ShieldApps published 10 applications on Google Play, 123 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.24!

Anti Malware by ShieldAppsAnti Malware

Rated 5.00(1) — ShieldApps

ShieldApps’ Mobile Anti Malware is an active protection app that protects your Android device from malware. The Mobile Anti Malware app employs multiple engines merged together to provide the most comprehensive protection possible. ShieldApps’ Mobile...

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Identity Theft Preventer by ShieldAppsIdentity Theft Preventer

Rated 5.00(3) — ShieldApps

Identity Theft Preventer is an application for people on the move. People that store important information on their smartphones and use their devices for banking, shopping, business, and more. Identity Theft Preventer protects their personal information..

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Mobile Cleaning Utility by ShieldAppsMobile Cleaning Utility

Rated 4.57(30) — ShieldApps

Mobile Cleaning Utility is an Android version of our best-selling PC Cleaning Utility. More than just a regular Android cleaner, it offers versatile options designed to enhance your smartphone’s performance. Within only one swipe, Mobile Cleaning Utility.

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Ransomware Defender by ShieldAppsRansomware Defender

Rated 5.00(3) — ShieldApps

Ransomware Defender is a security and protection application that provides the Android user peace of mind while leading an active online life. Ransomware Defender has been developed for all home users regardless of their tech savviness, to protect against

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ShieldApps Camera Blocker by ShieldAppsShieldApps Camera Blocker

Rated 3.83(6) — ShieldApps

ShieldApps Camera Blocker is a free app for blocking unauthorized access to the smartphone’s camera. The design simplicity allows effortless yet effective blocking of any attempt to access Android device's camera. A user-friendly interface allows even...

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Camera & Microphone Blocker by ShieldAppsCamera & Microphone Blocker

Rated 3.54(28) — ShieldApps

Camera & Microphone Blocker is a free application that blocks both internal and external attempts to open your device’s camera and/or microphone. ShieldApps’ Camera and Microphone Blocker provides a user-friendly solution, designed to easily block...

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Microphone & Camera Blocker by ShieldAppsMicrophone & Camera Blocker

Rated 2.33(3) — ShieldApps

Microphone & Camera Blocker is a free Android privacy protection app developed to increase users’ digital privacy by blocking external and internal communication ports breach attempts. The app is intended for personal use, to protect one’s smartphone...

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Privacy Shield by ShieldAppsPrivacy Shield

Rated 4.40(10) — ShieldApps

Mobile Privacy Shield is an application for people on the move. Ones that store most of their important information on their smartphone and use their device for banking, shopping, business, and more. Mobile Privacy Shield takes care of all of your trouble

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Shield Antivirus by ShieldAppsShield Antivirus

Rated 4.32(34) — ShieldApps

Mobile Shield Antivirus is an Android version of ShieldApps’ flagship software – Shield Antivirus. The mobile antivirus protects your phone from malware, viruses and similar threats. Your smartphone will be safe and clean with just one click. Mobile...

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ShieldApps Microphone Blocker by ShieldAppsShieldApps Microphone Blocker

Rated 4.40(5) — ShieldApps

ShieldApps Microphone Blocker is a free app that keeps your device’s audio port private. The design simplicity allows effortless usage of the app, even for the non-tech-savvy users. A single button enables blocking of any internal or external access...

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