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Caps Gündem by Tek ŞekerCaps Gündem

Rated 3.98(50) — Tek Şeker

Günlük olarak yenilenen capsleri, basit ve hızlı arayüzü sayesinde parmağınızın ucuna getiriyor.Bakın gülün, oylayın, sevdiklerinizle paylaşın. - Online Güncellenen içerik- Push Bildirimleri Sayesinde yeni yüklenenlerden haberdar olma-...

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Egg Timer by Tek ŞekerEgg Timer

Rated 3.61(23) — Tek Şeker

Prepare boiled eggs to suit your needs just in time with the egg timer!Select the temperature at which the egg is stored, and do not forget to add altitude.Bon Appetit!

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Rock Paper Scissors +Online by Tek ŞekerRock Paper Scissors +Online

Rated 3.00(24) — Tek Şeker

Whether you against the computer, or online anywhere in the world as your friends or the Fight against your opponent! Do not anger to much. It's just a game!

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Unity Ads Console - Unofficial (Unreleased) by Tek ŞekerUnity Ads Console - Unofficial (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — Tek Şeker

This console will help you for visualize your data like inside operate.dashboard.unity3d.comWe are not sending your API Key anywhere or not collect any sensitive information.

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Who Am I? - Character Analysis by Tek ŞekerWho Am I? - Character Analysis

Rated 2.80(15) — Tek Şeker

Get a concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.Take our Personality Test and get a 'freakishly accurate' description of who you are.Curious how accurate we are about you? Take the test and find out.

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DuoTone Master by Tek ŞekerDuoTone Master

Rated 3.67(3) — Tek Şeker

In this app you can add filter to your images more than 120+ duotone effects.Choose photo, apply effect and save!Its like Photoshop Duotone effects!

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My Horoscope Character by Tek ŞekerMy Horoscope Character

Rated 3.35(46) — Tek Şeker

♈ Aries♉ Taurus♊ Gemini♋ Cancer♌ Leo♍ Virgo♎ Libra♏ Scorpio♐ Sagittarius♑ Capricorn♒ Aquarius♓ PiscesShare your horoscopes character with friends on your favorite social networks.

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Sneaky Colors - Eye Test by Tek ŞekerSneaky Colors - Eye Test

Rated 4.00(15) — Tek Şeker

The game is pretty simple; touch on the tile has different color than the others. Let's see if you can make to top of the list in 60 seconds!But wait, you lose when you make 3 mistakes. Good Luck!

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Which Animal Are You? by Tek ŞekerWhich Animal Are You?

Rated 4.19(10,554) — Tek Şeker

If you want to learn which animal you are, use this test to analyze your character and see your nearest animal!

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