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About Pioneer ControlApp

ControlApp is an application that allows you to control selected Pioneer products (see model details below) with your Android devices through your home network.
Operational functions of the connected product - including file selection on a linked server - can be accessed intuitively at the touch of your finger.
*For information about how to operate a specific product, please refer to the product's support page on the Pioneer web site.

[Compatible models] (as of July 2015)
Network Audio Player :
N-70A, N-50A, N-50, N-30, N-P01, XN-P02, XN-P02DAB

AV receiver :
USA/Canada: VSX-43, VSX-1023, VSX-823, VSX-42, VSX-1022, VSX-822
Central/South-America: VSX-43, VSX-823, VSX-42, VSX-1022, VSX-822
Europe: VSX-S510, VSX-828, VSX-528, VSX-827, VSX-527
Asean : VSX-823, VSX-822
Oceania : VSX-828, VSX-528, VSX-827, VSX-527
Middle-East : VSX-823, VSX-822
East-Asia : VSX-S510, VSX-823, VSX-822

Blu-ray Player :
USA/Canada : BDP-33FD, BDP-31FD, BDP-330, BDP-43FD, BDP-41FD, BDP-430, BDP-53FD, BDP-52FD, BDP-140, BDP-62FD, BDP-150
Europe : BDP-LX53, BDP-330, BDP-333, BDP-LX54, BDP-430, BDP-LX55, BDP-440, BDP-140, BDP-450, BDP-150, BDP-160
Other Countries : BDP-LX53, BDP-330, BDP-LX54, BDP-430, BDP-LX55, BDP-440, BDP-140, BDP-450, BDP-150, BDP-160

Canada : XC-HM72, X-HM71
Europe : X-HM82, X-HM82D, XC-HM82, XC-HM82D, X-HM72, X-HM72D, X-HM81, XC-HM81, X-HM71

Wireless Sound System :

Blu-ray Disc Surround System :
Europe : MCS-838, MCS-737, MCS-434, MCS-333, MCS-FS232, MCS-FS131
Asean : MCS-838, MCS-737, MCS-636, MCS-535, MCS-434, MCS-333
Oceania : MCS-838 Middle-East : MCS-838, MCS-737, MCS-434, MCS-333
East-Asia: MCS-838, MCS-737, MCS-636, MCS-535, MCS-434, MCS-333, MCS-FS132, MCS-FS131

Slim Micro System :
Europe : X-SMC55, X-SMC55DAB

Network AV Speaker Bar System :

Network Speaker Base :

Requires Android 4.0.3 or later.
* Operation of this application is not guaranteed for all devices.

How to Download / Install

Download and install Pioneer ControlApp version Varies with device on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package:, download Pioneer ControlApp.apk

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Bug Fix.
More downloads  Pioneer ControlApp reached 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 downloads
More downloads  Pioneer ControlApp reached 500 000 - 1 000 000 downloads
Version update Pioneer ControlApp was updated to version 3.1.0
More downloads  Pioneer ControlApp reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads

What are users saying about Pioneer ControlApp

by U####:

Pioneer deserted it's customers by not supporting it's products, namely Pandora doesn't work any longer with the A3 speakers but Pioneer refuses to provide support or fix the server error issue. Shame on you Pioneer! I will not be purchasing any more of your products! Pioneer used to be a standup company, a shame...

by U####:

EVERYONE-- Pioneer is 100% ok with allowing its hardware to become useless by not keeping their software updated. (e.g. Pandora died 6months ago). Don't let your family/friends by Pioneer products. Pioneer views "end of warranty" as "end of life".

by T####:

This was a generally good app, but now Pandora won't work. I just get a 'servor error' message. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, with no luck. Any information is greatly appreciated as, without this feature, my speaker is pretty much useless (for my needs). Disappointed.

by Y####:

It used to work great for my A3 speaker but it hasn't had any firmware or real feature updates in the app. Pandora feature appears broken, which is a real shame. Update : "Pioneer Japan have advised that they will not be releasing a Pandora fix for the A2, 3 and 4 speakers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused." Sorry guys , don't get your hopes up for a pandora fix with the A series.

by U####:

