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Hydrogen Atom Orbitals by VoladdHydrogen Atom Orbitals

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The electron orbitals of the hydrogen atom describe the wave-like behavior of an electron in atom and they determine the probability to find it in a particular space region. Mathematically the orbitals are determined by the hydrogen atom wave functions...

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Quantum Harmonic Oscillator by VoladdQuantum Harmonic Oscillator

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Quantum harmonic oscillator is one of the few quantum mechanical systems for which an exact, analytic solution is known. It is especially useful because arbitrary potential can be approximated by a harmonic potential in the vicinity of the equilibrium...

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Pendulum Studio by VoladdPendulum Studio

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Simulate the motion of nine different pendulum systems in real time on your phone. Use the simulation as a live wallpaper.Included systems:1) Mathematical pendulum (2D): the simplest pendulum.2) Pendulum wave effect (3D): when multiple pendulums are...

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