Xieg published 4 applications on Google Play, 1,499 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.54!

Mathematica by XiegMathematica

Rated 4.00(6) — Xieg

★★★ Math Freak is a remake of another popular Math game ★★★The rules are simple! You only have 1 second to choose correct answer!Add or subtract?! Your choice!It's hard and challenging! No room for errors!★★★ The app is light and uses...

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Phone Hacker Prank by XiegPhone Hacker Prank

Rated 3.51(1,473) — Xieg

Phone Hacker Prank is a fun simulator application simulating process of hacking someone's device. After choosing a phone number from your contact list, it pretends to connect to the target device and then show 'the victims' phone data. The data is shown..

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Memory Age by XiegMemory Age

Rated 3.88(8) — Xieg

This is a simple memory test. It allows you to check your estimated memory performance.You will have to memorize sequences of numbers and tap them in the correct order. That's it!The better you do, the harder it will get. Each level there will be more...

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Tip Tap Toe by XiegTip Tap Toe

Rated 2.75(12) — Xieg

Tip Tap Toe is a simple arcade game, all about tapping tiles as fast as possible.There are 3 basic rules:- tap the darkest tile only- the other two tiles show where the darkest tile will be next- don't tap the white space (background)There are 4 modes...

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