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Basic Explorer by Sea.XiaoBasic Explorer

Rated 4.00(4) — Sea.Xiao

Basic Explorer is a simple and free lightweight file manager, it can identify the text, images, sound, video, documents, web pages and other documents. Basic copy, cut, copy files and directories.CreditsThe app icon is available on https://www.iconfinder.

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Environment Monitor by Sea.XiaoEnvironment Monitor

Rated 3.93(241) — Sea.Xiao

Environment Monitor is a weather app, using GPS location and your device's sensors.Displays outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure and THI of current location if devices without temperature and humidity sensor.Displays indoor temperature, humidity...

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Frozen Bubble by Sea.XiaoFrozen Bubble

Rated 3.75(20) — Sea.Xiao

Frozen Bubble is a free software Puzzle Bobble style computer game which is available on several operating systems.It features penguins a la Tux, who in this game shoot the coloured frozen bubbles to form groups of the same colour. Such groups disappear..

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Gobang by Sea.XiaoGobang

Rated 3.68(77) — Sea.Xiao

Gobang is an abstract strategy board game. Also called Gomoku or Five in a Row, it is traditionally played with Go pieces on a go board.Players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get...

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Notes by Sea.XiaoNotes

Rated 4.12(10,177) — Sea.Xiao

Notes is an intuitive, lightweight notepad application that allows you to capture and organize your ideas. Supports import/export, pattern screen lock features.

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SmartFinder by Sea.XiaoSmartFinder

Rated 3.50(12) — Sea.Xiao

SmartFinder app works with any Bluetooth low energy tags. The Find It feature is great to locate easily misplaced objects such as keys, wallets, purses, remote controls, canes and umbrellas, etc. The Anti-lost feature ties your Bluetooth low energy tag...

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WiFi Storage by Sea.XiaoWiFi Storage

Rated 4.07(44) — Sea.Xiao

WiFi Storage allows you to run an ftp server on your android device. This means that any program can access the files on your device while the ftp server is running. For example, entering 'ftp://...' in the browser url bar will allow you to browse the...

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陸軍棋 by Sea.Xiao陸軍棋

Rated 3.14(113) — Sea.Xiao

陸軍棋,又稱陸戰棋,簡稱軍棋,是中國近代的壹種兩人棋類,設計根據軍隊中的軍階。每壹方有25枚棋子,先奪得對方軍旗者為勝。 勝負壹覽: 1. 司令 > 軍長 > 師長 > 旅長 > 團長 > 營長 > 連長...

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EasyReader by Sea.XiaoEasyReader

Rated 3.65(99) — Sea.Xiao

EasyReader is an e-book reader. EasyReader supports ePub and fb2 file formats. Please note that DRM-protected books are not supported. If you have any files in supported formats, just put them into Books directory on the memory card. The books will be...

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Falling Man by Sea.XiaoFalling Man

Rated 4.67(6) — Sea.Xiao

- FALLING MAN is an action game, which is operated by making use of a mobile phone's gravity-sensor.- Tilt the phone left or right to control the ROLE moving left or right. The more angle in the tilt, the faster the ROLE moves.- Avoid touching the spike..

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GO Master by Sea.XiaoGO Master

Rated 3.28(102) — Sea.Xiao

GO Master is an Android application to play the strategic board game Go against the GPL Go engine GNU Go. It contains a Go board UI and minor changes to GNU Go. This site contains the sources for the UI and the (few) changes to the GNU Go sources.

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Minesweeper by Sea.XiaoMinesweeper

Rated 3.85(13) — Sea.Xiao

Minesweeper game for android. The goal of the game is to uncover all cells that are not contain mines without detonating a mine. If opened cell is not contain the mine, a digit is revealed in that cell, the digit indicating the number of adjacent cells...

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Notes (Donation Package) by Sea.XiaoNotes (Donation Package)

Rated 4.59(29) — Sea.Xiao

This is the paid version without ads and no internet permission.Notes is an intuitive, lightweight notepad application that allows you to capture and organize your ideas. Supports import/export, pattern screen lock features.

Sokoban by Sea.XiaoSokoban

Rated 3.82(38) — Sea.Xiao

Sokoban is a logic puzzle game. You play a warehouse keeper (the circle). You need to put the boxes in their proper place, marked in dark-gray. However, you can only push the crates from behind, and only one crate at a time.CreditsThe level files themselv

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中國象棋 Chinese Chess by Sea.Xiao中國象棋 Chinese Chess

Rated 3.54(50) — Sea.Xiao

遊戲採用超強棋力引擎,以獲得更快的速度,可保存,載入,刪除棋局,具有初級、中級、高級三種難度,支持殘局挑戰,棋盤養眼,音效動聽,是練習象棋的絕佳伴侶!TODO:連將處理 The game...

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