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Air Attack Invasion - Modern Aircraft Combat War by The Apps TreasureAir Attack Invasion - Modern Aircraft Combat War

Rated 4.33(3) — The Apps Treasure

Get ready for the ultimate battle of sky forces. It's the beginning of a new era. Defeat the enemies of your country in the air attack invasion. In the skies give your best and kill all the enemies before they kill you. This is a total warfare jet shootin

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City Bank Heist Squad - Police Mafia Robbery Game by The Apps TreasureCity Bank Heist Squad - Police Mafia Robbery Game

Rated 3.75(36) — The Apps Treasure

It is the start of the year and all the banks of the city are busy planning year 2018. Huge loads of cash are being transported from banks to the main city bank. The local mafia king saw this opportunity to score big and is planning to heist the cash...

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Crazy Bus Shooting Simulator by The Apps TreasureCrazy Bus Shooting Simulator

Rated 3.70(23) — The Apps Treasure

Introduction:Test your driving skills in a hostile environment as you take the steering of the tourist bus which is being shoot down by the criminals surrounding the entire city. You have to take the wheel and drive through the streets all around the...

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Highway Traffic Motorcycle Rider - Moto Bike Race by The Apps TreasureHighway Traffic Motorcycle Rider - Moto Bike Race

Rated 4.27(15) — The Apps Treasure

Become the ultimate bike rider in this epic motorcycle riding racing game. Race through cars and heavy traffic on smooth highway road. Maneuver through cars and trucks in first person bike riding game. Enjoy different weathers and time of days, ride...

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Military Transporter Truck by The Apps TreasureMilitary Transporter Truck

Rated 3.88(17) — The Apps Treasure

Riots are on the rise. The country is under imminent threat of a massive outbreak from terrorists and external forces. The nation’s military forces are falling short of defending and eliminating the riots, so it’s up to you to aid the military in...

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Offroad Construction City Sim by The Apps TreasureOffroad Construction City Sim

Rated 3.53(88) — The Apps Treasure

Vrom Vrom! It's a time to build a city with real simulation of city construction builder Forklift, Road Roller and Cement truck offroad truck drive. So put your driving skills into a show of constructor and drive a real mega machine throughout the city...

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Spaceship Wars Scifi Adventure by The Apps TreasureSpaceship Wars Scifi Adventure

Rated 3.59(347) — The Apps Treasure

Year 3208, humans conquered the aerospace galaxies a long time ago, but as expected, we were not alone. Another race, the Quorks, are threatening the human race, and we are at the edge of extinction. It’s time to fight for survival once again! Join...

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Air Fighter Gunner Storm by The Apps TreasureAir Fighter Gunner Storm

Rated 3.87(4,489) — The Apps Treasure

Gun down enemy jets with your expertise at anti-aircraft gun. Using the ground air-gunner, your mission parameter is to shoot down Euro fighter and F16 fighter jet as they hover over the sky. In this FPS extraordinaire game, the enemy planes are moving...

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Clash F18 vs F16 Battle Hero by The Apps TreasureClash F18 vs F16 Battle Hero

Rated 4.13(16) — The Apps Treasure

You are never a true soldier if you haven’t been to a war. This time round the war is coming towards our fighter F16 battle hero and he is angry war pilot. Angry pilot clash with the enemy while going behind the enemy lines and show them what you are...

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Fortress Sniper - Nuclear 3D by The Apps TreasureFortress Sniper - Nuclear 3D

Rated 3.78(133) — The Apps Treasure

Your country is under pressure of imminent nuclear war. You are the shooter who can wipe out the country from enemy forces and become a legendary hero of your territory. Let's take action and shoot all enemies from frontline Fortress Sniper commando...

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Hot Cars Super Street Racing by The Apps TreasureHot Cars Super Street Racing

Rated 4.01(130) — The Apps Treasure

Get back into the world of high octane car racing, as you take over the local streets to prove your skills as the ultimate driver of fast and furious cars, in challenging tracks and against the toughest opponents. Enjoy breathtaking graphics, merged...

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Modern Throne Clash War by The Apps TreasureModern Throne Clash War

Rated 3.91(116) — The Apps Treasure

Hanberg is a modern day prince and the rightful heir to the throne, until one day his own brother betrayed him and put him behind bars in a false verdict of killing his father. Hell bent on revenge, Hanberg has to make the greatest escape from the royal..

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Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter by The Apps TreasureSniper Duty Rampage Shooter

Rated 3.92(2,975) — The Apps Treasure

This is the tale of time when rampage has taken a turn into your direction to brace yourself into a trained Sniper shooter committed to the War Attack only!Kris Kyle, Shooter is your talent which makes you to stand among top Sniper assassins of US militar

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Thug Moto Riders 3D - 2016 by The Apps TreasureThug Moto Riders 3D - 2016

Rated 3.93(83) — The Apps Treasure

In fast endless track, speed the racing bike and drive in traffic and defeat motobikers while crashing coche riders Pump up the engine like caballo and get on the race endless speed track. It’s time to heat up the competition in the world of extreme...

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