Would be better if a) displayed album art, b) allowed playlists, c) status bar for time elapsed / remaining. Loads of people asking for this, c'mon Pioneer.... Edit Echoing what everyone else is saying - this app is now soooooooo slow! Just had to click on an album title 106 TIMES before the app responded!!! This is unacceptable

by U####:

I have a few different streamers and speakers. The sound of the old Pioneer A1 is lovely but the app is by far the worst I've encountered. The lack of search facility for radio stations is ridiculous. To updates for over a year - remarkable. It seems Pioneer go to a lot of trouble over the sound quality but ignore usability. Kind of shortsighted don'cha fink!

by U####:

Man! Everything was working great! I used to impress whoever came to my place with this receiver. Then, Pandora was not supported anymore, really???? Pandora??? Come on guys! Now the app doesn't connect to the receiver! Fix these issues! I paid a lot of money for your product, be responsible!

by U####:

There's got to be a better app than this. This app lags and glitches all the time. Also Pandora is not working which basically makes this app almost useless to me. From other reviews this has been going on for a while. What's the problem? Fix it.

by Z####:

Not working for SMA3, says device is non-controllable.... Not really what you expect for a $200 speaker, or should I say door-stop. Edit: After screwing around for an hour got it going... worked for a few hours then quit. Had to reboot everything, re-install app, restore settings, to get it working again. Guess since it's working (for now) will add one star.

by S####:

This use to be great. But it has been almost 6 months since Pandora stopped working. My husband had called, and they said they are working on it. Still nothing. So disappointed. So if you are hoping to use Pandora....This App ISN'T for you.

by U####:

I can't access the sound settings to adjust bass and treble for example. This app doesn't replace the remote control. I, like others, would like full functionality for this app. Not at all good.

by U####:

What happen to Pandora? Please fix! Be able to turn on/off speakers a or b / both. Maybe add in feedback when you change the sound mode...

by U####:

Nothing short of a disgrace. Flakier than a leper on a bucking bronco. Under developed and unfinished. Shame on you Pioneer.

by U####:

Became useless when pandora stopped working. This was an expensive speaker you could at least provide a better app.

by O####:

I have pioneer A series speakers. Pandora has stopped working. That is all we want. Read the hundreds of comments Pioneer!!!! Give us Pandora radio back

by N####:

Absolutely useless. Just doesn't work. Bought an np-01 and the app just sits there on a blank screen. The remote is useless too so probably going to have to return the unit now as unuseable

by U####:

DOES NOT WORK. Nice one Pioneer, I'll be returning a £350 network music streamer because your crappy app CANNOT FIND IT on the network, even when entering IP add manually. USELESS!!!! (Error Code:C6113)

by D####:

Pandora has stopped working ?! Happening to anyone else? Server error.Like many I wish there were a few more features in this app. Specifically for me I would like to be able to 'favourite' my devices so that I can quickly choose which device to control without having to dig down through the options and I would love to able to power off/standby my wireless speakers from the app. They come on on demand but I have to use the remote or touch the speaker to turn it off. I have the sma4 and a1.

by D####:

The App is over all ... just poor and bad. - Diffy finding your music, especially if what you're lookin' for starts with 'Y' or 'Z'. The new news are, it's not super Marshmallow compatible. It keeps spinning. Would love and like a complete overhaul of this app

by D####:

Horrible App doesn't work. Pioneer makes some good audio product. Was planning to also purchase the Pioneer N50A but the app is lousy. Drop the idea as I wanted to control via my tab. Pioneer why are you guys not reading the feedback do something about the App

by D####:

After the last update the app sees that unit (in my case the VSX 828 av receiver) but when it instructs to download the data for the unit it keeps failing. I have tried it on my 4G as well checking and resetting the router, identifying by Ip address but it still wont work.. Come on Pioneer, I am not the only customer experiencing this fault: pull your finger out and fix this please.

by D####:

App works just fine but there is a bug that is common to both the hardware and app. When it states Artist Name it uses the wrong field. If you have a cd with Various Artists it displays this ie Album Artist field and not Song Artist field. Can't believe this hasn't been sorted. Damn annoying with my cd collection!

by D####:

