Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

Vladyslav Pohrebniakov published 6 applications on Google Play, 196 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.63!

Depressing Thoughts by Vladyslav PohrebniakovDepressing Thoughts

Rated 4.83(23) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

This is humor (black humor) app that let's you read depressing thoughts and laugh at them... or don't

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Motivated — Motivational & Inspirational Quotes by Vladyslav PohrebniakovMotivated — Motivational & Inspirational Quotes

Rated 4.59(27) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

There comes situations in life where we need to be self motivated. This app lets you read motivational quotes and thoughts that may inspire you. This app shows you daily positive and inspirational quotes that will provide you motivation and advice. Get...

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txtpad — Notepad by Vladyslav Pohrebniakovtxtpad — Notepad

Rated 4.58(12) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

txtpad is a convenient and simple notepad that lets you create .txt files. There is nothing superfluous, just create and edit notes.In the application there is ability to change the text font* and its size for easy reading. Also you can switch to dark...

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Material Tic Tac Toe by Vladyslav PohrebniakovMaterial Tic Tac Toe

Rated 4.30(92) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

Play Tic Tac Toe game with beautiful clean design on your Android phone. You can play with your friend or with computer.Features:- Two game modes (Player vs Player and Player vs Computer)- You can change color theme, so it looks fancy- Minimalistic flat..

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PlayUA — Про ігри та кіно by Vladyslav PohrebniakovPlayUA — Про ігри та кіно

Rated 4.91(33) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

Із цим застосунком Ви матимете легкий доступ до playua.net всюди. Новини ігрової та кіноіндустрії, авторські статті та багато іншого.Наразі Ви...

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СЛВНК — тлумачний словник by Vladyslav PohrebniakovСЛВНК — тлумачний словник

Rated 4.56(9) — Vladyslav Pohrebniakov

СЛВНК — це неофіційний застосунок для сайту sum.in.ua, що у свою чергу надає онлайн доступ до одинадцятитомного «Словника української мови»...

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