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Distortion guitar tuner by oxdb.netDistortion guitar tuner

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

6-string distortion guitar tuner.SD card root folder xge3.wav, .., xge5.wav

Dual Four Calculators by oxdb.netDual Four Calculators

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

Two input, calculate four simultaneously. Thousand separator calculator.

Easy BPM Counter by oxdb.netEasy BPM Counter

Rated 3.63(27) — oxdb.net

Tap the screen and displays the tempo. With the reset button.

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Easy Four Calculators by oxdb.netEasy Four Calculators

Rated 4.40(10) — oxdb.net

Keeping calculation history. Thousand separator calculator.

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Easy SD Image Viewer by oxdb.netEasy SD Image Viewer

Rated 2.50(62) — oxdb.net

Image files (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WEBP) in SD Card.

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Easy SD video player by oxdb.netEasy SD video player

Rated 3.41(584) — oxdb.net

Media files (3GP, MP4, TS) in SD card root folder. (device dependent)

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Easy SD Voice Recorder by oxdb.netEasy SD Voice Recorder

Rated 3.25(275) — oxdb.net

"EasyReco.amr" in SD card folder. (This is not AAC)

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Easy Set Seconds Timer by oxdb.netEasy Set Seconds Timer

Rated 4.29(14) — oxdb.net

The timer keeps the notes and the time in the seconds. With the vibration. The free app.

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Electric Rate Calculator by oxdb.netElectric Rate Calculator

Rated 3.59(56) — oxdb.net

The cost at hour and the time at cost.

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Expense management by oxdb.netExpense management

Rated 1.88(8) — oxdb.net

Simple personal finance with amount and note.

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Drinking History
Drinking History by oxdb.netDrinking History

Rated 1.67(3) — oxdb.net

Calculate and record of drinking alcohol.

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Easy BMI Calculator by oxdb.netEasy BMI Calculator

Rated 2.25(8) — oxdb.net

Enter the height and calculate the standard weight. Change the weight and calculate the body mass index (BMI).

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Easy Email Receiver by oxdb.netEasy Email Receiver

Rated 3.89(315) — oxdb.net

View the subject and the body of the emails.Extract the emails containing the keyword (optional).

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Easy Plural Web Browser by oxdb.netEasy Plural Web Browser

Rated 3.84(132) — oxdb.net

Reading all URLs at once and switching pages.

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Easy SD Music Player by oxdb.netEasy SD Music Player

Rated 3.49(296) — oxdb.net

Turn off screen lock. Music files in SD Card. Corresponding to 16 file extensions.

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Easy SD video player full by oxdb.netEasy SD video player full

Rated 1.00(1) — oxdb.net

Media files (3GP, MP4, TS, WEBM, MKV) in SD card root folder. (device dependent)

Easy Set Alarm by oxdb.netEasy Set Alarm

Rated 3.44(80) — oxdb.net

Easy to set alarm time. With notes function.

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Elapsed Time Notes by oxdb.netElapsed Time Notes

Rated 4.29(7) — oxdb.net

Display the elapsed time from the time you register a note.

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Every second on status bar by oxdb.netEvery second on status bar

Rated 1.00(1) — oxdb.net

Every second on the status bar (every 1 sec)

Fahrenheit thermometer by oxdb.netFahrenheit thermometer

Rated 3.47(38) — oxdb.net

View temperature sensor or battery temperature in Fahrenheit (for normal accuracy).

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