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Tydecon Games published 7 applications on Google Play, 104 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.85!

Anomaly by Tydecon GamesAnomaly

Rated 5.00(3) — Tydecon Games

A set of numbers will appear in the grid, all of these numbers are repeated, apart from one. The anomaly!Can you spot the anomaly before time is up? Play in three different modes and train your photographic memory!In these three different game modes...

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Mind Blank by Tydecon GamesMind Blank

Rated 5.00(4) — Tydecon Games

A Tricky and Quirky Unique Quiz-style game - Can you complete the list or will you get a mind blank?With 98 lists over 4 categories to choose from, pick a list and try and name as many items in the list as you can - from countries to TV characters, from..

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Safe Cracker by Tydecon GamesSafe Cracker

Rated 4.23(26) — Tydecon Games

Reminiscent of the old "Mastermind" game - can you unlock the safe? Use logic to decipher the code either in a quick game or unlock as many as you can in the timed mode.Try to unlock as many as you can or unlock a safe as quickly as you can or in as...

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Stacked Up by Tydecon GamesStacked Up

Rated 4.82(11) — Tydecon Games

Try to stack the blocks perfectly on top of each other in this retro-themed arcade game!Remember the game you'd find in arcades? Inspired by the original stacker games - this retro game comes with three modes:Arcade - Start slow, build tall and don't...

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Lucky Devil by Tydecon GamesLucky Devil

Rated 5.00(12) — Tydecon Games

A game of cards, risk and nerve - you're dealt with 20 cards and one of these cards is the infamous "Devil Card" - bet on the card you turn over and rack up your winnings, but if you find that sneaky Devil hiding in among your cards then you'll leave...

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Oh My Word by Tydecon GamesOh My Word

Rated 5.00(10) — Tydecon Games

Oh My Word is an entertaining word puzzle game - find words! As many words as you can, in the grid, as quickly as possible to rack up the best score.Two game modes give you a variety of ways to play - if you're in a rush, try a quick game in "Timed Mode".

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Slidey Slidey Penguins by Tydecon GamesSlidey Slidey Penguins

Rated 4.92(38) — Tydecon Games

The ice rink has been closed down due to an invasion of PENGUINS!Slide these creatures to safety by collecting the fish tokens, opening the exit and avoid the obstacles along the way as you play through 50 levels and 20 challenges over three challenging..

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