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Aarti Audio with Lyrics by WizitechAarti Audio with Lyrics

Rated 4.35(178) — Wizitech

Aarti Audio is collection on Gujarati aarti of God and Goddess with Audio and Lyrics.1. Swaminarayana Aarti2. Ganesha Aarti3. Rama Aarti4. Hanuman Aarti5. Gayatriji Aarti6. Maa Ambe Aarti7. Dasha Maa Aarti8. Shiv Aarti9. Krishna Aarti10. Ramdevpir Aarti11

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Aarti in Gujarati by WizitechAarti in Gujarati

Rated 4.29(137) — Wizitech

Gujarati Aarti is a collection of 16 Most useful Aarti of Hindu God and Godess in Gujarati.1) Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva (Shree Ganesh Aarti)2) Sukh Harta Dukh Harta (Shree Ganesh Aarti Marathi)3) Jai Laxmi Ramna (Shree Satyanarayana Aarti)4) OM Jai...

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Abdul Kalam Quotes by WizitechAbdul Kalam Quotes

Rated 4.53(205) — Wizitech

Brilliant Quotes by DR. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.There is use in daily life to motivate our passion or goal of life.

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All God Mantra by WizitechAll God Mantra

Rated 4.42(467) — Wizitech

All God Mantra app is for all religious people who want all gods mantras at a single placeMantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.A statement that is frequently repeated; a characteristic formula or refrain.Mantra jaap with..

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Baal Geet in Gujarati by WizitechBaal Geet in Gujarati

Rated 4.14(239) — Wizitech

Baal Geet in Gujarati provides Gujarati Child Songs for children's.These will be recalled our childhood memory.With these songs are provided,1. Varta re varta2. Adko dadko dahi daduko3. Ek bildi jaadi4. Mama nu ghar ketle5. Khushi6. Chaki ben Chaliben7...

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Baby Sounds, Calls & Ringtones by WizitechBaby Sounds, Calls & Ringtones

Rated 3.81(26) — Wizitech

Baby sounds is best for rest therapy.It will help you to playing with baby and and stopping them to crying,There Are Many Different Sound of baby. such that,1. Laughing2. Fart3. Singing4. Crying5. Babbling6. Raspberry7. Cough8. Anger9. Screamand many...

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Bhagvad Gita Shlok With Audio by WizitechBhagvad Gita Shlok With Audio

Rated 4.49(223) — Wizitech

Bhagavad Gita Shloks In Hindi Meaning With AudioBhagavad Gita, is a part of the 5th Veda (written by Vedavyasa - Indian saint) and Indian Epic - Mahabharata. It was narrated for the first time in the battle of Kurukshetra, by Lord Krishna to Arjun.This...

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Bhajan With Audio by WizitechBhajan With Audio

Rated 4.33(921) — Wizitech

Play and Read Ancient famous Gujarati Bhajan with Audio and Lyrics.Bhajans are :★ Vijli na chamkare motida★ He manav vishvas kari le★ Meru to dage pan jena★ Sonane lage kyathi kat,★ Ekla j avya manava★ Rangai jane rang ma★ Jagne jadwa krushna★...

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Brahmacharya (Yovan) Guide by WizitechBrahmacharya (Yovan) Guide

Rated 4.41(850) — Wizitech

In the broad sense it means control of the senses or indriyas. More specifically it refers to celibacy or chastity.Brachmacharya is considered one of the cornerstones of a serious yoga practice. The conservation of energy that comes from practicing celiba

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Chalisa in Hindi by WizitechChalisa in Hindi

Rated 4.63(19) — Wizitech

Hindi Chalisa is a collection of 15 Most useful Chalisa's in Indian Festivals, Puja and other Funtions in Hindi.This application comes with a unique user interface where user can see and select the Chalisa which is wishes to see.No need to download differ

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Aarti Dish Decoration by WizitechAarti Dish Decoration

Rated 5.00(1) — Wizitech

Best And Innovative Design Of Aarti Dish For Your Upcoming Festivals. Decorative Aarti Dish Design is Unique and First app In plays store For make Your Devotional Festivals More Peaceful.**press and hold few seconds on any design that you want to share...

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Aarti Sangrah (Audio) by WizitechAarti Sangrah (Audio)

Rated 4.32(2,539) — Wizitech

Aarti Sangrah is a collection of 20 Most useful Aarti of Hindu Gods and Goddess in Hindi with Audio.1) Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva (Shree Ganesha Aarti)2) OM Jai Jagdish Hare (Shree Vishnu Aarti)3) Aarti Ki Je Hanuman Lala ki (Shree Hanuman Aarti)4) Jai...

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Akbar Birbal Varta in Gujarati by WizitechAkbar Birbal Varta in Gujarati

Rated 4.36(267) — Wizitech

This application provides Gujarati Akbar Birbal Stories.These will be recalled our childhood memory.Some Stories will same there is most of child listen from his/her Grand Parents.Also some stories will be watches on TV's.With these Stories are provided,1

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Ayurvedic Tips by WizitechAyurvedic Tips

Rated 4.30(50) — Wizitech

Today we all are Busy with Daily Schedule and so the we don't care about health and food.This is antibiotic tread for fast relief and fast actio for health. but we are going to shows some Ayurvedic food and medicines for better health.ayurved is for...

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Baal Varta in Gujarati by WizitechBaal Varta in Gujarati

Rated 4.45(295) — Wizitech

This application provides Gujarati Stories for children's.These will be recalled our childhood memory.Some Stories will same there is most of child listen from his/her Grand Parents.With these Stories are provided,1. Kabar Ane Kagdo2. Sassa Rana Sakariya3

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Beauty Tips by WizitechBeauty Tips

Rated 3.65(20) — Wizitech

This Application Describes Beauty tips for Woman.There are many tips are provides in this application Such as,1. Face Beauty Tips2. Healthy Hair Tips3. Make up Tips4. Improve Make up and Remove Make up TipsAlso We will describe tips for how to remove...

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Bhajan Sandhya In Hindi by WizitechBhajan Sandhya In Hindi

Rated 4.14(128) — Wizitech

Bhajan Sandhya is collection of Bhajans in Hindi.For Bhajans lover Wizi technologies lunches its best application with wide list of Bhajans in hindi.This amazing apps is provide functions of :1> Read the lyrics of Great Hindi Bhajans with bulk of lists.2>

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Bird Calls And Ringtones by WizitechBird Calls And Ringtones

Rated 4.26(121) — Wizitech

Forest birds sounds is best for relaxation, rest, and therapy. It will help you while doing yoga exercises, sport workout or singing lullaby for baby.enjoy the sounds of nature! and listen the sound of best birds.There Are Total 33 Sound of different...

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Cake And Sandwich recipes by WizitechCake And Sandwich recipes

Rated 4.10(579) — Wizitech

Cooking for the best and most delicious Baking/Dessert Recipes.There is very useful application that describes recipes with ingredient and making process.This incredible Baking Recipe app has all the Baking recipes you will need.Here's just a little...

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Chalisa Sangrah in Gujarati by WizitechChalisa Sangrah in Gujarati

Rated 4.62(135) — Wizitech

Gujarati Chalisa is a collection of 12 Most useful Chalisa's in Indian Festivals, Puja and other Functions in Gujarati.This application comes with a unique user interface where user can see and select the Chalisa which is wishes to see.No need to download

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