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About Button Mapper: Remap your keys

Button Mapper makes it easy to map custom actions to your volume buttons, home button, back and recent apps keys. Remap your buttons to launch any app, shortcut or custom action.

Assign custom actions to single presses, double taps and long presses of your phone's hardware buttons. Root is not required.

Button Mapper can remap physical or capacitive keys and buttons, such as volume buttons, the home button on Samsung Galaxy devices, the camera button on Sony devices, and the capacitive home, back and recent apps keys found on many devices by ASUS, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

Volume buttons will work with the screen off if your device is rooted. Otherwise, Button Mapper does not work when the screen is off.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN)
This permission is used to lock the screen if the "Turn screen off" action is chosen. If you want to remove this permission, open Button Mapper, click on the menu (three dots in the upper right corner) and select "Uninstall"

This app uses Accessibility Service. This is used to detect when the physical or capacitive buttons are pressed on your device so they can be remapped. It is not used to see what you type. Button Mapper respects your privacy and confidentiality. It does not collect or share any of your personal information.

A few examples of keymapping you can do with Button Mapper:
-long press volume down to toggle your flashlight
-double tap your home button to launch your favorite app
-long press your home button to turn off the screen
-double click the back button to see your notifications
-swap your back and recent apps keys
-use your volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
-long press home to toggle "do not disturb" mode
-press and hold the home button to quickly check your lockscreen messages, release to turn off the screen instantly
-and much more, the possibilities are endless

Additional features unlocked in the pro version:
-support for back button, recent apps button and camera button
-Swap volume keys on orientation change
-Default to media volume
-Homescreen lock
-Four themes
-customization of haptic feedback (vibration) on button press and long press

Actions that can be mapped to buttons or keys:
-Launch any app or shortcut
-Disable the button
-Home, back or recent apps
-Last app (may not preserve app state)
-Tasker intents (execute any task in Tasker)
-Turn screen off
-Toggle flashlight
-Quick settings
-Show notifications
-Power dialog
-Take screenshot
-Music: previous track, next track and play/pause
-Adjust volume
-mute volume
-Toggle do not disturb
-Adjust brightness
-Now on tap (requires root)
-Menu button (require root)
-Kill foreground app (requires root)
-Toggle WiFi
-Toggle orientation mode

Buttons supported:
-Back (PRO version only)
-Recent apps or Menu (PRO version only)
-Volume up
-Volume down
-Bixby button on Samsung S8/S8+
-Camera button (PRO version only)
-Headsethook button
-Custom buttons: add other buttons (active, mute, etc) on your phone, headphones, even gamepads

Additional options:
-change the long press or double tap duration
-delay initial button press for better double tap operation
-disable Button Mapper while using specific apps

-For Bixby on unrooted devices, make sure you don't disable Bixby Voice
-Make sure Button Mapper is exempt from any kind of battery optimization, task killers or other things that may interfere
-Button Mapper does not work with onscreen buttons (such as soft keys or the navigation bar) or the power button.
-Button Mapper does not work while the screen is off, except for the volume buttons if your device is rooted.
-The options shown in the app depend on the buttons available on your phone. Not all phones have home, back and recents buttons!

Please post on the Button Mapper Google+ community for questions and support:

How to Download / Install

Download and install Button Mapper: Remap your keys version 0.52 on your Android device!
Downloaded 100,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: flar2.homebutton, download Button Mapper: Remap your keys.apk

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What's Changed
-fix Bixby disabled on restart
-add in-app search (root only)
-removed ButtonMapper.exe, which was causing false positives with antivirus apps. Bixby users will have to set up adb permissions manually. Sorry!
-always allow adding home button
-fix ButtonMapper.exe for Bixby support
-fix for latest Bixby update
-update translations
Version update Button Mapper: Remap your keys was updated to version 0.52
More downloads  Button Mapper: Remap your keys reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Button Mapper (Unreleased) now is known as Button Mapper: Remap your keys.

