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Tibetan eBooks published 15 applications on Google Play, 259 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.20!

Buddhism and Modern Science by Tibetan eBooksBuddhism and Modern Science

Rated 3.50(4) — Tibetan eBooks

Buddhism and Modern Science eBook in Tibetan Language only

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Gangjong Tsigzhod Chenmo by Tibetan eBooksGangjong Tsigzhod Chenmo

Rated 4.00(1) — Tibetan eBooks

Gangjong Tsigzhod Chenmo is a Tibetan Dictionary App that offers the most complete Tibetan dictionary ever created. It contains over 7,000 page of content and the chapters are organized according to the Tibetan alphabet for easy navigation.

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Listen & Learn Tibetan by Tibetan eBooksListen & Learn Tibetan

Rated 3.95(44) — Tibetan eBooks

Listen & Learn Tibetan Alphabet App is a very colorful and easy way to introduce the Tibetan Alphabet to children and adults.

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Tibetan and Chinese Dictionary by Tibetan eBooksTibetan and Chinese Dictionary

Rated 4.60(5) — Tibetan eBooks

This is the most used and complete Tibetan and Chinese Dictionary in the world!

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Tibetan Daily Essentials by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Daily Essentials

Rated 4.09(44) — Tibetan eBooks

A Tibetan Essentials app gives you a lots of useful Daily Dharma prayer texts including followings.• Tibetan Buddhist Daily Dharma Prayers.• 21 Tara Prayer• Guru Rinpoche Prayers• List of the Tibetan Rollers.• About Tibetan New Year• Tibetan...

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Tibetan eBook Dictionary II by Tibetan eBooksTibetan eBook Dictionary II

Rated 4.13(15) — Tibetan eBooks

Chines Tibetan English Illustrated Dictionary of New Daily Vocabulary eBook App

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Tibetan English Chinese Vocabulary Lite by Tibetan eBooksTibetan English Chinese Vocabulary Lite

Rated 5.00(1) — Tibetan eBooks

With this App, you will be able to easily learn Tibetan, English and Chinese vocabulary words from a native speaker. Everything is logically organized by categories, so it is very easy to navigate. This app is a great resource for those who want to learn.

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Tibetan Music Station by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Music Station

Rated 4.00(36) — Tibetan eBooks

Tibetan Music Station app has the best Tibetan Songs and it’s free!

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Chopa Kabum Tibetan eBook by Tibetan eBooksChopa Kabum Tibetan eBook

Rated 4.43(7) — Tibetan eBooks

The Drikung Chopa Kabum eBook is accumulated teachings of the Drikung Ratnashri. Also you can download it from Tibetan eBooks website.

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Learn Tibetan Video Lessons by Tibetan eBooksLearn Tibetan Video Lessons

Rated 3.95(20) — Tibetan eBooks

In “Learn Tibetan Video Lessons”, Introduces the basic Tibetan alphabet of consonants, vowels, superscribed, subjoined, prefix, suffix and post-suffix letters. Each lesson has its own video which along with animation has examples of speaking letters...

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Tibetan Alphabet App by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Alphabet App

Rated 3.88(8) — Tibetan eBooks

With this App you will be able to easily learn the 30 basic consonants of the Tibet language as spoken by a native speaker. Once downloaded, this App can be used without an internet connection.

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Tibetan Connect by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Connect

Rated 4.40(5) — Tibetan eBooks

The Tibetan Connect App is designed with you in mind! We have organized and categorized over 100 sites so you can spend your time enjoying the internet instead of searching the internet! All you need is the Tibetan Connect App where you will see all...

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Tibetan Dictionary eBooks by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Dictionary eBooks

Rated 3.86(50) — Tibetan eBooks

Five Tibetan and Tibetan English Dictionary Books are in a single App. Most of the Books are in Tibetan Lounge only.

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Tibetan eBook Dictionary I by Tibetan eBooksTibetan eBook Dictionary I

Rated 4.73(11) — Tibetan eBooks

Chines Tibetan English Illustrated Dictionary of New Daily Vocabulary eBook first edition App

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Tibetan Latest News by Tibetan eBooksTibetan Latest News

Rated 4.50(8) — Tibetan eBooks

This “Tibetan Latest News” app will keep you up to date with the news of the Tibetan world. The VOA (Voice of America Tibetan, Radio Free Asia Tibetan, Voice of Tibet, and Tibetan Online TV broadcasts will update automatically for your convenience

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