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Japanese volume conversion by oxdb.netJapanese volume conversion

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

合(gou), 升(shou), 斗(to) unit conversion (合⇔mL, 升⇔L, 斗⇔L)尺貫法(Japanese measuring system)

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Keyword Account Book by oxdb.netKeyword Account Book

Rated 4.47(15) — oxdb.net

Add the price and notes, calculate total.

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Listening and Speaking by oxdb.netListening and Speaking

Rated 3.28(29) — oxdb.net

Practice listening and pronunciation the English words of three letters.

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Map Altimeter (m / ft) by oxdb.netMap Altimeter (m / ft)

Rated 3.90(227) — oxdb.net

Display altitude (elevation) (meters / feet) on the map.

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Master Plan for Life by oxdb.netMaster Plan for Life

Rated 3.53(19) — oxdb.net

The 80 years yearly records, the plans from the birth.

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Minutes and Seconds Elapsed by oxdb.netMinutes and Seconds Elapsed

Rated 3.59(39) — oxdb.net

View the elapsed minutes and seconds. With the vibration function.

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Morse Code Input by oxdb.netMorse Code Input

Rated 2.40(40) — oxdb.net

Morse code input by tapping the screen (10 WPM). Only alphanumeric.

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Network Altimeter (m / ft) by oxdb.netNetwork Altimeter (m / ft)

Rated 3.74(117) — oxdb.net

Altitude (meter / feet) will be displayed measured by cell or WiFi.

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Oriental zodiac widget by oxdb.netOriental zodiac widget

Rated 3.67(12) — oxdb.net

Widget displays the zodiac of the year.

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Radiation Dose Calculator by oxdb.netRadiation Dose Calculator

Rated 3.81(57) — oxdb.net

Radiation dose(Sv) interconversion. Background radiation.

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Japanese weight conversion by oxdb.netJapanese weight conversion

Rated 3.67(3) — oxdb.net

匁(monme), 斤(kin), 貫(kan) unit conversion (匁⇔g, 斤⇔kg, 貫⇔kg)尺貫法(Japanese measuring system)

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Length Distance Converter by oxdb.netLength Distance Converter

Rated 3.73(52) — oxdb.net

The inches, feet, centimeters, yards, meters, miles and kilometers unit conversion.

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Lux Meter (Luminometer) by oxdb.netLux Meter (Luminometer)

Rated 2.75(352) — oxdb.net

The LightSensor Luminometer(Lux). The maximum brightness of the flashlight.

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Maracas / Shaker by oxdb.netMaracas / Shaker

Rated 2.69(13) — oxdb.net

Shake the phone at lateral direction. (with sensor sensitivity adjustment)

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Metronome Vibration by oxdb.netMetronome Vibration

Rated 3.13(70) — oxdb.net

You can change the value with input, plus button and minus button.

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Mobile Network Switch by oxdb.netMobile Network Switch

Rated 3.25(4) — oxdb.net

The data access over the mobile network will be enabled or disabled. (This is the application, this is not the widget.)

N / S Pole Determination by oxdb.netN / S Pole Determination

Rated 3.88(17) — oxdb.net

Determine N pole or S pole of the magnet.

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One Minute Interval Timer by oxdb.netOne Minute Interval Timer

Rated 3.68(133) — oxdb.net

The alarm sound every minute timer.

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Prepaid Balances by oxdb.netPrepaid Balances

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

The prepaid card payments balance management. Up to three.

Ratio Calculator by oxdb.netRatio Calculator

Rated 2.84(64) — oxdb.net

Calculate the ratio of the input value at the specified ratios.

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