Productivity Applicatons for Android

Simple Calendar by DigitTonic StudioSimple Calendar

Rated 3.52(2,487) — DigitTonic Studio

simple calendar widget* shows current month and date* widget size 4x3* week starts from Monday* weekend highlited in red* previous and next month buttons! Install widget on internal storage, not SD card, otherwise it will not appear in widgets list.

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History of IPL Schedule 2018 by ourcitiesHistory of IPL Schedule 2018

Rated 5.00(3) — ourcities

History of Indian Premier League / IPL , History of IPL app gives you the information about all the matches played in the IPL from 2008-2017.History of 'IPL', 'T20' 'IPL 2017', IPL 2017, IPL 2017 Matches, IPL 2017 ScheduleHistory of IPL Schedule 2017...

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Graco Sales Book by Graco IncGraco Sales Book

Rated 3.97(29) — Graco Inc

Graco Sales Book provides Graco product information including brochures, manuals, training and videos – all on your mobile device!

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Web Editor (HTML,PHP,CSS,JS) by GrEniFyWeb Editor (HTML,PHP,CSS,JS)

Rated 3.70(102) — GrEniFy

Web Editor - HTML,CSS, PHP and JS editor for web developers!!!! ###Suggestion available for HTML.###Web Editor Apps is not a Stable version it is Rolling version.So don't be bore if you get any Exception.We will fix soon your me to find...

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WYSIWYG HTML Editor by Dassem Ultor StudioWYSIWYG HTML Editor

Rated 3.54(37) — Dassem Ultor Studio

This prototype WYSIWYG HTML Editor allows you to create websites on the go without the knowledge of programming.List of features:- Open html files- Edit html websites- Create websites on your mobile phone- Save your websites on your phone for future...

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Ultimate Job Finder by Jesus RaymondUltimate Job Finder

Rated 0.00(0) — Jesus Raymond

All the top Jobs sites in one appGovernmentHealth careLocalConstructionComputerTechnicalCareers of all typesInternational

Event Site by NetAnswer mobileEvent Site

Rated 0.00(0) — NetAnswer mobile

Application permettant d'afficher les informations de paiement du membre qui se présente avec sa confirmation d'inscription et de confirmer la présence du membre.Cetteapplication est compatible uniquement avec les évènements organisés avec le logiciel...

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Work Task Tracker by Dividium IT SolutionsWork Task Tracker

Rated 5.00(3) — Dividium IT Solutions

Work Task Tracker provides a simple, easy to use interface to track tasks in detail.Particularly useful when used in conjunction with ticketing systems that require you to enter time (in minutes) for each task, it can also be used to provide a report...

Daily Task Tracker by In Pocket SolutionsDaily Task Tracker

Rated 4.25(154) — In Pocket Solutions

Use Daily Task Tracker to keep track of the daily tasks that are important to you! Help ensure you keep your 2017 New Year Resolutions Features• Organize daily tasks by time of day• View remaining daily tasks in the handy widget• Exempt a daily...

Monthly Task Tracker by In Pocket SolutionsMonthly Task Tracker

Rated 4.39(23) — In Pocket Solutions

Keep track of monthly tasks that are important to you. Add each task and then throughout the month check off the ones that were completed. Also add specific notes for each task on a monthly basis. The app provides an easy visual method for checking to...

Noti Notes - Notes in notification by Halo Inc.Noti Notes - Notes in notification

Rated 4.57(7) — Halo Inc.

Noti Notes is a simple note app that allows you to show notes as a notification on your device. This allows quick viewing of the note as we can see it just by swiping down the notification bar. As the notes are shown in a standard android notification...

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CellCast by OnPoint Digital, Inc.CellCast

Rated 4.03(64) — OnPoint Digital, Inc.

### ATTENTION: The following application requires a Demo Account & Registration Number for proper use. Please navigate your mobile browser to to create an account and receive a code to browse sample mLearning content using..

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PeepsApp by IT EmpirePeepsApp

Rated 0.00(0) — IT Empire

There are a number of apps and websites focusing upon specific services however Peeps looks at the underlying principle of time. Whether you are a teacher or artist, a driving instructor or entertainer, a beautician or babysitter, you are selling your...

