ALHAMAD published 11 applications on Google Play, 158 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.68!

Anteater by ALHAMADAnteater

Rated 3.80(5) — ALHAMAD

Join this enjoying adventure and have fun overcoming obstacles and challenges! Use control buttons to move the character. Be careful, obstacles destroy you! Battle friends for the high score in this enjoying endless game!

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Bouncing Ball 3D by ALHAMADBouncing Ball 3D

Rated 4.50(8) — ALHAMAD

Bouncing Ball 3D is a free classic game you ever play in your life.Bounce Ball 3D is a nice amazing addictive Arcade game in which, You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it and go far as much as you can.Bounce Ball 3D need your...

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Candy Blocks Arcade by ALHAMADCandy Blocks Arcade

Rated 0.00(0) — ALHAMAD

Join this enjoying adventure and have fun collecting candies! Simply touch on the left side of the screen and on the right side of the screen to jump up into different directions. Be careful, spikes destroy you! Battle friends for the high score in this..

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Finding Star Fish by ALHAMADFinding Star Fish

Rated 3.00(2) — ALHAMAD

Fish Game35cb8e1e88

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Swift Shapes by ALHAMADSwift Shapes

Rated 3.75(8) — ALHAMAD

Swift Shapes is one tap game, which is easy to play but hard to master. You have 3 shapes: sphere, triangle and rectangle. You have 3 types of doors. Tap your screen to switch the shapes and to find the same figure as the wall.If the shape is not the...

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ورد المسلم by ALHAMADورد المسلم

Rated 4.95(44) — ALHAMAD

ورد المسلم اليومي من الاذكار والادعيه من السنة النبوية و القران الكريم 120 قارئ للقران الكريم صوت وكتابه و قصص الأنبياء والصحابهاذكار الصباح...

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Blow the Shapes by ALHAMADBlow the Shapes

Rated 4.12(68) — ALHAMAD

Blow the Shapes is an easy to play but hard to master puzzle game. The task is simple. Shapes are coming down. Each side of the shape has a color and a number. At the bottom, there are 4 buttons of different colors. You have to press the buttons of same..

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Candy Action by ALHAMADCandy Action

Rated 5.00(3) — ALHAMAD

Use candy to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that prevent your progress by playingThe most beautiful game 2018 m need more patience and concentrationYou can reach the highest stages of the game quickly in case you have a strong focus

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Crazy Bottle Flip Challenge by ALHAMADCrazy Bottle Flip Challenge

Rated 3.08(12) — ALHAMAD

Crazy Bottle Flip Challenge is a game where you need to flip the bottle without falling out, while collecting as much coin as you can!Features: - An Extreme water bottle Flip Game - Endless Modes in water bottle challenge- Collect all Stars- HQ graphics..

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Street Runner by ALHAMADStreet Runner

Rated 4.00(2) — ALHAMAD

new running game 2cdab461aa

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Switch pulss by ALHAMADSwitch pulss

Rated 4.33(6) — ALHAMAD

Impressively well-designed and addictive game of the year!Move your super hero bird up the ground and fly real highRemember to follow the color pattern on eachobstacle to cross it!√ FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:▸ Lag-free and ever- changing gaming experience▸...

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