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Anger of Stickman 23 by Starodymov gamesAnger of Stickman 23

Rated 4.67(6) — Starodymov games

Your friend was kidnapped on an unknown planet. You flew to this planet to find and rescue your friend Stick.You will have a whole store of different weapons, which you can buy with the money earned.You can shoot and fight with a crowd of zombies Stickman

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Dima rescues Ira by Starodymov gamesDima rescues Ira

Rated 4.30(2,959) — Starodymov games

Once upon Dima and Irina. Once Dmitry Starodymov and Ira Starodymova settled in the tourist lodge to the next day to explore the ancient castle and its surroundings, but the plan was not supposed to happen.At night, Dima is located in a warm house, Ira...

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Masha rescues grandma by Starodymov gamesMasha rescues grandma

Rated 4.40(9,386) — Starodymov games

Once there was Masha in the hut, which was located in the woods. One day Masha received a letter from her grandmother, where my grandmother invited her favorite granddaughter to visit for the cakes.You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventure...

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Stickman airport by Starodymov gamesStickman airport

Rated 4.26(367) — Starodymov games

You will play the Stickman character. Your task is to find all the ways to successfully escape from an airplane that is at the airport.A lot of options for defeat you have to bypass. Turn on the brain to correctly and logically choose the winning plot...

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Stickman jailbreak 3 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 3

Rated 3.87(31) — Starodymov games

You have to find all the ways to get out of prison.One day a supervisor brought you a loaf to the cell. In this loaf your relatives hid various objects. Choose the right object and leave the sinister territory of the prison.You will be disturbed by guards

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Stickman jailbreak 5 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 5

Rated 4.13(312) — Starodymov games

You have to play for the protagonist Stickman, who was put in jail. Your task is to find all ways to escape from prison. A lot of options for choosing an escape will make you think and enjoy a fun animation. Be careful with the choice, your life will...

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Stickman jailbreak 7 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 7

Rated 4.11(1,758) — Starodymov games

You will play the character Stickman. Your character was behind bars in the jailbreak cell.Your task is to find three successful ways to escape from jailbreak. You will be presented with ten different items in the parcel, which you can use to escape...

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Stickman jailbreak escape by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak escape

Rated 3.91(5,476) — Starodymov games

You need to help Stikmanu escape from prison.Many escape options will be granted to you, but only a few of them will be feasible.You will sit in solitary confinement, and the door you will guard the guard.Relatives gave you a watermelon, so you can escape

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Stickman: Shooting by Starodymov gamesStickman: Shooting

Rated 5.00(3) — Starodymov games

Welcome to the shooting range of Stickman! You will be given 60 seconds to shoot as many of the Stickman characters as possible. At the moment you can use 3 types of firearms. If the game will be in demand, then I will add new weapons and characters.Shoot

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Aqua fish by Starodymov gamesAqua fish

Rated 4.66(53) — Starodymov games

Welcome to the next colorful and exciting game from Dmitry Starodymov.You are waited by the amazing live, underwater world of Aqua Fish with your life and trials.Your task is to develop and decorate the aquarium for points that you can earn by playing...

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Jailbreak Craft by Starodymov gamesJailbreak Craft

Rated 3.74(4,749) — Starodymov games

You have to play the character Stickman, who was put in jail. Your task is to find two successful ways of escape with the use of crafting. Kraft should be at every step, so as not to become a victim of guards and dangerous creatures.In the prison chamber.

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Rescue Lucy by Starodymov gamesRescue Lucy

Rated 4.08(55,159) — Starodymov games

You have to play the main character of a girl who was walking through the woods with his dog Lucy. Everything was perfect until Lucy escaped deep into the forest to you. Our heroine was looking through the woods and the dog did not notice it was night...

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Stickman escape lift by Starodymov gamesStickman escape lift

Rated 4.06(3,312) — Starodymov games

You have to play stickman. One day you are stuck in an elevator.Your task is not to panic, and to find the right way to leave the elevator.Your choice will depend on your life stickman.Many items and options of the plot of events awaits you.Choose a...

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Stickman jailbreak 4 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 4

Rated 4.10(1,891) — Starodymov games

The main character Stickman is in prison with other prisoners. Your goal is to find successful ways of escaping from prison. It is very difficult psychologically to be in the area behind bars, so you need to turn on your brains and mindfulness to the...

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Stickman jailbreak 6 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 6

Rated 4.42(106) — Starodymov games

You are welcomed by the new escape adventures from prison! Your task is to play for Stickman and find all the ways to successfully escape from prison. 10 different items to choose from are hidden in a secret place. Some items will lead you to victory...

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Stickman jailbreak 8 by Starodymov gamesStickman jailbreak 8

Rated 4.48(388) — Starodymov games

And again Stickman was in prison, only for Christmas. Santa Claus does not matter, through the chimney threw you a red bag with gifts that you can use to escape from prison. Your job is to find two lucky gifts out of ten that will help you escape from...

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Stickman lift 2 by Starodymov gamesStickman lift 2

Rated 3.84(568) — Starodymov games

You are stuck in the elevator. Your task is to open the suitcase and use the right items to escape from the elevator. Objects are different, there are those that will lead you to death, but there are those that will save your life. Be careful and turn...

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The girl rescues Lucy by Starodymov gamesThe girl rescues Lucy

Rated 4.14(211) — Starodymov games

You have to play a little heroine girl, who was walking in the old forest with her dog Lucy. Everything was fine until the dog Lucy made an escape deep into the forest. Our girl was looking for her in the old woods of Lucy and did not notice how dark...

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