Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder

Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder Free App

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About Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder

Memorigi is a simple, different, and beautiful Todo list, Task planner, and Reminder application to help you stay on track of your life.

Be Productive! Be Organized! Be Focused! Be Amazing!

I believe the best way to avoid procrastination is with a supportive partner. Someone who you can trust. Someone who will not let you piling things up. Someone who will constantly nag you until your work is done. If you are a person who wants to stop procrastinating, Memorigi is your partner.

Break your work into smaller tasks, organize them by list/color, and set a reminder to every one of them. When a task's reminder goes off, do it right then and there. No excuses. If you definitely can't make it, then snooze it, and continue with your next task.

Memorigi is a simple todo list app and daily planner. It'll let you create todo lists to organize and plan your daily life. You can create simple grocery and shopping lists. You can track the so many things you have to remember at school or at the university. You can create powerful to-do lists, color code them, and assign icons to them. Once you finish a task use simple and intuitive gestures like swiping right to mark completed or swiping left to snooze.

Memorigi is a powerful hassle-free task planner. Create tasks within seconds. Use simple intuitive gestures to change your task's date, time, priority, color, icon, and list. Sort and organize your tasks by date, lists, and priority using drag and drop gestures.

Memorigi have awesome intelligent reminders.
Date Reminders. With date reminders you can create powerful recurring patterns. Do you need yearly reminders like birthdays? Check! What about weekly meetings on Monday, and Thursday? Check, Check! Ohh yeah? Then what about an hourly task that happens every 2 hours, and occurs only 3 times? Check! Check! Check!

Location-Aware Reminders. With location-aware reminders you can create powerful reminders that will be triggered when you arrive or leave a specific place. Do you want to be reminded of that important call next time you arrive at work? Check! What about remind you to turn your lights off next time you leave home? Check! Check! The possibilities are endless!

Memorigi will keep your data always in sync across your multiple Android devices. It'll also create daily backups of your data (automatically) so your tasks and lists are always stored safely in the cloud.


'Nag me' feature is your friend to stop procrastination. Activate it and it'll remind you of your uncompleted past tasks until they're done.

Deeply integrated within Memorigi’s core, its intuitive gestures will let you be more productive each day.

You have lists to group your stuff, colors for categories, icons for your actions, and ringtones for your notifications.

Create tasks within seconds when you miss a call or when copying text from any Android app on your device.

Create tasks that occurs at regular intervals like every 15 minutes, on weekdays, or on the 3rd Tuesday each month.

Plan your week better and smarter with our integrated weather daily reports.

Different views to fit your different requirements.

Discover many more cool features to help you stay organized and never forget important stuff again!

Select the 7-day free trial period when doing a payment and start testing all Memorigi features for free.

Refund Policy
All buys are final. There are no refunds because we're giving 7-day free trial.

How to Download / Install

Download and install Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder version on your Android device!
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Android package: io.tinbits.memorigi, download Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
* Oreo bug fixes
* Updated locale: Polish
* Stability and UI improvements
New in 2.0:
* UI completely rewritten from the scratch
* Summary View
* Timeline View
* Priority View
* Completed Tasks view
* Task Gestures
* Multi-list selection
* Bulk edition
* Read aloud feature
* Custom ringtone
* Quick add revamped
* Floating actions revamped
* and much more!
Version update Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder was updated to version
More downloads  Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Memorigi: Task Todo Reminder now is known as Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder.

What are users saying about Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder

by D####:

Amo muito!

by D####:

Simply amazing! Bye bye There's a perfect balance between functionality and style. UX is way better than traditional Android apps. I love 'nag me' feature. It allows me to stay on track with my daily tasks. Keep the great job developer!

by D####:

It's the perfect to do app. The interface in gorgeous. Really appreciate all the work done by the developer

by H####:

Great app and even greater customer support!

by D####:

I would like to say they have Excellent support during any mishape. Really impressed with Randy for his response time and provided valid support to overcome the issue.

by I####:

Very well thought out. The layout and flow is the best I have seen. There is a little learning curve but well worth it.

by D####:

I love this new Memorigi. Very attractive interface and some features really helpful, like you can mark priority tasks, what really important and urgent task or just common task. And new update has solved my account problem, finally back to premium again. :)

by W####:

Among all the wonderful features, this app has something that others do not have: very responsive developer, who is ready to explain changes and his decisions. As for the specific features I'll be quite short: just download this masterpiece and try premium yourself. Pricing is very comfortable and worth double the price. I've been with Memorigi since v1 and v2 made it even better. For sure, this one is the very best, trust me (sorry for bad english).

by R####:

How can i roll back to the previous version? Or when does the hotfix for 2.0 arrive? I'm plagued with reminders from long past events that won't dismiss - I'm going to have to remove.

by D####:

This app is just outstanding ! The concept , the UI , the different views , all of it ! It's by far among the best to-do app for android , especially for more visual-oriented people ! The only thing missing (for now at least) is a web app ... Then it would deserve 6 stars !

by X####:

The app developer responds immediately and gets solution at no time. We can contact developer directly via mail. It is best part of the app

by W####:

The only to do reminder that works for me. Now with 2.0 it expanded into doing more and catering to a wider crowd. Thumbs up for the sole developer working on this

by D####:

Very good app

by D####:

Best taks manager app I've tried (and I tried a lot of them)! Nice template, easy to use and the best support ever!

by D####:

Very intuitive and flexible app. Developer is extremely responsive.

by D####:

Wow! Incredible app, even more incredible that it is made by one dev rather than a giant company with unlimited resources. Only one thing. Is a web/desktop version on the roadmap? edit: thanks for the quick reply

by K####:

How about sharing notes/lists with others? Why should I pay just for a nicer UI? Subtasks would be a nice plus too.

by C####:

Awesome app. I love it. It would be nice, if you could have a subtask feature for each card.

by D####:

The best To-Do app I could find on Android. I've tried pretty much all highly rated competition - their strengths combined, they still wouldn't be on par with this one. Excellent UI: not just eyecandy, but actually useful at that; everything at your fingertips. Pleasant, original and simple. It's not perfect (I'd have a few suggestions), but solid 5 stars nevertheless.

by D####:

Stop Robbing people!!!!!! I paid 3.99 for the plus features & I got nothing. I tried re-opening the app & I still have the free version. I try to choose a theme & it's telling me to pay 1.99 per month, for what if I just paid 3.99. Either give me a refund or my features. My review is final until you fix it. The app seemed great, that's y I wanted all features

by A####:

A good to do app, but location based reminders requires a subscription which I think is a bit too pricey. If these reminders can as part as part of the one off payment module, I probably would spend money, otherwise no.

by D####:

Really impressed. Love that my to do's are easy to create and organize; especially love how much I can personalize it, including how much naghing I want it to do. Also really appreciate that I can pay a one time fee (I'm sick of all the 1$ here & 1$ there sibsvriptions put there). Really recommend you hu ive this task list a try.

by D####:

The UI & Features are great. However, the widget does not update automatically if the task is edited. You need to delete & add the widget again. Also, there are some minor bugs here & there. Please fix.

by D####:

Only gripe I have with it - the add Todo animation lags at around 20-30%. My specs are sd 650, 3gigs, on 7.1.2. it's a generally pretty powerful SoC. Please look into it

by D####:

It's a truly unique to-do list. Elegant, non-conventional interface makes the app efficient and charming. It's definitely outshining the "traditional" to-do solutions flooding the Play Store.

by D####:

The app has lovely icons but I also want to send the info and check lists to other apps or emails. I can not find buttons to transport the info.

by S####:

I have been trying to find a good To-Do app for ages. I've tried every app out there. When I discovered this app I was thrilled. Fantastic application, many great features, and an amazing user interface. My favorite thing about the app is the option to upgrade to the "plus" plan which is a one time purchase unlocking all the major features. I can't wait to see this app evolve, and gain more features such as sub-tasks. I hope that the plus plan remains fantastic, and that any new features are available on the plus plan and not restricted to the expensive subscription plans like other services do. Thank you for this amazing app!

by H####:

Definitely one of the best tasks apps on the Play Store. A really good interface, a nice developer... And the best thing: has a one-time fee option for the ones who can't afford a monthly/yearly subscription.

by D####:

I love this app! I have tried many, many TO DO apps including Todoist, TickTick,, Wunderlist, Ike, Colornote, Accomplish...the list goes on and on...and this one is by far the best. It has so many options, yet is extremely intuitive and easy to use. I love pretty much everything about it including the prompt responses from it's extremely nice & very courteous developer, Randy. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

by D####:

It keep telling me to make sure that I use latest version, I check the store I have got latest but the game Keep askbme

by A####:

Amazing UI and material animations. Would love to see a sophisticated search feature.

by N####:

Please have a default option of reminders. I don't like putting things on the timeline where the default is 8am

by Y####:

A Great combination of UX and UI. Simple to use, too.

by A####:

Highly recommended. Simple, intuitive, feature rich and nice to use. Randy has done an excellent job developing this application and I'm sure he will continue to do so. I am hoping for a windows 10 version please :-) Well done!

by D####:

I loved the previous version of the app. In this version even though I've turned off the "nag me" function it still constantly reminds me of unchecked items. The app has crashed several times when I tried to delete a reminder from a task - there's a work around but it's annoying that the option is there but it doesn't work, I tried reinstalling the app several times but hasn't fixed and sending feedback. It's such a shame because I though I finally found an app that does exactly what I want...

by D####:

I really really LOVE this app. What would push me over the moon would be the ability to have checkboxes on the note itself. Example: I could have a reminder titled "School Supplies" and then be able to list them all in the lower section and check them off. Still an awesome and beautiful app.

by V####:

I liked it when it first came out...I LOVE IT, now. Major improvements in design and functionality make it a joy to use. Much more user-friendly and easier to set reminders. My favorite app of its kind.

by C####:

Can I get refund back from buying wrong version? Honestly I was aim for premium but I got plus version instead. By the way I like how this app works.

by L####:

Great update! Much better performance now.

by D####:

Slow task title autocompleter :(

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