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About Agenda Widget for Android

Highly customizable homescreen widget which allows you to show calendars and tasks from various other Android applications. It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes (inline, icon and date row).

This is the free version of the application which is fully functional, however at the moment it does not receive feature updates (more information: unless you are using Android version 4 or greater which started out with Agenda Widget 2.0

The free version still gets bug fixes and will have some minor changes to the settings.

Agenda Widget Plus gets you:
A grid view
Support for UTD
New default theme
Cleaner settings
Calendar color override
Easier to make separate widgets

For a full list of differences between free and plus is check the website

More about the free version:

Calendar application support:
- Google including Activesync
- Motorola Droid corporate calendar application(now obsolete)
- Touchdown exchange

Tasks application support:
- Astrid
- SSI gTasks
- Dato GTask
- Google Task Organizer (Full version)
- Got To Do (Full version))

Scrolling is available with ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher, Xperia Arv launcher and others.
Zeam has dropped scrolling launcher support, not my fault :P

Please E-MAIL with bug reports, comments are useless.

If you like this buy the Plus version!

If you are having a problem with the widget or have a suggestion about a missing feature, the ONLY way it will get done is if you email me or add a comment on the forum! :)

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Agenda Widget for Android version Varies with device on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: com.roflharrison.agenda, download Agenda Widget for Android.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
Android 4.2 users:
- Added lockscreen widget
- Various fixes
- Sorry, too many updates in the last 2 days. This one IS important (fixed the indefinite loading bug)
Jellybean update may:
- data sources
- tap clear calendars
- set calendars
- select your calendars again
See site for more details
More downloads  Agenda Widget for Android reached 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 downloads
Version update Agenda Widget for Android was updated to version 1.6.18
Version update Agenda Widget for Android was updated to version 1.6.15
Version update Agenda Widget for Android was updated to version 1.6.17

What are users saying about Agenda Widget for Android

by ####:

Trying to use the 4x1 widget, nothing from my calendar shows up at all. It's just a black box. Endless troubleshooting didn't work. Disappointed, used this app constantly. Galaxy S4 4.2.2

by ####:

This App excelled in its purpose, it is now just a superfluous piece of garbage sitting on my home page. The widget no longer displays events. There doesn't appear to be any efforts to restore it to its former glory. Will give it a few more days, if not fixed, thank you but no thank you.

by P####:

I can no longer see any of my events!!! They show up on the preview when I'm trying to customize but when I go to the home screen to view it, it's not there. It uninstalled itself after my recent S4 update. This WAS one of my favorite widgets, what am I going to use now??!! Any suggestions???

by ####:

This app has been updated for my new Samsung Galaxy 5 and I really dislike the changes - much less useful than before. The month view is just difficult and inconvenient - I am downloading something else instead... It does have a great agenda widget though.

by ####:

I liked this product very much, but when I got my new LG V20 (running Nougat) this app crashes constantly until I force-close it. Please update it for compatibility

by ####:

I was previously using an S4. I switched to a Nexus 6P. App was working just fine. Just did an Android 7.0 update & now app won't load & continues to crash. Tried to uninstall & reinstall it & still nothing. I see the last update to this app was in 2012. This happened to me when I bought my S4 as well. Then after a month it worked again. Glad to know I'm not the only person with the same issue. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS! I love the app when it's working. Hate to look for a different app but I guess I have to. =o(

by ####:

This used to be my go-to agenda widget but it has long since had issues with phone updates. Last app update was Nov '13 and there has been updates to Lollipop since then. Wish I could rate this higher but now have to move to another app.

by W####:

I've been using this since my old Nexus One and is the best Agenda widget in the market. Scroll function is causing blank screens on 4.4.0 and now with 4.4.2, expert mode crashes the widget.

by S####:

Not been able to find a better Agenda Widget than this one - being able to view calendar events at a glance for the next few weeks/months is great for planning. Love the customising options although can be a bit too complicated, unclear what each option does. Think it needs cleaner/minimal look developping. Has development stopped on this now?

