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Battery Temperature(C) by oxdb.netBattery Temperature(C)

Rated 3.57(685) — oxdb.net

View the battery temperature in Celsius (for the low accuracy device). With the switch for the high accuracy device.

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Birthday Calculator by oxdb.netBirthday Calculator

Rated 3.66(194) — oxdb.net

Enter the birthday to see the day of the week, constellation, age and the next birthday countdown.

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Bluetooth ON/OFF status bar by oxdb.netBluetooth ON/OFF status bar

Rated 5.00(1) — oxdb.net

Switch and display the Bluetooth status in the status bar.

Brightness Flashlight by oxdb.netBrightness Flashlight

Rated 4.17(624) — oxdb.net

Maximum brightness and do not sleep flashlight.

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Calculate Calories Per Day by oxdb.netCalculate Calories Per Day

Rated 2.36(33) — oxdb.net

Calculate calories from stature and occupation.

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Calculate The Number of Days by oxdb.netCalculate The Number of Days

Rated 2.39(76) — oxdb.net

Calculate the number of days between the start and the end date. Calculate the end date from the start date and the days.

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Calorie intake recorder by oxdb.netCalorie intake recorder

Rated 2.93(15) — oxdb.net

Management for amount of calories.Set target and grasp average and achievement.

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Celsius Thermometer by oxdb.netCelsius Thermometer

Rated 3.45(1,446) — oxdb.net

View the temperature sensor or the battery temperature in Celsius. The Celsius to the Fahrenheit converter. The high accuracy and the low accuracy switch.

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Clipboard Editors by oxdb.netClipboard Editors

Rated 3.72(153) — oxdb.net

Output the clipboard to text. Save the text to the clipboard.

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Compass only the East by oxdb.netCompass only the East

Rated 3.48(23) — oxdb.net

The maximum compass indicating the East.Do not sleep. maximum brightness by tapping.

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Battery temperature(F) by oxdb.netBattery temperature(F)

Rated 3.42(26) — oxdb.net

View battery temperature in Fahrenheit (for low accuracy).

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Blood Pressure Graph by oxdb.netBlood Pressure Graph

Rated 3.33(39) — oxdb.net

Diastolic and Systolic blood pressure Graph.

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BMI chart calendar by oxdb.netBMI chart calendar

Rated 1.60(5) — oxdb.net

Check goals of BMI and the graph.

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Browser with Calc by oxdb.netBrowser with Calc

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

The web browser with a simple calculator. You can calculate while browsing.

Calculate Days and Notes by oxdb.netCalculate Days and Notes

Rated 3.00(2) — oxdb.net

The days calculations of the specified dates. With notes function.

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Calculation history by oxdb.netCalculation history

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

The results of the calculator saved with a notes.

Celsius latitude longitude by oxdb.netCelsius latitude longitude

Rated 3.08(26) — oxdb.net

Displays the Celsius-degree of the latitude and the longitude. (Except for some areas)

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Change All Volumes by oxdb.netChange All Volumes

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

Change the volumes at once. Application ends with volume changes. (music, video, games, other media, ringtone, notifications and alarms)

Clipboard Email by oxdb.netClipboard Email

Rated 3.70(23) — oxdb.net

Email the contents of a clipboard.

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Compass only the North by oxdb.netCompass only the North

Rated 3.60(133) — oxdb.net

The maximum compass indicating the North.Do not sleep. maximum brightness by tapping.

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