My main usage of this app was to control the Pandora feature via WiFi, but Pandora input isn't working anymore at all! Not only that, but I can no longer turn ON my receiver via the app. Seems that more and more features are not accessible as time passes.

by D####:

Have been using for the past 4 years and at best works most of the time. Now Pandora stopped completely. Now not really any good reason to use it anymore besides TV. Is Pandora getting fixed ever again?

by D####:

Can we please get a shuffle button on the music server interface? It's a pain to have to use my n50 remote to turn this on. I want to be able to do this remotely!

by V####:

Sma3 was a great speaker to listen to Pandora. Now i just get server error everytime i try to use pandora through this app. PLEASE FIX! Does anyone have any info on how to fix this?

by G####:

Anybody know how to get Pandora to work. It just says System error when I try to use it. It used to work but not anymore. I'm honestly just so done with this product. Why can't it just be like Bluetooth?

by D####:

Doesn't work Pandora what the hell thought pioneer is top of the line not was top of the line!!! Doesn't find vsx42 half the time?? changed phone but still to no avail don't work with any phone tablet and have tried many different devices. But still nothing REDO THIS POS APP PIONEER FOR THE LOYAL PIONEER FANS -5☆s. Error c7113 always

by D####:

Very slow and sluggish with nexus 6 . I would really like to have the ability to turn on or off the up sampling filters. Despite the latest version, it seems like pioneer is abandoning ship. Bubble upnp works way better and faster. Why?

by A####:

Speakers are excellent but I dont understand how Pioneer can put their name on this unfinished app.... Eg just a basic function to store a favourite radio station would be a treat! Also many of the stations listed don't work... it just randomly selects another one. If anyone has a suggestion on an alternative app to use these speakers with online radio stations please advise in your feedback

by E####:

It's almost like the Pioneer app developers are deliberately trying to waste our time. The app sometimes updates and works, then doesn't after another update, This time, there's been no update, but it simply says "ControlApp has stopped working" before it even loads. The machine came with a PROMISE of an app that would make it simple and intuitive. Now the small print says it may not work for all machines. This is a breach of contract. The machine will have to go back. Awful, in this day and age.

by C####:

Every 2 minutes in fact. I've tried this with Windows media player and with a NAS drive media server. The app goes down and the music stops on the VSX-1023 amp.I also own the SC-63 and can't even use the same app to control it. Get with it! You can do much better!

by D####:

It finally pushed me over the edge to say something. Before it was nothing amazing but it got the job done. Now, most of the listed stations are either wrong or missing. For example: I narrow my pick down and there's 25 stations left in the list. Only two of those work. It doesn't matter which you select on that list, it'll still give you the first working one instead. And no pioneer, I don't want lounge music. Ever. But I swear it purposely disconnects me from my choice and feeds me lounge all the time.

by D####:

Pioneer make great hardware let down by crap software of which this a good example. Poor UI design, you can't search, you can't set things like shuffle, no queuing the list goes on. Does anyone at Pioneer actually use their own products?

by D####:

turning on unit must manual from button or remote commander, i used to turn on the unit via this app before it updated, dislike it, the notification about "you must turn on the unit first before using the app" is always appear when i turn off the unit with this app.. no network wake up feature anymore.. its totaly tragic

by D####:

Before it used to work fine, then after some new upgrades it began having connectivity issues, now it's working so slow that it's becoming useless

by K####:

You can do some basic things like volume control and change songs and fiddle with the equalizer. Would be useful if you could have full functionality of the onscreen menus.

by H####:

Update has called my A3 XW-SMA3 to suffer a "Server Error" when attempting to connect to Pandora. Real shame, great speaker and while the app was basic it worked. Looks like Pioneer is actively rendering their devices obsolete via app updates...a warning to you all!

by D####:

Really disappointed with this app for my pioneer n-50. The functionality is limited and user interface should be radically improved. I believe pioneer can do a lot better than this.

by D####:

Pandora is gone as the new stand alone app is now updated. Pioneer just probably needs to update their app as well to work with the new Pandora app. Temporarily, I use my iOS airplay with new Pandora and my pioneer. My Android doesn't work with it as it doesn't have airplay

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