YuTech-51 published 3 applications on Google Play, 74 people rated these apps with an average rating of 2.59!

Ashley the Chatbot by YuTech-51Ashley the Chatbot

Rated 0.00(0) — YuTech-51

Ashley is an artificial intelligence chatterbot or chatbot. Ashely detects your voice automatically and speaks back to you. No need for key presses. Feeling lonely? Non-native English speaker? Come speak to Ashley.

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Multi-Language Chinese Chess by YuTech-51Multi-Language Chinese Chess

Rated 3.62(13) — YuTech-51

Play Chinese Chess (象棋, XiangQi) with either English or Chinese chess pieces. This is the first release so expect new features as they are developed. Feel free however, to contact the developer for any feature requests, bug reports or artifical intelligen

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Chess Puzzles by YuTech-51Chess Puzzles

Rated 4.16(61) — YuTech-51

A collection of over 1000 interesting chess puzzles for the keen chess student. Full solutions given and an embedded chess engine allows you to try every possible game play.

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