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BREAK BROCK HOCKEY(ブロック崩しホッケー) by sgwrBREAK BROCK HOCKEY(ブロック崩しホッケー)

Rated 3.00(1) — sgwr

このゲームはエアホッケーのようにパドルを自由に動かし、玉を反射させて遊ぶブロック崩しゲームです。 This game paddle freely to move as air hockey, is a Breakout game play can be reflected the ball.

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Rolling Ball by sgwrRolling Ball

Rated 2.91(11) — sgwr

This game is rolling ball to roll the red ball by tilting the terminal, go collect the blue ball.It is clear the stage and collect the blue ball of all of the screen.There are two and a challenge mode levels going up each time you clear, the stage select.

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