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Lá Số Quỷ Cốc by YAN TV JSCLá Số Quỷ Cốc

Rated 5.00(3) — YAN TV JSC

Quỷ Cốc Tử (Quỷ Cốc tiên sinh) là nhân vật lịch sử Trung Hoa, ông sinh vào khoảng cuối thời Xuân Thu, đầu đời Chiến Quốc. Ông được xem là ông tổ của các thuật tướng số, phong thủy, bói toán...

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Voice Gps Navigation & Map by kamafappsVoice Gps Navigation & Map

Rated 4.39(108) — kamafapps

voice gps navigation & map is a flexible application which manages the user all through his journey from beginning to the consummation point. It is an Application through which you can figure out many spots. Voice GPS navigation application utilizes...

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Red Hen Systems - VMS Mobile by Red Hen Systems, LLCRed Hen Systems - VMS Mobile

Rated 4.33(3) — Red Hen Systems, LLC

When it comes to right-of-way patrol, whether you are flying over power lines, boating along the coast,or driving along a railroad line, the VMS-333 is the ideal device for geotagging audio and video data inreal time.With VMS-333, you can capture both...

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Tu Vi Tron Doi - Tu Vi 2018 by YAN TV JSCTu Vi Tron Doi - Tu Vi 2018

Rated 4.19(16) — YAN TV JSC

Tử Vi Trọn Đời luận đoán tổng quát về vận hạn cuộc đời, sự nghiệp, công danh, tuổi hợp làm ăn, tuổi hợp vợ chồng, những giai đoạn may mắn, những giai đoạn khó khăn... để giúp bạn nắm bắt...

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Que Quan Am - Quẻ Quán Âm by YAN TV JSCQue Quan Am - Quẻ Quán Âm

Rated 4.55(44) — YAN TV JSC

Quẻ Quán Âm gồm 32 quẻ, mỗi quẻ giúp người xem tiên đoán những sự việc sắp xảy ra hoặc những việc còn đang băn khoăn cần Quán Âm Bồ Tát khai sáng, chỉ lối.Mỗi quẻ là một đoạn văn hoặc thơ...

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Que Khong Minh - Khong Minh by YAN TV JSCQue Khong Minh - Khong Minh

Rated 4.18(45) — YAN TV JSC

Khổng Minh Quẻ hay còn gọi Khổng Minh Thần Toán là một trong những phép gieo quẻ được cho là đáng tin tưởng nhất từ trước đến nay. Với 384 quẻ, Khổng Minh Thần Toán sẽ giúp cho người tâm thành...

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Văn Khấn Lễ Tết Mậu Tuất 2018 by VacifyVăn Khấn Lễ Tết Mậu Tuất 2018

Rated 5.00(5) — Vacify

Ứng dụng "Văn Khấn Lễ Tết 2018" là ứng dụng văn khấn đầy đủ nhất và hoàn toàn MIỄN PHÍ.► Ứng dụng bao gồm các bài khấn sau:• Nguyên tắc Cúng, Khấn, Vái, Lạy• Tết Nguyên ĐánVăn khấn ông...

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App Of The Day

App of the day - Oct 23, 2014: Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail by Google LLCInbox by Gmail

Rated 4.23(392,198) — Google LLC

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.• HIGHLIGHTS...

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Audax - Icon Pack by kovdevAudax - Icon Pack

Rated 4.77(1,142) — kovdev

We've crafted a bold and colorful set that demands your attention. These icons deserve to be displayed as large as possible. With unique designs and a brilliant palette, your home screens will be treated to a whole new world of style. Harness the power...

Camera FV-5 by FGAECamera FV-5

Rated 3.79(15,997) — FGAE

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs...

Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames by VicMan LLCPhoto Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

Rated 4.50(1,318,917) — VicMan LLC

Photo Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 800 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters are here for you to enjoy. Make your image look creative...

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Foursquare City Guide by FoursquareFoursquare City Guide

Rated 4.07(480,391) — Foursquare

Foursquare City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot -- anywhere in the world. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you you've been and where you want to go, all in one place.Looking to check in or become

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