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Anti Mosquito Simulated by Streeter StudioAnti Mosquito Simulated

Rated 3.36(59) — Streeter Studio

**** Free Anti Mosquito (Mosquito repelling) Simulated App ****Let’s try a new Anti Mosquito App. Simple and easy to use.Have you ever faced the mosquito problem? Is it annoying if the mosquitos were always around you and could bites you anytime? That...

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Find Your Car by Streeter StudioFind Your Car

Rated 0.00(0) — Streeter Studio

Using feature to find your car parking location.- Saving parking location, even when the app stops.- Find the track from your current location to the parking location.

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Police Siren Sound by Streeter StudioPolice Siren Sound

Rated 3.80(5) — Streeter Studio

**** Free Simple Police Siren Sound App ****Your friends did something wrong, you want to want to pranks them with the Police Siren Sound.Try this Police Siren and you have your own Police Siren on your smartphone.With this Police Siren Sound App, you...

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Smart TV Remote Simulation by Streeter StudioSmart TV Remote Simulation

Rated 2.84(19) — Streeter Studio

Just go ahead and install this Smart TV Remote Control Prank App and easily turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a TV Remote Control. Features:- Smart TV Remote Control Prank supports thousands of TV models.- Smart TV Remote Control Prank is very..

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Fart Sound Prank by Streeter StudioFart Sound Prank

Rated 3.20(5) — Streeter Studio

*** Funny Fart Sound Prank App***Try a new Fart Sound App to prank your friends and have fun! - You can fart in single mode.- Or fart in countdown mode: set countdown timer to fart.- 20 different funny fart sounds are ready for you.- Fart sound is randoml

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Hay Nhu Toi - Be Like Me by Streeter StudioHay Nhu Toi - Be Like Me

Rated 3.17(6) — Streeter Studio

**** Ứng dụng Hãy Như Tôi - Be Like Me ****Hãy Như Tôi! Trào lưu này đang "hot" trên Facebook.Ứng dụng này giúp bạn tạo những hình "Hãy Như Tôi" vui nhộn và hài hước.Bạn có thể share với bạn bè qua chức...

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Pretty face detector prank by Streeter StudioPretty face detector prank

Rated 3.25(12) — Streeter Studio

Have you ever wondered if you look pretty or not? By using this beauty detector app, you can answer the question. Beauty Detector is a brand new Ugly/ Beautiful scanner in Android. You can check if you, your friends or your family are beautiful or not...

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Vibrator Massage Simulated by Streeter StudioVibrator Massage Simulated

Rated 3.52(160) — Streeter Studio

****Android Vibrate Massager (Vibrator) App****In your daily urban life, you have to face many factors that stress your body and your health, such as traffic congestion, long time seating and thousands of tasks. Let’s imagine!!! After a long tiring...

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