Adsumsoft published 6 applications on Google Play, 170 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.68!

Breakthrough Mayhem by AdsumsoftBreakthrough Mayhem

Rated 5.00(1) — Adsumsoft

Remember such arcade classics as Atari's Breakout and Taito's Arkanoid? "Breakthrough Mayhem" is a new, exciting take on the brick and paddle genre packed with relentless action from start to finish. Surrounded by explosive bricks inexorably advancing...

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Robin Hood: Give and Take by AdsumsoftRobin Hood: Give and Take

Rated 3.75(8) — Adsumsoft

*** Top Arcade Game in Google Play: #16 in Thailand, #18 Russia. #33 in Italy, #36 in Spain, #66 in South Korea, #70 in Japan and many other countries! ***Play as a young Robin Hood in this original platformer completely based on stealth: sneak around...

Secret Santa: Stealthy Xmas by AdsumsoftSecret Santa: Stealthy Xmas

Rated 4.48(85) — Adsumsoft

*** Indie Prize Showcase Asia 2014 ***Can Santa deliver the presents under the Christmas trees without being spotted? Find out in this original platformer: run, hide behind doors and jump on any available furniture to deliver your presents while remaining

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Defense: Evolution by AdsumsoftDefense: Evolution

Rated 4.32(37) — Adsumsoft

Part tower defense, part RTS and part mathematical puzzle, "Defense: Evolution" is a minimalist game of territorial expansion and control that will engage you thanks to its simple yet deep strategical gameplay and high replayability factor. Your task...

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Romeo and Juliet: Run Run! by AdsumsoftRomeo and Juliet: Run Run!

Rated 0.00(0) — Adsumsoft

Romeo and Juliet are on the run to escape the wrath of their families in this hectic runner inspired by Shakespeare's timeless tragedy. For how long can the two young lovers avoid their tragic fate? Take control of both characters across different landsca

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Turky's Date: Sliding Puzzle by AdsumsoftTurky's Date: Sliding Puzzle

Rated 4.54(39) — Adsumsoft

Help Turky the Turkey reach his sweetheart Picky the Peacock for a romantic date! But you have to hurry: if he takes too long the lady may believe he won't come anymore and leave, breaking his heart... You can help Turky cross the garden by opening new...

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