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Career App by SEMICOLON-ICTCareer App

Rated 4.50(401) — SEMICOLON-ICT

Career is an android application that helps students, graduates, and all knowledge seekers get the newest offers about Courses, Scholarships and Jobs opportunities. Inside each offer, beside the description and the company name and logo ,you can also...

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echo by SEMICOLON-ICTecho

Rated 4.49(49) — SEMICOLON-ICT

A market research platform empowered by Palmyra solutions

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Roll And Run by SEMICOLON-ICTRoll And Run

Rated 4.38(21) — SEMICOLON-ICT

Roll And Run, infinite running ball game, escaping from fall within various scenes, catching & collecting coins, speeding up ,& power effect packages, experiencing amazing ball effects. with two playing controls: screen touch (dividing screen into three..

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Stairs Fall by SEMICOLON-ICTStairs Fall

Rated 4.17(6) — SEMICOLON-ICT

How far can you go?Jump over the stairs as far as you canCollect as many coins.Avoid Falling Down.Features:* Nice graphics* Cool sounds* Easy control* Various infinite stairs

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Chicken Teaser by SEMICOLON-ICTChicken Teaser

Rated 4.87(15) — SEMICOLON-ICT

The most exciting and addicting egg catching Game !Move the car using the device accelerometer and collect the eggs! Try to accomplish a very high score and compete with your friends. Be aware of bombs and poops.Try your luck and eat the silver eggs...

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Orooma by SEMICOLON-ICTOrooma

Rated 4.69(93) — SEMICOLON-ICT

OROOMA is the largest sudanese jobs platform with aim to bridge the gap between employers and future employees by providing both of them with powerful tools to achieve their goals. OROOMA has more than 100 companies and average of 170 jobs posted monthly.

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Rated 4.61(118) — SEMICOLON-ICT

خدمة توصيل منزلي مبتكرة ، سودانية مئة بالمئه ، تقوم بتوصيل اجود انواع الخضر والفاكهة و التموينات الغذائيه الى باب المنزل كل أسبوع.تسعى الخدمة...

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