What are users saying about Button Mapper: Remap your keys

by P####:

Doesn't work on power button HTC. Edit: Hidden at the bottom of a long description. I will change my review if you put that in the big bold attention at the top, it's a key feature. Edit 2: actually there's a big blue power button as your ad for the app... Sorry if I missed the second one, but the power button is in your ad..

by K####:

So the device meintenance alerted me that it found malware in this app.. false positive. after the latest update it's all good. thanks

by Z####:

Few issues: 1. press long menu button to split, 2. move the split bar to the top of the screen until disappears 3. pulling down extends toggles (expected behaviour) 4. pressing long menu butoon again to get the split bar - nothing happens 1. It freezes a visible activity and pulls the toggles when sliding down, home and menu button then don't work ("no restrictions" on battery). 1. In many cases the service starts, but after long press on the menu button the split is not working. Restarting the service 3-4 times seems to solve this. 1. Google Chrome turns black, only search /address bar visible. Xiaomi Mi Max 2

by K####:

Good one. Only problem is the custon setting will revert itself off after each reboot

by S####:

Does it's job when the screen is on. Neither root nor the experimental options allow me to remap with the screen off sadly. Running Flyme 5 which could be the problem

by K####:

Using KEYone. Convenience key can be used a little easier now!

by B####:

0.52 not work for me i use android 7.0 miui 9 i try restart phone but not work

by K####:

Very good app, only one thing is that i need the long press delay to be more than 1 second so that i can screenshot with out activating the long press function of the home button :)

by F####:

Not bad.. Replacement for Xposed Addition/Edge, since in Oreo there is no Xposed available yet

by K####:

Quick response from developer solved the problems with mi max2

by L####:

Has its quirks, yet really helpful on my KeyONE

by K####:

Nothing else is close

by K####:

Not free

by K####:

Really good app

by K####:


by K####:

5 stars without a doubt (paid version), made it possible and reliable to not only make the Bixby button useful but to remap all left side hard controls more flexible/useful. And it stays as you mapped it thru multiple reboots, recoveries and custom ROM changes. S8 on Renovate Ice 5.1 w/Magisk.

by D####:

So many times all the buttons stop working . Plz fix that. Rest app is very good After fixing that i will rate 5 stars

by K####:

I bought this app. I would like the back button function to stop my right click as well. I bought this app so i could use my mouse without backing out of programs. Simply put it does not stop my MXQ from backing via rightclicking with a wired microsoft brand mouse. I will wait for an update and give 5 STARS if fixed, because i don't believe a refund will fix my issues.

by K####:

My phone is flagging this app as malware? Had it installed for months and this is the first time it's doing that

by K####:

Bought the pro version the other day and now the app has stopped working completely. None of the remapped hardware buttons work. Bought this since it supports Bixby. Using a galaxy note 8. Please fix.

by Z####:

Love this. Makes life much easier. Only issue is McAfee seems to think it is a medium risk app and keeps letting me know about it. Something called Artemis! In packagename flar2.homebutton

by K####:

The app has been working brilliantly as my volume up button on my S7 became stuck however I am concerned as my Samsung scan has said it is malware. Can I get an answer?

by G####:

Why is it when I uninstalled the app through the button like it says, my GS6 starts having the buttons light up whenever the screen is touched? It seems without the app installed my phone freaks out, as if this app has installed some kind of malware.

by K####:

Does everything that it says and does it good. Worth the pro version! Last app feature and flashlight are my favorite!

by K####:

Awesome. I never thought I would finally find an app to remap bixby but there it is! PS: I am rooted.

by K####:

Useful app, but in Redmi Note 4 after enabling button mapper some of the functionalities are not working like screen shot three fingers gesture, one handed mode, etc., Please fix this.

by K####:

This app works great on my Samsung C9 Pro, but lately Device Security flagged it as malware.

by Q####:

Works great with BlackBerry Priv keyboard! You can map any key on the PKB to perform any of the actions supported by the app, which was a nice surprise!

by K####:

Only updated app that works properly with the Bixby update. Great work.

by K####:

Works excellent on my galaxy s7 but unfortunately on my other devices it doesn't function properly.

by K####:

There is no option in developer mode force activity to be resizible n my redmi 4 what I do...

by K####:

Awesome App, but can you please fix the Problem with the settings reset after restart?

by K####:

Works great. No issues with it stopping, or anything. Really useful.

by K####:

Samsung Knox marks it as malware

by K####:

App keeps turning features off randomly.

by T####:

The split screen option is not mentioned

by K####:

When i use it... my button are not working

by K####:

Very happy with it!

by Q####:

Not sure why it sets off a malware alert in my AV

by K####:

It really Good

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