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Openwrt on Android by DroiterOpenwrt on Android

Rated 4.09(45) — Droiter

Prerequisites:1. Android 4.0 and above2. ARM CPU3. You phone must be rooted.One look is worth a thousand words:, aria2/yaaw, owncloud(port 9800), phpBB(port 58888), minidlna, samba, xunlei...

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NASremote by Pho'n'TabAppsNASremote

Rated 3.96(28) — Pho'n'TabApps

Remote app to control multiple NAS with the operating system NAS4Free.Version Range of functions2. Note3. Privacy Policy4. Disclaimer5: Changlog=Range of functions:- Configure multiple NAS- Language changeable (automatic/German/English)

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Automatic Call Recorder by Maha AppsAutomatic Call Recorder

Rated 5.00(11) — Maha Apps

Automatic call recorder is need of the hour. It is not only useful in personal life but also in business life. Nowadays when calls have become so cheap we get a lot of prank calls. Auto call recording enables us to record all incoming and outgoing phone..

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Japanese Full Keyboard For Tablet by RepyJapanese Full Keyboard For Tablet

Rated 3.72(1,085) — Repy

Official site Policy are accepted at the following sites: a Japanese input method..

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黃大仙靈籤 by ERHGL黃大仙靈籤

Rated 4.33(3) — ERHGL

黃大仙靈籤本軟件是按照黃大仙靈籤所設計的App.功能包括:- 本日運程- 本月運程- 求籤記錄- 求籤分享功能 Wong Tai Sin Ling signThis software is signed in accordance with the spirit of Wong Tai Sin designed App.Features...

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車公靈籤 by ERHGL車公靈籤

Rated 5.00(1) — ERHGL

車公靈籤本軟件是按照車公靈籤所設計的App.功能包括:- 本日運程- 本月運程- 問事- 求籤記錄- 求籤分享功能 Che Kung Ling signThis software is signed in accordance with the spirit of Che Kung designed App.Features include:-...

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祝賀寶 by ERHGL祝賀寶

Rated 5.00(1) — ERHGL


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MyNotes by IlerBitMyNotes

Rated 0.00(0) — IlerBit

MyNotes is an application that allows you to create, edit and consult your notes quickly and effectively. Its simplicity makes it ideal for daily use through a mobile device.Record everything important that happens every day with MyNotes.

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Rated 0.00(0) — IlerBit

Turn your mobile into a useful flashlight, simple to use, for anyone to use without complication.

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Super Clock Widget by Us DroidSuper Clock Widget

Rated 4.31(687) — Us Droid

You are welcome to refund within 1x24 for any reasons. Guaranteed!Features:1. 3x3 and 2x2 widget.2. Teal Theme.3. Digital Clock / Calendar / Battery / Weather Information / Timezone / Alarm Clock.4. Shortcut to Alarm, Calendar, Battery Consumption and...

PocketScope by Lyudmila GrudinaPocketScope

Rated 0.00(0) — Lyudmila Grudina

Pocket Scope is a convenient application for measurement and visualization of experimental data acquired with Arduino type boards. You can design an experimental setup, connect the reference points to PINs on Arduino board, make appropriate modifications.

Lazy Mouse Pro ???? - PC Remote by Lazy Wireless MouseLazy Mouse Pro ???? - PC Remote

Rated 4.37(19) — Lazy Wireless Mouse

Lazy Mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a PC remote control or a laptop remote Including Remote Mouse, Remote Desktop, Camera Remote, Mouse and keyboard remote, PC file transfer, file explorer, screen mirroring, Flexible Computer Mouse, a...

Lazy Mouse ????- PC Remote & Remote Mouse by Lazy Wireless MouseLazy Mouse ????- PC Remote & Remote Mouse

Rated 4.18(460) — Lazy Wireless Mouse

Lazy Mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a PC remote control or a laptop remote Including Remote Mouse, Remote Desktop, Camera Remote, Mouse and keyboard remote, PC file transfer, file explorer, screen mirroring, Flexible Computer Mouse, a...

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Measure Threads with 3 wires by Trades Math CalculatorMeasure Threads with 3 wires

Rated 3.41(17) — Trades Math Calculator

Sometimes it is not possible to use a thread measuring micrometer to measure screw threads, so the measure over three wire method must be used.Use this application to quickly and easily do all the calculations required to measure ISO metric and UN 60...

SmartWifi by semlaSmartWifi

Rated 3.40(5) — semla

SmartWifi - Saving your battery Automatically enables/disables WIFI depending on your gps geo location. Saving both battery, mobile data bandwidth and minimizes unnecessary signal frequency when WIFI is not needed. Free version: • Possible to save...

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AndroIDentity by Alx Droid DevAndroIDentity

Rated 4.28(235) — Alx Droid Dev

New Features: * SafetyNet Attestation and Scan: Check your device for SafetyNet compliance and scan for potentially harmful software, in a 2-way validated and secure algorithm* Package Manager: Full featured package manager allows you to start/stop packag

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Battery Power Saver Junk Cleaner & CPU Cooler by Radon StudioBattery Power Saver Junk Cleaner & CPU Cooler

Rated 4.73(56) — Radon Studio

Get rid of all the performance issues like your android mobile is working slowly, its temperature reaches climax, battery is low, slow response. This app will not let your android cell phone memory get full, by cleaning all junk files and the files that..

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Searmon Security GPS by Machala GPSSearmon Security GPS

Rated 0.00(0) — Machala GPS

localizacion de flotas y monitoreo las 24h fleet tracking and monitoring 24h

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Screen Toolbox - Keep ON it by Go_comScreen Toolbox - Keep ON it

Rated 4.15(20) — Go_com

-- Screen Toolbox Features --Screen Filter : Use to make screen dimmer. Usages: as Bluelight filter, At night, Cinema. In the car at night, etc.Screen Keeper : Use to keep screen ON. Usages: Text reading, Web surfing, etc.Screen Saver : Use to protect...

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netTALK Setup (Unreleased) by netTALK Inc.netTALK Setup (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — netTALK Inc.

Use this free app to set-up your new netTALK ezLINQ to your home/office WiFi network using your iPhone/iPad device. //Benefits:No computer required - just use your iPhone or iPad to setup the ezLINQ Quickly connect your ezLINQ to your WiFi network using..

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App Of The Day

App of the day - Oct 23, 2014: Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail by Google LLCInbox by Gmail

Rated 4.23(392,198) — Google LLC

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.• HIGHLIGHTS...

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Audax - Icon Pack by kovdevAudax - Icon Pack

Rated 4.77(1,142) — kovdev

We've crafted a bold and colorful set that demands your attention. These icons deserve to be displayed as large as possible. With unique designs and a brilliant palette, your home screens will be treated to a whole new world of style. Harness the power...

Camera FV-5 by FGAECamera FV-5

Rated 3.79(15,997) — FGAE

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs...

Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames by VicMan LLCPhoto Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

Rated 4.50(1,318,917) — VicMan LLC

Photo Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 800 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters are here for you to enjoy. Make your image look creative...

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Foursquare City Guide by FoursquareFoursquare City Guide

Rated 4.07(480,391) — Foursquare

Foursquare City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot -- anywhere in the world. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you you've been and where you want to go, all in one place.Looking to check in or become

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