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AnywhereScannerPDF by atStage Inc.AnywhereScannerPDF

Rated 3.40(5) — atStage Inc.

Your Android device can be simple document scanner!!By converting the PDF file to the documents collected, you can use immediately as materials of presentations and conference!The App can scan documents with camera seen in work or life. e.g.) Newspapers..

CD/DVD整理棚 無料版 by atStage Inc.CD/DVD整理棚 無料版

Rated 3.30(23) — atStage Inc.

「CD/DVD整理棚 有料版」の機能をお試しできる無料版です。<有料版との違い>・登録できるアイテムの件数は50件までです。・アプリ内に広告が表示されます。※有料版では、登録できるアイテムは無制限でアプリ内の広告表示はありません。以下は、CD/DVD整理棚...

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Rated 3.67(6) — atStage Inc.

==================================Beat any stage in less than 10 minutes! No tutorials!The controls are easy! Build a tower, and just watch!Lead a group of colorful frogs into victory with your strategies!==================================Oh no!!The...

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Human Performance Reaction by atStage Inc.Human Performance Reaction

Rated 3.40(5) — atStage Inc.

Human Performance Reaction is a simple, free game of dodging bullets.Anyone can enjoy this simple game of dodging bullets by swiping the screen.The difficulty increases with time.Improve your time by playing over and over.Your concentration, judgement...

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Magical Animal Kingdom (Land) by atStage Inc.Magical Animal Kingdom (Land)

Rated 4.43(7) — atStage Inc.

You can call out popular animals and let them play with children. ・Enjoy listening to the cat's meow, the lion's roar, the elephant's trumpet and many more. ♪ ・Play with the animals using magical candies and toys. ♪ ・You can change an animal's...

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Magical Paint☆ - Drawing App - by atStage Inc.Magical Paint☆ - Drawing App -

Rated 3.67(3) — atStage Inc.

◆◇ New feature equipped with a feature! New stamp added! ◇◆Turning a bad feature makes it possible to use a new stamp.Enjoy what you see ♪(There is a display of advertisement animation.)◆Drawing app for kidsIt is recommended to those who...

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Small Fairy KOBITON by atStage Inc.Small Fairy KOBITON

Rated 2.67(3) — atStage Inc.

"I want my child to play only another 5 minutes." This is a free app for children that will be helpful for mothers.A variety of miracles happen in the fairyland of KOBITON.Touch and play with KOBITON.Collect many vegetables and increase the number of...

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StartUp! SettingToolsKit by atStage Inc.StartUp! SettingToolsKit

Rated 4.00(3) — atStage Inc.

"SettingToolsKit" is App that contained Useful Tools.Simple Setting, Calendar, Jot it, Scanner, PhotoFrame, Calculator...etc.< Contents >--- Basic Function ---- SettingsWe recommend to those who troublesome to look for settings such as the GPS and network

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よなおし魔王 - 勇者に代わってオシオキだ by atStage Inc.よなおし魔王 - 勇者に代わってオシオキだ

Rated 4.69(26) — atStage Inc.


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ウチの本棚 無料版 by atStage Inc.ウチの本棚 無料版

Rated 3.55(11) — atStage Inc.

「ウチの本棚 有料版」の機能をお試しできる無料版です。<有料版との違い>・登録できる書籍の件数は50件までです。・アプリ内に広告が表示されます。※有料版では、登録できる書籍は無制限でアプリ内の広告表示はありません。以下は、ウチの本棚の説明と同じです。--------------------------------------読書ライフを満喫するための蔵書管理アプリです。蔵書リストが簡単に作成でき、読んだ本の評価や読後感も記録できます。人生の限られた時間を良書を読むことに充てたい、そんな読書家・愛書家を強力

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CD/DVD整理棚 by atStage Inc.CD/DVD整理棚

Rated 3.30(20) — atStage Inc.

音楽や映画などエンタメ好きな人のためのCD/DVD整理アプリです。好きな音楽や映画は、CD/DVDでずっと手元に置いておきたい! でも、整理するのはちょっと苦手と……というエンタメ好きは多いと思います。同じ作品でも一般リリースのほかに、先行予約の特別仕様があったり、ファン限定コレクターズボックスが出たり、今後はブルーレイ版が普及してくるのでもう大変です。「CD/DVD整理棚」は、そんなエンタメ好きのお悩みを解決します。市販のCD/DVD/ブルーレイの商品データを登録し、スマホで手軽にライブラリー管理ができ

Dayli by atStage Inc.Dayli

Rated 4.08(12) — atStage Inc.


Gorgon TD - Tower Defense by atStage Inc.Gorgon TD - Tower Defense

Rated 3.93(15) — atStage Inc.

"Gorgon", the King of Darkness who conquered the world, long long ago!Gorgon has returned once again, and to restore his power, kidnaps the young prince!Now, let each of us join our powers and, together with the Knights of the Kingdom, save the young...

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Itadaki Dungeon by atStage Inc.Itadaki Dungeon

Rated 4.13(644) — atStage Inc.

Information for people wishing to participate in Race.[Race name]Itadaki Dungeon.Rush through a dungeon with 3000 underground levels![Summary]Test your skills in an expansive dungeon with 3000 underground levels.There are no special requirements to join.A

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Magical Paint - Drawing App - by atStage Inc.Magical Paint - Drawing App -

Rated 3.67(24) — atStage Inc.

★Drawing app for kidsIt is recommended to those who want to enjoy using Smartphone with kids♪★"Magic Marker" to move the thing you have drawnIf you press the "Clapperboard" on the left end of the menu,the thing you have drawn with Magic Marker...

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Reflexes Force by atStage Inc.Reflexes Force

Rated 4.50(2) — atStage Inc.

Reflexes Force is a simple free game to find the different one in some pictures and figures.The operation is very easy, just tapping the correct picture... But it is very interesting.It has World Ranking, where high-score players are ranked.Every time...

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Space Block - Evasion game by atStage Inc.Space Block - Evasion game

Rated 4.67(6) — atStage Inc.

Space Block is a simple game of avoiding blocks!Through beautiful diverse stages!Keep avoiding blocksGet stars when you reach the goal!You will be ranked according to the number of stars☆.There is only one ranking in the world.Be No. 1 in the world!Space.

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[Premium] Protect the Hero - Tower Defense by atStage Inc.[Premium] Protect the Hero - Tower Defense

Rated 0.00(0) — atStage Inc.

This is a premium edition.It includes the following privilege.・+50,000 coins.・Always double the amount of coins that you receive in battle.・Roulette Ticket discounts it substantially.There is also a free edition.Please search by "Protect the Hero".One...

ウチの本棚 by atStage Inc.ウチの本棚

Rated 3.21(14) — atStage Inc.


コレクション整理アプリCollection by atStage Inc.コレクション整理アプリCollection

Rated 3.60(5) — atStage Inc.