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About Deep Space Battle VR

The ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR is now better than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest hero in this fast-paced virtual reality shooter game made exclusively for Google Cardboard VR.

In this action-packed dogfight battle game, use your wits and your weapons as a lone space pilot defending against the invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experience immersive virtual reality flight through a colorful galactic landscape while blasting enemy ships.


This space shooter is designed exclusively for Cardboard VR to offer the most immersive virtual reality experience.

*100% FREE *
We heard you, no more In App Purchases! All Ships, All Levels - absolutely free.

Once you get an enemy in your sights, your ship will auto-fire. It couldn’t be easier to blast your enemies away.

The best dogfight battle space shooter available for Cardboard VR. Experience the best quality VR screen shattering effects that will blow you away.

Choose from 6 sleek ship designs, each with their own unique reticle and stats so you can optimize for your play style.

How to Download / Install

Download and install Deep Space Battle VR version 2.0.1 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: com.gamearx.spacerumble, download Deep Space Battle VR.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
MASSIVE UPGRADE! We’ve overhauled the game with new upgrades. Update now!
Improved Radar: Track enemy ships, lock on and fire. Added health meter, timer and # of ships left.
Better Effects: Taking damage? Feel it with new screen shattering effects.
Upgraded Ships: New ship stats and improved reticles.
More Story: The dark truth of the Shadow Fleet is revealed.
New Music & SFX Upgrade: Immerse yourself in space battle action.
New Menu Flow: Get into the game and blast into the next level faster.
Version update Deep Space Battle VR was updated to version 2.0.1
More downloads  Deep Space Battle VR reached 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 downloads
Version update Deep Space Battle VR was updated to version 1.0.10
More downloads  Deep Space Battle VR reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads

What are users saying about Deep Space Battle VR

by N####:

From a VR stand point, this game does everything right and should be made the example from which other developers base their VR games on. The menus are fully operatable with the VR headset and the controls are easy and intuitive. The ads are incorporated in a non-intrusive way. Overall, this is the best VR game I've played to-date.

by Z####:

I would give you five stars just for being the first vr game I've played so far that had the ads interactable with the vr headset so I didn't have to take out my phone when an ad popped up. The graphics are pretty sweet. The gameplay is smooth, haven't noticed any slowdowns or hiccups. Fun experience all-around.

by Z####:

Decent VR experience once you get used to it. I miss the lack of controls though - the game reduces the space combat to looking at other ships. Either thrust or blaster (preferred) controls could give the player more agency and make the game much better.

by K####:

I loved it, there was no lagg the visual was out of this world (pun intended) but.. please update the levels and upgrades.

by Z####:

Just the right shooter game I've been looking for. No remote no problem. Like how even the ads are in VR so there's no need for taking out the phone just to exit ad

by Z####:

With a VR gear and game design being the way that it is, this is a perfect game. There's a great level of immersion, good control , upgrades and incentives to keep playing. And it's short enough to beat before any real physical fatigue from the gear wears on you.

by F####:

Very nice game. Just stand and look for enemies and it will start shooting lol. Can u please add some customization option as to what weapon we wanna use, ship color etc. And add more stages.

by Z####:

Oke I almost broke my neck playing it. Kidding, it's awesome, the game play is very good, graphics excellent, but you have spin your head a lot to see enemy spaceships... Loving it

by D####:

Got my new vr headset and while exploring the apps got this one... It's one of the best vr gaming experience you can have. You have to get on your toes to play this game, exploring the space 360°, shooting out the spaceships. The vr menu interaction makes it more better... VR is developing day by day & improvements to come on, But till then this is a BENCHMARK ...

by H####:

Just got my first VR headset. Cheap, but seems to work well. This was first game I tried. Wow, fun as all out. Tried playing standing first. Fun but man u can get dizzy fast. Best was sitting in my office chair and spinning around. Only played an hour or so, but loving my first VR game and it was free, thanks guys.

by Z####:

The only bad thing about this game that I can think of is the fact that you either have to be standing up or sitting in a chair that swivels to play this game. If this game had a mode that allows you to use a Bluetooth joystick to move the ship and fire there blasters, while still allowing you to look around by moving your head, then it would be much better.

