rated 2.89(18) — SameConnection

Hairdresser clean up game is an entertaining version where you have to achieve will accommodate all the things you see jumbled into place, you must drag each of the objects that you see are from anywhere and leave it where it should go . Remember where...

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