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Happy Stickman wheels by StarodymovHappy Stickman wheels

Rated 3.94(1,388) — Starodymov

Your task is to reach the finish line at different locations.On the way you will encounter various obstacles that can damage your character.Realistic physics will show you a real minced stickmans.It is necessary to pass the levels and earn points to...

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Jailbreak 2016 Escape by StarodymovJailbreak 2016 Escape

Rated 3.59(1,724) — Starodymov

You will play a prisoner, which should help to find a way to escape from prison.You are waiting for a number of prison locations, where you have to strain your brain and attentiveness.Find all the items and use them for your brilliant escape plan.Music...

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Old house of monsters Escape by StarodymovOld house of monsters Escape

Rated 4.20(2,587) — Starodymov

Your beloved abducted monsters!Find it in the old house, which is guarded by the terrible monsters!Defeat enemies and solve many puzzles!Pass all the location of this terrible home!You have to be brave and clever to go through this interesting game.Can...

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Stick jailbreak run by StarodymovStick jailbreak run

Rated 4.86(97) — Starodymov

Find all the ways to escape from prison.Use various means to tell you to carry an escape.Funny animations and interesting locations will immerse you into the atmosphere of a felon.Trick guards, do not let them destroy you.Fantasy plot rolls.The game...

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Stickman and guns by StarodymovStickman and guns

Rated 4.19(110) — Starodymov

You will play Stickman with the Cowboy in the Wild West. Your main character went to the bar to moisten his throat with a tart whiskey. Everything was fine, until the wanted and dangerous criminal came to you. Your task is to find all successful ways...

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Stickman Destruction 2 by StarodymovStickman Destruction 2

Rated 3.79(1,350) — Starodymov

You need to numerous injuries stikman character to collect as many points as possible to open a new transport and various cool locations.The unique location will vary their virtuoznastyu.You waiting for a different wheel steep transport. For example...

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Stickman escape school super by StarodymovStickman escape school super

Rated 4.45(80) — Starodymov

You have to play a student stick who does not like to go to school. Student stickman tired of so much to learn and listen to boring instructors from the stereotypical thinking that the student decides to escape.While the teacher left the class student...

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Stickman fly flight by StarodymovStickman fly flight

Rated 3.77(937) — Starodymov

You will play for Stickman, which will fly via jetpack.Your task is to fly from point A to point B or to hold a few seconds, depending on the level. Fly and survive!You are waiting for various levels, where you will control the height of the rise and...

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Stickman jailbreak 2017 by StarodymovStickman jailbreak 2017

Rated 4.33(39) — Starodymov

You have to find all the ways to get out of prison 2017.One day a supervisor brought you a loaf to the cell. In this loaf your relatives hid various objects. Choose the right object and leave the sinister territory of the prison.You will be disturbed...

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Stickman Jailbreak X by StarodymovStickman Jailbreak X

Rated 4.45(5,672) — Starodymov

It's new jailbreak game. Lets do it together with a stickman. You need to find a way to escape from the prison.A set of tools for the implementation of escape. The stickman can escape through the roof or through the door, and it is possible through the...

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House 23 - Escape by StarodymovHouse 23 - Escape

Rated 3.80(5,637) — Starodymov

Your task is to find a home in a gloomy hidden treasures.On the road you have to solve puzzles, fight monsters, gather the necessary ingredients for a magical ritual.It will be necessary to look for and collect various items in the inventory, to combine..

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Masha rescues grandma PRO by StarodymovMasha rescues grandma PRO

Rated 5.00(1) — Starodymov

Once there was Masha in the hut, which was located in the woods. One day Masha received a letter from her grandmother, where my grandmother invited her favorite granddaughter to visit for the cakes.You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventure...

Rescue Olivia escape by StarodymovRescue Olivia escape

Rated 3.61(716) — Starodymov

You have to play the heroine a beautiful girl who was walking through the woods with his dog Olivia. All was well until Olivia ran deep in the dark forest. Our heroine was looking on the gloomy forest and his dog did not notice it was night. Soon she...

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Stickman airport 2017 by StarodymovStickman airport 2017

Rated 4.47(53) — Starodymov

You will play the Stickman character. Your task is to find all the ways to successfully escape from an airplane that is at the airport 2017.A lot of options for defeat you have to bypass. Turn on the brain to correctly and logically choose the winning...

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Stickman Destruction by StarodymovStickman Destruction

Rated 3.96(6,391) — Starodymov

You need to damage the character stikman score as many points as possible to open a new transport and locations.For fans of games Dismounting.The unique location will differ from each other.You will enjoy various wheeled vehicles. For example, in the...

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Stickman escape madhouse by StarodymovStickman escape madhouse

Rated 4.14(1,396) — Starodymov

You will play stikmanom. Your task is to find all the ways to escape from a psychiatric clinic. In the psychiatric hospital to get easy, but get out alive or normal very hard. So why sit on the pill and wait for his death, it is better to try to escape...

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Stickman face and troll by StarodymovStickman face and troll

Rated 3.46(1,686) — Starodymov

You have to play a game about a funny stickman and troll. Your task is to laugh and stick to troll laughed. You have to think, to be careful to understand what to do in a given situation and where to press to win.You will find many different levels with..

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Stickman jailbreak 2 by StarodymovStickman jailbreak 2

Rated 4.13(3,385) — Starodymov

You'll play as a prisoner who needs help to escape from prison.You will be asked a number of ways to escape.Select all the escape ways laugh amusing animations and scenes.Find all three happy endings escape.Find not only all the successful ending, but...

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Stickman jailbreak escape 2016 by StarodymovStickman jailbreak escape 2016

Rated 4.09(1,361) — Starodymov

You will play a criminal who is unjustly condemned. He was framed, he did not kill anyone. Stikman wants to be free next to his beloved wife.You will need to try all ways to escape, and only a few of them you will be lucky. Next to you will be based...

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Stickman killer 2 by StarodymovStickman killer 2

Rated 3.28(10,723) — Starodymov

Friends! We offer one of the many favorite series of games about stikmen. The game's plot In the game you have to eliminate the criminals to make no application reviews of the houses of civilians. You are a secret agent of the national security of the...

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