by Z####:

Wow I really love this

by A####:

I just got the utopia 360 vr system, and so far the only app that worked for me was the Google cardboard app untill I found this, it is very fun and actually works, just one thing you could improve on is to make it controller compatible because I think it would make it just that much better, and again thank you so much!!

by S####:

This game was my first ever vr gaming experience. I absolutely love it. Especially since no controller is needed. You don't even need an incredibly high end phone!

by Z####:

... the lousy in game soundtrack! Am I the only one who noticed this? The music does not seem to fit the game scenario. This is supposed to be our species' survival! We need some bad ass music to get into the game!

by Z####:

I have had this a while and my son played it quite a bit but hasn't in a while and when we tried it's stuck on the look up page and won't do anything. Tried Uninstalled it and reinstalled but still didn't work. What happened to it?

by Z####:

If you are a fan of VR then I highly recommend this game. The graphics and design are super awesome. The visuals are almost realistic. I played the game and completely forgot about the mission as I was just so amazed as to how everything looks so beautiful.

by Z####:

Somebody tell me what the hell this is all about how anybody can get used to a split screen how do you get cardboard view two work bullshit

by Z####:

I don't know what it is about this game in particular, but after playing for just a moment my eyes hurt badly. Having that said I enjoyed gameplay.

by Z####:

That takes away the skill from the game. As someone who loves air/space combat games, this is a little too simple. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent intro into the world of VR gaming and a good effort for someone who doesn't have a controller handy, but what the dev should've done was make auto-fire an OPTION and add controller support. If those features were added, I would definitely recommend this.

by Z####:

The thing I love about it is that I don't need to touch the screen you just have to hover over the button best feature should be for as many vr possible

by Z####:

Good VR graphics and better experience but still need to adjust the camera experience to all kinds of eye sight or type..... Sometimes problem with View especially for beginners, that is, focusing problem and etc...

by X####:

Awesome! Got this for an early Christmas and we have been playing this game with it all night. It keeps crashing though. If you restart the phone It works again

by Z####:

VR could be a better experience, nice graphics but gameplay gets old real fast.

by B####:

The best indeed VR indeed, very intuitive and good game play. But could be better with some adjustments to the environment: the background it's to dark; the opponents force me to make to many spins in the room, it would be nice to focus on three sides; no life in the game make it very lonely, add some story or some voices in the headset. Keep this one free and fix it, almost a perfect classic game that we all love :)

by Z####:

Both eyes are too far off to the sides and vr headset cant spread further to accommodate for this error. All that is seen is double/blurry vision

by Z####:

In regards to selecting menu items. You don't have to take your phone out to select menus! Game play is great too!

by Z####:

The only thing that would make this better. Add daydream support, PLEASE! Still a very fun game☺️

by Z####:

For a free game on a free system it's amazingly functional. Last time I used my viewmaster it was the only game that actually worked.

by A####:

A great insight to what the future holds.....simple and really good fun. Funny watching other peeps play it

by P####:

The game was a little short, but it had a nice little story and flying around in space in VR is always a good time.

by Z####:

This game is amazing. The story is fascinating and the game runs smoothly. I think it would be cool if there was an endless wave feature in the game

by Z####:

Get a life.

by U####:

Awesome game and great concept but i see some ships that are part of other games/shows. The big capital ship in the map comes from a game called Rebel Galaxy (the Arcturus) and one of the playable ships looks just like a Cylon raider from battlestar galactica.

by W####:

First timer with vr....this game is wicked love it...Everything is on target and Im in control...what else can i load up Is there any more you can point me to with the exact controlling. Best of the best so far.

by B####:

Great vr game but it was too short. Only 8 missions. Five stars if there were more levels.

by Q####:

That is a very cool game. I haven't even played it but I can see from the screen shots how cool it is. But I would add five stars if it had first person. First person is the basis to every vr game out there

by Y####:

This is one of the better VR apps. Its fun last long and really fast. You get some fun game play but be prepared to move fast. I started out on my bed had no idea I was in the middle of my bedroom til I took the set off. Its cool.

by R####:

Not compatible with daydream apparently. Won't even show up in the app list

by O####:

The right and left images are off by a couple of millimetres!

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