by I####:

No matter what combination of options I tried in the settings, the auto refresh feature does not work on my Galaxy S4. I emailed the developer, but I got no response. Please fix for five stars because everything else works.

by ####:

... but KitKat appears to have made this very useful and well-regarded app non-functional. Abandonware? Update: switching off scrolling helps but widget is then limited in what appointments it can display. Will purchase if the developer comes back online to fix the problems

by ####:

This used to be a great widget until support stopped. No replies on crash reports and no updates since roughly the release of Android 5. For the most part it worked, and I stuck with it because I made my own custom theme. Then Android 6 came out and it kept crashing on tablets. Now I'm on Android 7, and it crashes on phones too. What was once a great widget is now unusable. Time to move on.

by ####:

I think it's been abandoned... But it's still the best! I wanted only a way to follow event-specific colours to show on the left tab, as of now it shows only the predefined calendar-level colour. Except that and lack of scrolling in 4.4.4, it's a great app!

by ####:

Samsung Galaxy S3. Since latest Galaxy update (now 4.4.2 as of 05/09/14), agenda widget will not show any text other than the word "Today". Only the background and menu button appears on the screen. I have uninstalled/reinstalled app from playstore, deleted/set up app in multiple sizes, refreshed app, changed display settings, all with no change. If provided with a working solution, I will rate the app five stars.

by V####:

Running on TSF Launcher & can not correctly scroll on the Agenda Widget since before updates. With scrolling activated, solely "Tasks" seem available, yet none are listed, atop a never-ending background. Are there any suggestions to restore correct visual of scrolling both Tasks & Events?

by ####:

This was originally a 5-star product. Now I can't get it to work on my new phone with Lollipop. This was the best agenda type widget I have ever used. I loved how it integrated with Gtasks and Iso timer. Sadly, sadly missed. If it has been abandoned, someone should create a new one with the same functionality because I would love to get it back.

by J####:

Used to be great. Days after kit kat started rolling out, still not working on Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 (HD/2013.) Reduced stars from 4 to 1. Will raise back to 3 if/when a fix is released (unless I give up and uninstall.

by ####:

Customization galore and I love the wide variety of widget sizes! One of my must have apps! Until the latest version of android that is. Need to update for compatibility! Lost lots for favorite features w/android update!!!! And another update on Android = lost stability. So sad! Can't find anything remotely close to what this use to be!

by Y####:

My fav calendar widget , have been using it since 2.2 Froyo, but recently it stopped working for 4.4 Kitkat after I upgraded my Asus Padfone Mini. An update would be good!

by ####:

Used to work awesome but no longer functions on my Galaxy S4 running Kit Kat. Just get a blank schedule rather than all my appointments.. Very Dissappointing.

by R####:

I LOVE this app. I've had it on all my phones. Today when my phone updated to Android 4.4.2 IT STOPPED WORKING! I'm upset because nothing else compares. Please if you know how to fix it do it, or tell me if there is a trick to it. I can't even get my calendars to show ANYTHING! PLEASE HELP

by U####:

This used to be my favorite agenda widget until it stopped working after the Kit Kat rollout for the Note 3. Now all I see in the widget is the background, no text. Kinda sucks because I really liked this widget! Android 4.4.2 Galaxy Note 3.

by ####:

Please fix this widget because it doesn't work for android 4.4. It doesn't seem to update anymore. From looking at the reviews, it seems that Agenda Widget Plus is working fine for KitKat but not with the free version. I think the developer of this app is trying to make people buy the paid version. SUCKS.

by ####:

If you need to be able to look at the next couple days in a compact format without taking up your whole home screen this is the perfect app. Android 6.0 Moto G3

by ####:

I've been using this widget for about 3 years now, and it's one of the best widget apps available. However, the developer has stopped working on it, so it's getting progressively more buggy and lacking useful features found in the lastest apps. I can't blame them (who wants to work on the same project forever?) but I can no longer recommend this widget either.

by ####:

Flawless on my HTC DNA running 4.2.2 For a free version, I'm impressed with the amount of configurable options. Beautiful themes. Tried many and found this one the best by far. Clean, attractive, intuitive with lots of options for your personal preferences. Takes a little understanding to fully configure but is doable.

by ####:

Calendar data does not show up on widget anymore. Highly likely this has been abandoned. DO NOT buy the full version.

by O####:

Seems like Google undid in Lollipop whatever they did to break the scrolling in this app in Kit Kat. With scrolling working again this is by far the best calendar widget. It displays multiple calendars in one widget view. One of the calendars is my Google, another is Touchdown which connects to my work's Exchange email and a third is my wife's that she has shared with me. So this widget displays all of them in one location so I can see across 3 different calendars. I've had this app for over 4 years.

by F####:

May 2015 scrolling works ! it works! DECEMBER: Its been 5 months and scrolling still doesnt work. Once enabled, the widget goes blank. Please fix. July post: Problem still not fixed. Any ideas? Previous review: Was great before last update. Now I can't use scroll on the calendar displayed. If I select scrolling in the settings menu, my calendar disappears. Not sure why. Back to 5 stars if corrected. Please help.

by ####:

This app has dominated my home screen for years, but after downloading an OS update, it no longer loads events when scrolling is enabled, though they preview properly in settings. The developer seems to have abandoned us in late 2013.

by ####:

Since kit Kat upgrade, the widget fails to load data. I still use it because the data appears in the quick menu but if it wasn't so hard to find as customisable widget that displays multiple calendars including exchange, I'd swap.

by ####:

It's completely non-functional/broken since Android updated itself to 5.0, and to add insult to injury, it SPAMS me with a message about it crashing that only stops if I force-stop/un-install. Until they fix it, avoid like the plague if you're on 5.0

by ####:

Stopped working with Android 4.4.2 kitkat update on both galaxy s4 and galaxy note 10.1 2014. Judging by similar complaints for a while, looks like developer isn't keeping it updated like he or she used to. Last update was 6 months ago. Shame, was the best calendar app.

by ####:

I've used this widget for years with other phones, but cannot get it to work with Sony Z3. Shame...

by B####:

I love this app prefect design for the way I like it. But now it's not working since I got the galaxy note 3 a week ago. So it gets a 1 star until they update I hope they do.

by ####:

Got the note 3 with 4.4 and it doesn't display anymore. Once fixed I will rerate . I tried all the help steps suggested.

by Z####:

Was great for a year. Suddenly, it has frozen and just stopped working. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times to no avail. Will no longer show what's on my Google account calendar. Won't link to my calendar. A big shame. Now shopping for some other agenda program instead. Any recomendations from anyone?

by U####:

Nice looking app in the style of Android Pro Widgets. I use Touchdown for Exchange Sync, but the widgets are butt-ugly and no customizable. Since upgrading to the GNex, I was looking for some other options for tasks now that ICS supports more Exchange features in some of the native Calendar/Email apps. Unfortunately, I get a weird error when trying to input the source for Tasks. Calendar seems to work fine, though. Hopefully, the dev can fix that issue soon. UPDATE: 2 years and now it's not working with 4.4 and beyond without disabling scrolling. App should be pulled from market or marked as incompatible with devices using those builds. NOTE TO DEV: If you updated this to work with newer builds (and maybe material design), you could easily charge for this app, as it's the only one I found that (when working) allows Tasks to show in-line with calendar items in a style that is pleasing and functional. Wouldn't have to use two separate widgets...

by L####:

Not been able to find a better Agenda Widget than this one - being able to view calendar events at a glance for the next few weeks/months is great for planning. Love the customising options although can be a bit too complicated, unclear what each option does. Think it needs cleaner/minimal look developping. Has development stopped on this now?

by Z####:

Better than most I've tried by virtue of the customization potential for the look and feel of it UPDATE: Just got a Samsung S4, suddenly this app doesn't work any more. Shame, too..

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