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Beautiful Girl Live Wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneBeautiful Girl Live Wallpaper

Rated 3.96(77) — vlifepaperzone

Chasing the gentle wind with her favorite white dress, she feels the fresh breath of the grass and earth. Everything sad is forgotten, and everything seems new… White dress, gentle breeze and green meadow, all for the girl’s future dream…

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Beauty Stickers Live Wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneBeauty Stickers Live Wallpaper

Rated 3.68(260) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesIn the cute competition I am NO.1. Confidence is my best makeup.Touch screen it will appear flickering star lights. Click the lovely rabbit it can sway.Click the I LOVE YOU ai the bottom it will appear pretty effects. There are lovely...

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Blue live walllpaper by vlifepaperzoneBlue live walllpaper

Rated 3.50(8) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesLive moon genie generated from blue flame in this live wallpaper. Tap on her, she will show you pretty flying dance.

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Cool Love live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneCool Love live wallpaper

Rated 3.84(117) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesFlashing lines describe the most beautiful mood of love. Let’s fly freely in the fantasy world with shining light. Flowers and butterflies interweave colorful dream together.Touch the screen it will appear flying flowers.

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Drift Bottle live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneDrift Bottle live wallpaper

Rated 3.65(241) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesDrift Bottle, a music live wallpaper. Just a tap, the cork pops and the piano music floats outside.

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Fireworks live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneFireworks live wallpaper

Rated 3.63(87) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesBlue night, quiet and romatic. Just a tap, firework bloom in the sky.

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Freedom live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneFreedom live wallpaper

Rated 3.76(29) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesThe wind puffs away the seeds of the dandelion, lets them free. Just one tap, you could also free them on your screen.

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Hot Spring Festival LWP by vlifepaperzoneHot Spring Festival LWP

Rated 3.82(74) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesPresent your happy and prosperous new year now via this live wallpaper! Golds turn into fortune gods with big red packets for U! Click more, coins more!

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Love in Sky live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneLove in Sky live wallpaper

Rated 3.79(105) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesUse clouds to write love in the clear sky, that’s my unique compression. Just tap the heart cloud, you will find the heart is beating. The clouds below are also live.

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Moon&Wolf live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneMoon&Wolf live wallpaper

Rated 3.79(224) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesQuiet night, full moon, wolf king, what will happen? Just touch the wolf, you will hear wolf howl clear and see wolves’ figures.

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Beauty and Piano LWP by vlifepaperzoneBeauty and Piano LWP

Rated 4.14(111) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesFantasy music is played by your wallpaper? Just tap on screen and let the piano girl read your mind with her pretty melody...

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Black and White live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneBlack and White live wallpaper

Rated 3.90(79) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesThis simple picture shows the romantic love and commitment

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Bottle of Love live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneBottle of Love live wallpaper

Rated 3.63(183) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesBottle love, brings you a pleasant creamy visual experience. Tap the screen, lovely heart will blow out.

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Dating Tree live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneDating Tree live wallpaper

Rated 3.75(28) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesColorful night and two cats are dating sweetly! Tap the tree and the branch will swing.

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Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneEiffel Tower Live Wallpaper

Rated 3.82(185) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesThe setting sun, river and Eiffel Tower show French romance.The flying sakura give you aesthetic experience through time and space .Touch screen it will appear flying pink cherry blossoms.

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Forever Love live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneForever Love live wallpaper

Rated 3.84(146) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesLonely lonely heart is sealed in crystal bowl. Set it free by tapping your mobile screen!Flying little flaming hearts break the dark instantly.

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Giraffe Stickers LiveWallpaper by vlifepaperzoneGiraffe Stickers LiveWallpaper

Rated 4.24(17) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesFresh green cartoon background, giraffe and cow, blinking cloud and moving small wings accompany me through a happy childhood.!

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Little Love LWP by vlifepaperzoneLittle Love LWP

Rated 3.72(112) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesA little love, little kiss; A little hug, little gift; You show me what is deep as sea! You make me cry, make me smile, make me feel that little love is true!

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Lucky Clover LWP by vlifepaperzoneLucky Clover LWP

Rated 3.83(87) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesTap on the shining clover and love hearts fly around.

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Mr. Egg Family live wallpaper by vlifepaperzoneMr. Egg Family live wallpaper

Rated 3.68(272) — vlifepaperzone

■Main FeaturesRich facial expressions, funny actions, that is Mr. Egg family live wallpaper. Just a tap, little lovely naughty egg appears.

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