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Bouncing Bub by WizGenX Games StudioBouncing Bub

Rated 0.00(0) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ Its a perfect game to hang on .++ If you are a fun loving person then you will get addicted to this game in no time.++ All of this game is to bounce the balls back with out fail .++ As this game increases your concentration power.++ While playing...

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Cradle of Kings by WizGenX Games StudioCradle of Kings

Rated 3.27(274) — WizGenX Games Studio

Cradle Of Kings is a 3 matching game with all new design and game play.++ You can find all new different game booster with more than 250 levels.++ There are more tricky matching need to be done for for reaching the targets.++ Here you can find all new...

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Dreadful Ninja by WizGenX Games StudioDreadful Ninja

Rated 4.50(2) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ A ninja will be always passionated about the adventures.++ In Dreadful ninja he has to escape from the thrones coming by his way.++ You can feel the amazing multi tasking by choosing the different levels.++ You have to save each ninja by your quick...

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Gutsy Ninja by WizGenX Games StudioGutsy Ninja

Rated 2.00(2) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ A real ninja will always love to do adventures.++ In gutsy ninja, using the spring he will hop onto the towers with out falling down.++ The height of the spring plays the major roll, it should not exceed the distance between the two towers if so the...

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Moggie & Doggy Maze by WizGenX Games StudioMoggie & Doggy Maze

Rated 2.67(3) — WizGenX Games Studio

Moggie and doggy is a maze game.These kind of games help reinforce logic, critical thinking, visualization, creativity, and fine motor skills.Moggie and doggy is a fun’tastic game and highly obsessive for all age groups.Moggie is a hungry kitten eating...

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Penguin - The Skyline Skater by WizGenX Games StudioPenguin - The Skyline Skater

Rated 3.50(2) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ Penguin - The Skyline Skater is very fascinated about skating.++ From one building top to the other using the lumber the baby penguin used to skate all the night.++ For energy he has to collect the food.++ The height of the plank plays the major roll..

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Supersonic Rider by WizGenX Games StudioSupersonic Rider

Rated 5.00(2) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ Supersonic rider is to start you jet and move on to score and collect coins.++ Have to jump over the obstacles, with out crashing the vehicles on road.++ You get score for overtaking the vehicle.++ More you collect the coins more you can play.++ Supers

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Bouncing Jelly by WizGenX Games StudioBouncing Jelly

Rated 1.00(1) — WizGenX Games Studio

The simple and cool design give you the marvelous feeling that you never had.++ In this bouncing Jelly,Jelly had to jump and escape from the falling boxes.++ Jelly need to collect the carrots for energy.++ The cute little Jelly will be jumping all over...

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Deathless Dash by WizGenX Games StudioDeathless Dash

Rated 0.00(0) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ Deathless dash will stole the hearts who loves fun.++ This game will become your favorite game with no time.++ Definitely you can’t sit your space while your enjoying this game.++ All you have to do is,run run jump.++ You need to cross the thorns...

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Frenzy Eggs by WizGenX Games StudioFrenzy Eggs

Rated 4.93(110) — WizGenX Games Studio

Are you highly fun loving person then frenzy eggs suits you the most.++ Frenzy Eggs is to save the biddy’s eggs.++ Collect all the eggs before they reach the ground and save them.++ incredible game with 200 levels.++ In all the levels you find different..

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Halloween candy thrust by WizGenX Games StudioHalloween candy thrust

Rated 0.00(0) — WizGenX Games Studio

Nothing is as sweet as candy.Every one likes the candy you are also not an exception .++ Once you play this you cant resist your self, surely will get edict to this game.++ Catching candies in jack-o'-lantern will gives you more amusement.more candies...

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Ninja Fruit Blaster by WizGenX Games StudioNinja Fruit Blaster

Rated 5.00(1) — WizGenX Games Studio

Play ninjas fruit blaster like never before.Here is our ninja collecting fruits and escaping from enemies++ As he collects more fruits he score more and also get power ups.++ It is easy to play and entertaining for all age groups.++ The objective of...

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Sky Creeper by WizGenX Games StudioSky Creeper

Rated 4.00(4) — WizGenX Games Studio

++ will take you back to your childhood memories playing with building blocks. ++ This game will increase you concentration and sharpness.As it sounds,it is very easy to play.++ Background sounds make you lively.++ Your task is to load the cargos into...

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The Magical Fairy Blitz by WizGenX Games StudioThe Magical Fairy Blitz

Rated 3.26(43) — WizGenX Games Studio

The Magical fairy Blitz is now from the makers of Halloween Candy Mania.This is a magical land with cute little creatures.All you have to do is to match them and unlock the levels to find the magical fairy princess up in the castle. Only after unlocking..

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