4399enGame published 8 applications on Google Play, 217,978 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.24!

Crasher - MMORPG by 4399enGameCrasher - MMORPG

Rated 4.49(131,735) — 4399enGame

*Korean Top New Game Crasher is releasing English version! *Join the innovative MMORPG with global players!Crash your way to victory!1.Most grand map!Experience the vast map with multiple players on the same screen! Up to 17 maps to be explored, Dawn...

Holy Knight EN by 4399enGameHoly Knight EN

Rated 3.98(25,554) — 4399enGame

The most exciting Side-Scrolling ARPG of the year, Holy Knight, is now at your service!------------------------------------------------------------------Demon Dragon is awake.Vampires arise and shed blood over the land.To sow light where darkness exists,T

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Raider-Legend by 4399enGameRaider-Legend

Rated 4.87(1,589) — 4399enGame

*Google Featured and Korean Hit MMORPG--Raider is here! Get ready for the most fair and ultimate MMORPG, Raider-Legend!1. Most fair MMORPG - No VIP! No P2W!--Brand new concept for MMORPG! --Breaking the ordinary P2W mode, players would competing by real..

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SwordSoul OL(EN) by 4399enGameSwordSoul OL(EN)

Rated 3.86(2,408) — 4399enGame

Traditional ARPG with Martial Arts, SwordSoul OL will provide you most thrilling game experience. In the world of SwordSoul OL, you are a super hero talented in martial arts and born with the power to summon magic mounts. While darkness is enveloping...

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Dark Ares by 4399enGameDark Ares

Rated 4.00(15,010) — 4399enGame

At the doom of human world,The power of Ares awaken at the call of salvation.From Heaven, Underworld to the Mortal Realm,Titan the Demon shall be found and eliminated.Are you the savior of the world?Join the EPIC 3D ARPG Dark Ares with players worldwide..

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Raider (CBT) by 4399enGameRaider (CBT)

Rated 4.00(722) — 4399enGame

*Google Featured and Korean Hit MMORPG--Raider is here! Get ready for the most fair and ultimate MMORPG!Crash your way to victory!1. Most fair MMORPG - No VIP! No P2W!Brand new concept for MMORPG! Breaking the ordinary P2W mode, players would competing...

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Saga Go by 4399enGameSaga Go

Rated 4.60(40,494) — 4399enGame

Anime ARPG -- Saga Go now scrolls your device and brings you the action-packed fighting experience! At the doom of the world, darkness covers the mainland and monsters are destroying everything in world. You are The Chosen One. Great combat abilities...

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Tank Fire 3D by 4399enGameTank Fire 3D

Rated 4.11(466) — 4399enGame

Tank Fire 3D2016 Top MMO eSport mobile game is here! Join millions of players and armies from all over the world!Tank Fire 3D will throws you into the real battle of WW2.Intense Combat!Jump into the battle and blow enemies in your sight in three frantic..

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